Wednesday, November 30

Blackwood Hills; Shadows

Blackwood Hills; Shadows

Reminiscent of a sunset,
Fascinating moments parts asunder,
A solitary crystal droplet,
Veiled amid leaves in slumber

In the shallow background, formless,
Against a Blackwood tree,
Flickers golden lights, boundless,
Weaving through them shadows spree
The last vestiges of light,
Fades slowly akin watery ripples
And soon from the moonlight,
Columns of shadow dances

The trees of Blackwood so grand,
Blanketing the hills in worship,
In facing the rays, shadows blend,
It’s a union beautiful as friendship

One dreams of tomorrows,
In this mystifying forest hills,
Will there still be shadows,
For even the sun waits in stills

In the memories of poets exist,
They who witnessed majestic times,
Why imagine of tomorrows geist,
When tonight we can build infinities.

Monday, November 28

Ashgabat Adventures

As the days pass, and you get older, nothing seems to be the same anymore. You meet new people and make new friends. You travel the world and marvel at humanities achievements. When you look back at the glory days of your childhood and you wonder how fast time has drifted from you. Yesterday is almost history in every sense. The world is moving too fast and were all playing catch-up.
All your friends are gone scattered around the world and only the occasional email reminds you of them. The world is a smaller place today thanks to the TV and of course airplanes. Somedays you never know who'll dial you up from some faraway country. Yesterday while I was with Bob and Anu, our buddy MJV called all the way from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Yes Turkmenistan, the country that borders Iran, Afganistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Recalling back, I think he's the remotest friend I have in this planet.
Do any of you have friends in faraway places. Maybe in Alaska, the poles or the Sahara? Please buzz me.
Is it our destiny to travel the world? The world today makes a nomad out of every one of us. Even in the blogworld we read and interact with hundreds of bloggers who left their hometowns and countries to seek a better life, education or simply to travel. I think its the idea of meeting new people and culture that motivates us to travel. Sometimes even on a short ride from my hometown to KL, I can sense the difference in emotions and the whole feeling of being somewhere new. I insist to my friends whenever we drive back, to use the old roads that wind through the country rather than the highways simply because there's much more to see and do. Passing through towns and cities full of life and seeing people going through their daily life gives us a reason to be alive and happy. There's beauty and amazing people everywhere.
If humanities greatest achievements are building civilizations, then the appreciation for that civ must come from travelers who enter their cities. In the near future we will see more people traversing the world for various reasons. Were heading towards a borderless world, or maybe we already have ushered in one. Ultimately its a cultural experience. Who we meet and what we experience be it a new language, song or a festival will determine the survival of the culture and in the end us. Experience the world. Make friends and take lots of photos!
[+] CIA factfile on Turkmenistan
[+] The LonelyPlanet guide to Turkmenistan
****** a poetic origin ******
Blackwood Hills, part II

Vikings them men, rowing silently,
Trashing through the winter sea,
Of land we never thougt will see,
Scattered with graves eerily alone,
And crying orphans left to die,

As the shores greet us its hand,
All will and men tried to stand,
Bare and isolated my will and yours,
We lost everything yesterday love,
to the crashing sea, the sad horizon,

Now we're not alive and dont belong,
Trust me, hold me messenger of God,
How this journey came ending my lord,
I lived a life of love and suffering,
My dreams were abandoned ages along.
Of that lone tree standing solitary,
Among the hills of Blackwood,
Punishing me for the sins of all,
But I'm a person and shes my love,
Have mercy mighty soldier for today.
Now we all stand here together,
In front of this lord of doom,
Have we had a long journey,
Forever in love and learning life,
I wish leaving wont be so early.
[+] Marks figures and toys collection are featured in EternalCollectors! Congratulation Mark. Read his interview here;[MarkTalks] and see his collection here;[MarkToys]
[+] If you guys like shortmovies here a cool group for you to watch and download shortmovies; [FilmGeneration]

Saturday, November 26

Bob in The Big City: The Big Debut

(this blog has been hacked by Bob!)

Hello all...Ghost has been pathetic this whole week/ month/ year/ so I wanted to cheer him up. We stayed up all night and made this supercool plane model...

(B-17F Flying Fortress)

Just like planes, ready to fly,

Just that we don't have them, runways.


****** GP ******

Give me back me blog! Look whose getting all poetic... Get your hairy hands of the keyboard!

(Source: Wikipedia B17F Entry)

Ok, abit more of the model, its a B17F Flying Fortress, that flew over Germany in WWII on some not so friendly missions. We made them Nazi's run anyway! The model has about 80+ parts to it. The rest of the images can be viewed in my PhotoBlog; [TransitTamils].

-gP2005- -Bob-

Thursday, November 24

North Season

Hello all, How are you? Did your day start well today? Did it end well yesterday? Did you meet a friend? Did you say hi to your neighbor? Did you notice the season passing by? Did you notice the leaves falling of the tree in your backyard? Did you sit down and enjoy the beautiful morning? Did you kiss your wife today? Did you hug your kids today? I did not do any of those.

Have you seen a person dying? Have you stood beside a person on his deathbed and realized you cant cry even though you loved him so much? Did you see the child shot dead by the roadside in some far away country yesterday? Did you stop to listen to the youth shouting "I hate you world!" incestantly yesterday? From the seats on the bus you were traveling, did you notice the blind man getting in, and no one helped him? Have you seen her cry and sink into depression a few years back? Do you smell and feel the polluted world? Did you throughout the years witness the teenagers taking drugs, fighting, rotting? Have you seen the sadness in a father's eye when his son failed his exams? Have you seen the sadness in a daughters eye when her mother disowns her? Have you ever been depressed so deeply that you cant move your body? Have you been so sad and wanted to cry so badly buy you cant everytime you want to.? Have you experienced the fear of your own shadows? Have you tried to write something only to be stuck in a neverending cycle of words flashing every second in your brain but you're helpless trying to write them down.? Do you pray to God every minute every second of they day wishing that everything will go well for your family? Have you been dead and born again? Have you been alive and felt dead? I have felt all this. No words can convey the feelings of sorrow or depression. No words. I'm unable to close my eyes and ears to the tragedy of everyday life. I try hard to, but I cant. I tried to run and hide, but I failed.

Do open your eyes someday, oneday and notice the real world out there. There might be people who needs help, there might be people on the verge of killing themselves, you maybe their only salvation. Yes, my posts do bring flavors of darkness and depression, but I'm just conveying my true feelings and sometimes I want to ignore all those sadness but my fingers wont let me. Sometimes I feel I'm not the one who needs help. I'm still alive. There are millions out there, lurking, drifting in this world called Internet, hiding from their past, hiding their true emotions, hiding their face, trying to relive and revive their lives. They might be your friends, your family. Encourage them to stand up, and live.


[-] Have a nice weekend, mine started early, like always.

[+] Bob didn't like the the way I portrayed my friends in my previous posts, so he wants his own column here. Wait for the debut of 'Bob In The Big City' soon!

[-] Do read my post below, it's a long hard one, and it took time to write.

Wednesday, November 23

A House for Mr. Ghost: Part 3, Goblets of Desire

~ Chapter 1 ~

The journey of a science student opens new paradigms in the life of the student mainly the change of the mindset, critical views of the field and also relationships with fellow scientist. Of course the main goal or desire is to seek answers. I say scientist because being a graduate student I’m already a ‘qualified’ researcher and physicist. (This is another proven method to raise confidence and ‘share experiences’). And with it comes responsibilities. The common goal is to hunt for answers and understand the dynamic universe. Of many reasons on why the answers are searched for, the most important would be for the betterment of humanity at large. There are certain codes on how scientist work and mature. I like to view them as the rules of science for humans. In truth and in practice, science and the scientist should never create a gap of knowledge between the laymen and themselves.

Certainly there are individual traits for every scientist out there. I am a dreamer and the passions for science brought me this far. The answers that I seek concerns the beginning of the universe itself and the roles we play in this dynamic tapestry. As I mentioned in the second part, to summarize my journey thus far as a scientist is a disappointment. I failed to find the keys to the broader mechanics of science. Most of the time I just give up because I don’t know how to move forward and I don’t have anyone to guide me. Of course the desire to seek the meanings of life and our existence in this universe sounds romantic at its best but knowing where to look is the key to survival. Looking back at the comments for the second part, an interesting issue came about. Is it true then that scientists are ignorant of obvious answers lying about and go forth worshiping the impossible? Is this ignorance on purpose or innocent? My reasoning would be that answers don’t stay the same. Even though we venture for the best possible answer in science, its stays a noble desire in concept.

A theory and its following observation must serve true for every possible repeat of the same experiment and observation. If we equate observation with answers then in a certain timeframe the observations will change. So does the answers then. What is a (or the) best answer in that case? I think it’s more of a ‘spiritual’ issue. In science, any new observation will face heavy scrutiny and if the experimenter fails to record a detailed experiment, then immediately the observation will be deemed questionable. Only a detailed record will enable the repetition of the experiment and finally it being accepted into mainstream science. Now comes in the believers. We are generally the fans of such theorems and concepts. We’re connected to the idea and we defend it fiercely, it’s almost like were connected spiritually. That’s the kind of desire that is needed from a scientist. Einstein often referred to an entity called the old one. It’s often interpreted as the creator hence the notion of Einstein believing in God, a thorny issue for scientists. I believe that the only spiritual connection would be between humans as the observer and the laws of the universe as the force of life. It’s a link that you must feel when you look at the sky and venture deep into science.

So now, if every scientist out there has his or her own interpretation of the laws of the universe, how do we seek the best answer? We can’t, because as observers, we have a choice only to experience every finding in science and not dictate the existence of it. It’s simple, because once an observation is made, then it stands true that it happened and it’s happening in the universe bound by the laws of physics. Can we agree now that there is no such thing as the best answer but only varied answers and all that answers must be true because it happens? Now also we realize that the real importance is not of answers, but the pattern of the question we ask. If we ask the questions that affects the traits of our personal life or our small circle of existence then we would be satisfied with the answers that we get. But for scientists, we seek to venture into the unknown, and then we get amazing answers that satisfy us without provoking fear. That’s the world view of a scientist, by expecting the universe; we are able to absorb more. Hence again the myriad observations, and the problems of comprehending everything that would eventually create problems for young researchers who doesn’t know where to tread. I think I’m stuck in this position. I see a lot and experience a lot but I fail to connect them together. The only assuring thing is that there is no single unified theory, yet, in this world so I guess every other scientist has the same problem, they just don’t show it.

~ Chapter 2 ~

The goblets of desire exist everywhere. All of them are open to observers, experimenters, builders, travelers, shamans, you and me. You can choose to pick one or two and live the rest of your lives learning from it and being content. You can choose an extra few to learn more skills and then teach it to others. But let me assure you, secondhand knowledge creates troubled mind, because at one extreme you want to feel and touch the real goblet. In another extreme you don’t know whether youre traveling on the correct road. Maybe you won’t know at all. Each goblet holds new knowledge, experience and wonders. Sometimes a few goblets might appear to edify the same concept and ideas but in a dynamic universe, no one goblet is the same. When you come upon a goblet, be it when you’re a kid or when you’re growing up or when you’re old, there will be a desire in you to feel it. If you’re intelligent you might be able to realize it early and utilize it fully. If you’re ignorant, then you will loose the grip and loose out ultimately. But don’t worry, if you happen to meet a scientist along the way, be nice to him or her, they might show you another and another and it goes on. You must realize that you’re part of the dynamic universe and collectively contribute to the entropy or information.

You’ve read this much, you’re not a scientist, but you realize that you’ve chanced upon a few goblets in your life and managed to learn from it, understand it and explain it. In truth, everyone is a scientist, because everyone is an observer. Remember of the confidence building I mentioned earlier. A name gives you a unique identity, so does a title. The universe doesn’t discriminate names or titles, they’re just more information. But the universe does open up and reveal its secrets to good observers. Finally, is there a goblet fated for you? Maybe, again, we might know to some extend how the universe works, but not why the universe exists. I believe that the question of why has no answer. The goblet carries important legends of the universe. If there’s one fated for you but you fail to find it, will it remain a secret forever? I asked the question about Einstein here; [PBS, Whats the Big Idea] and found that every question will be answered by someone eventually. It’s just possibilities and a whole lot of hard work.

(End of part 3. The journey continues…)

****** a poetic origin ******
Raindrops On A Window, Part 1
The rule of line,
Memories in decline,
Half mast flags,
Soldiers in body bags
Red, blue and white,
Another epic strike,
From Tiananmen to Baghdad,
Countless freedom fought hard
Brown faces under the moonlight,
Listening to stories in delight,
Wandering poets preaching,
Of ages violently decaying.

* Raindrops On A Window is a collection of random ideas and thoughts in verse form. My first poem collection, Timescapes, Book 1 will be available for download in pdf form next week.
[+] I wont be updating until next week, been reworking the CosmicCode project into the CosmicCode Institute. Another milestone in this long journey.
[+] Postsecret's book will be available on Nov 29 Worldwide. Visit them for more details;[PostSecret]

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Tuesday, November 22

On a rainy Tuesday night at an expensive cybercafe

Came for an important email, then got stuck here of rain, and nothing comes to mind, so here's a collection of good quotes for life.

[-] 'The aim of life is to live, & to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.' - Henry Miller

[-] 'It's amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.' - Harry S. Truman

[-] 'And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.' - Jerry Chin

[-] 'Accept the things that fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.' - Marcus Aurelius

[-] 'The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.' - Maureen Dowd

[-] When the only tool you have is a hammer, all problems begin to resemble nails.' -Abraham Maslow

[-] Be nice to people on your way up, because you'll meet them on your way down.' Wilson Mizner

[-] 'The very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream.' - William Shakespeare

[-] 'Everyone has something ancestral, even if it is nothing more than a disease.' - Ed Howe

[-] Too low they build who build below the skies.' - Edward Young


P/s: Part 3 of the Mr.Ghost chronicles will come soon.

[+] Postsecret's book will be available on Nov 29 Worldwide. Visit them for more details;[PostSecret]

Thursday, November 17

A House For Mr Ghost: Part 2; The Chronicles of a Science Graduate Student, Wardrobe and all.

Nobody said it would be easy. Nobody experienced it easy. Most of the 'soldiers' are wounded in this 'divine' battle. Some just gave up. You risk everything and most of the time you don't achieve anything important. At the time you decided to jump into this, some asked you not to. Some encouraged you. The world waited. Some decisions are to be made carefully after weighing in all the problems and possibilities. This kind of serious decisions are not to be made in a rush or lets just say in the heat of the moment.
After a while you realize the fire has burned out and you're left there hanging precariously on edge of the deep canyon. And at this time, you blame it on laziness and ignorance. Science is observations. How do you know you're interested or not. If you look at Einstein and the only thought that comes into mind is to recommend a good hair stylist to him, then you're not up to it. If the big bad world doesn't excite you then you're not a science person. You must be intrigued and pulled towards the infite universe. You must think big and ask stupid silly questions that makes you not get a girlfriend but may ultimately win you a noble prize. The risk, the risk is death. Death of your social life, death of the Mercedes Benz you want to buy, death of that high flying jetsetting job around the world. Science is professional suicide. Atleast in the professional world of business and economy. So I did dream then and am still dreaming of those big questions and the romantic life of an underpaid, overworked, social outcase a physicist/ scientist live.

After a few semesters (or years) you go there and sit infront of your supervisor and you confess. You did nothing, you accumulated nothing and your future is illuminated by a 30 watt bulb. You're scared whether you'll be able to finish this semester, you're afraid of even completing anything. And to no surprise the supervisor is terrified but tries very hard to appear calm. And then he says he cant say anything anymore. He's disappointed. You make him loose his trust in you. Now you're really lost. The future is indeed bleak. The one person who can make you feel better is having doubts on you. But he gives you another chance in proving yourself. So it goes the legend that a scientist will always help another scientist in dire moments.

You come back and sit to think. Being a graduate student or living a life of a graduate student is just like any other journey. It needs good planning and discipline. But always remember not to confine the research in the plan. Plan the way of life and plan the methods. The mind should always be free to wander and create ideas. So where does everything go wrong. For any struggling student would say its all in the priorities. How do you arrange you time to satisfy all your needs. And then comes the feedback. You can't crusade alone knowing there are wolves along the way. So now we need a good support group. If you don't stumble upon one, you create one. A small solid group who can discuss the depth of science and the intricacies of the next Harry Potter movie with you. And then ofcourse you need a home. A scientist cant ever live with his family. Family and relatives would never understand the logics of a 26 year old or a 30 year old who doesn't own a car, a house, not married and for that matter not have a job. You can't explain relativity to them or make them read Einstein. It might work for a few minutes if you say you will become famous and come out in the news if you win the noble prize or something, but in the GreatBig family dictionary, a scientist comes parallel to a bum.

And so starts the never ending story of a struggling science graduate student. More to come in future installments. (Preview of future parts; how to choose your research and how to make money! to save your ass while studying.)

****** point of origin ******

[-] Congratulations to Vijayndran and Chitra on their marriage on the 18th of November 2005 in SP. May this holy union be blessed for eternity.

[-] Congratulations to all the Indian students from Tamil Schools and National Schools who made history this year for the best ever results in the 2005 UPSR (primary school) examinations. May your achievement inspire future generations of Indians in this country to aspire and reach for the sky.

[+] The Airbus A380 is currently in KLIA Malaysia. If you're free, you can head to Sepang and catch the giant live!. Tomorrow (friday) morning from 8.30 to about 10.00 am, the A380 would make a low flypast around Putrajaya, Subang and the KLCC. Don't miss it!
[-] The consciousness post is still open for comments. Please read the post below. Thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend. (it came early to me...sigh...)


Tuesday, November 15


I finally watched the movie 'What The Bleep Do We Know' yesterday and an interesting question came into mind. Do you still remember your first instance of consciousness? When did you first realize you're alive? I vaguely remember my first ever memory on this earth was waking up one morning and seeing the sun rays through the window. I cant remember what age I was then but that could possibly be the moment I 'found' consciousness and became aware of the world. Many issues and theories were dissected in the movie, with Quantum theory being the main idea behind that unique venture.

There could be a multitude of divine or religious interpretations behind consciousness, but in the past decade or so, science was able to provide many answers to the creation of reality which arises for being conscious. What is consciousness really? Wikipedia terms consciouness as a state of being self aware or more deeply sentience. Being alive and realizing you are alive and have the ability to comprehend the world and universe. Its an abstract idea that may read simple but proves very hard to grasp scientifically.

[-] This is my Tag to everyone who reads this post. What is your first ever memory of being alive and do you still remember the day?

[+] The Center for Consciouness

[+] Do watch the movie 'What The Bleep Do We Know'. Its an unique docu-drama that asks and aswers intelligent questions and ideas by explaining the quantum world and consciouness in a very layman manner. And it packs a great cast of scientist and other big thinkers who explains the universe in an enjoyable take at a science culture that's reinventing itself and moves away from mainstream religious interpretations towards a more human centric observer whose given the God status.

[+] 1979? Whats the Bl@#$ is that? Well, 1979 is the year I was born in. I was at the checkout counter at the local KFC with my buddy Bob buying some Zinger Burgers (the best damn chicken burger in the world) when the total came to 1979 and I snapped it. It's a special year and I know a lot of bloggers born on this year. So here's a toast for all the bloggers born in 1979. Its been a great 26 years. And its been great sharing our lives with millions of other bloggers. And no I'm not stopping from blogging, just to let everyone know what a historic year 1979 was and what legendary people was born then. Hehehe. :-p

****** a poetic origin ******
Wasteland Recreated I

On the road to Moscow,
Walking by a nightmare wasteland,
Passing a weeping Willow,
Praying a journey to Graceland.


Blackwood Hills, Part I

On the Blackwood hills,
We stood a beacon in the fog,
Learning the passing seasons,
Dreaming of the world tomorrow.


[+] 2050 is update! Please read and link there too.

Have a wonderful week ahead!


Thursday, November 10

Poems and a Rainy Night.

We were Humans

Remember when we were humans,
Fearless soldiers in daylight battles,
Unrivalled lovers under the moonlit sky,
We were humans when we were dead before.

The Lost Nights

Remember the nights,
We circled the raging bonfire,
Our small legion of moonlight friends,
Sharing stories of lost nights.

The Daydreamers

During history on a hot morning,
Painting graffiti on school walls,
Secretly in love with mystery girls,
Building daydreams on wooden stilts.

The Amazing Stories

Among best friends,
With heartbreaking idyllic memories,
Reliving stories to the end of time.
We were brothers sometime yesterday.

The Rainy Season

Of course it ends this day,
Didn't it start in such season?
The blessed sky showering hope,
We were humans always on rainy nights.

****** book ii ******

Poetry Revisited

In the faint evening light,
I traced my masterpiece,
Cold depressed shadows appeared,
Brought to life by the solitary,
magical lamp.

Forcing my mind to float,
To fly away into foreign lands,
Grasping ideas and beautiful faces,
The unfocused soul wanders far,
sadly lost.

I set my sight on an old junk,
Sailing the infinite night sea,
Carrying a love message across destiny,
Trying to bind love across distance,
enchanted desires.

Stopping to find a reason,
On the smoldering battlefields of Germany,
Maybe I can engrave the stories of youth,
Yearning before dying for one last vision,
of mothers.

From the cliffs of Sintra,
I gaze into the derelict sea,
Tangled in the turbulent zephyr,
Dead souls of a catastrophic disaster amid,
dangerous seas.

I wondered in silence,
If anyone ever met the crazy clown,
Of the traveling Russian circus,
The one with white face and a large red nose,
a joke.

What nostalgia my travels bring,
Of memories and wonders from faraway,
Sadly my life story is incomplete,
Staying vigilant for one last stroke before,
my passing.


[-] "If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man." - Mark Twain

[-] It rained cats and dogs (Persians and German shepherds, as Fred says) yesterday evening and drizzled the whole night. Funny, rain supposed to make us sleep all cozy and warm under the blanket, but I didn't. Too many things in my mind. Some serious stuff to think about, my future, my thesis and all. We do need friends after all, but not just any friend, we need someone who speaks our 'language' from time to time. Now I regret rushing into decisions and taking this journey alone. Physics is hard, and having no one to discuss it is harder. I just hope I can finish this semester. And get a job that I would enjoy doing not being forced into. There is hope for dreamers. Its just that that kind of hope doesnt come all that often.

[-] This is a reason to brag! Chris Muir who created the Day by Day strip commented on my blog! Its so cool. I feel HIGH!!!. Sigh...I get excited of everything. A true scientist. Wait, does this mean that he wont drop by anymore because I made a scene out of this...?

[+] Depha Methas final movie in the Elemental Trilogy, Water, is complete. Visit the official site;[Water] and view the trailer here;[Water-Trailer]

[+] "15 to 17 Years Old" Winner: "Chimpanzee Meditation"Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, 2005Natural History Museum, London, and BBC Wildlife Magazine On the final day of a three-week family vacation in Tanzania, Africa, 16-year-old Matthew Burrard-Lucas of the U.K. followed a group of about 40 chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains. Spotting the alpha male, Burrard-Lucas edged closer on his stomach while “trying to ignore the angry safari ants that were crawling all over me.” “The alpha male was sitting on a tree trunk, staring at the forest canopy,” Burrard-Lucas said. “In the photo it appears as if he's looking into space, contemplating and relaxing.” “For now wildlife photography is a hobby, but it would be great if I could make a career out of it,” he added.
P/s: I have updated my previous post. Please read it to find conclusions for the lost keys and all.

Tuesday, November 8

A House for Mr.Ghost: Part I; What A Life!

[updated! - again]

[-] For the benefit of everyone who clicked on the tags, this is the post that started the whole MrGhost series!!!

[-] I was thinking of telling the lost key story in a post of it own. But here goes, the key was lost at the Puduraya Bus Terminal (in KL). So I told my evil housemate, to go ask the police counter whether they have and lost and found items. But surprise surprise, even the police counter was missing. Or maybe they moved somewhere else. So the guy went to the parking counter to reclaim the parking token for my bike. And thank God, the good Samaritan, (the parking booth operator) had kept the keys he found at the counter. Somethings not right here. Yes, the evil housemate left the damn keys on the parking counter and left! This is kind of anti-climax but that's the truth. So God Bless the Parking Operator.

[-] The 'Buddy-System' is a loose description of the state of friendship today. The real story is this, I have a set of friends. Even though we are all friends, deep down inside we all hate each other. Not to show the hate, because of obvious painful consequences, we hide it with usual buddy buddy stuff. We talk nice, mingle and all, but we do it once or twice a year. That too, to share gossips and stuff. And on why the notorious system is reminiscent of the UN security council is because of the veto powers it holds. Lets say Friend A screws Friend B. Friend B will go to the rest of the Friends circle and spread the word that Friend A badmouthed everyone. So now everyone hates Friend A and hes all alone. So as to not let this happen, we have the 'buddy-system', where we just tolerate everything, and then vent the anger at artificial things. And yes sometimes pets and plants. Its a sick society.

[-] Its amazing to know that my blog has a call update system. I update my blog, and my buddy gets a call to tell that I have updated my blog. Aint it cool. I love you guys. Va al infierno usted.

[-] Hey, I do look like Wesley Snipes in the photo. Actually its taken in the changing room with the lights at my back on my cell phone. So the picture quality is a bit low.

The Ghost is Back! I was away and been busy with loads of things. So here are the things that happened to me and around me for the past 4 weeks in descending order. Most of it wont make any sense, my life neither.

[-] My buddies car clocked 60,000 miles yesterday. That's an occasion because the car is only a year old. He mentioned that I probably contributed 10k miles myself. Yes, we traveled the whole of Malaysia the past year.

[-] Yesterday, Bob and Mr.Ghost came back to the big city after a long festive holiday. It was a terrible bus ride. To make matter worst, Bob, who promised to send me back home with his car, bailed out. He had to go to work and were already late when we arrived at the terminal. I had to carry 2 heavy bag all the way to the commuter station and stand all the way to my stop. Under the 'buddy-system' I am not suppose to scold him or be angry at him. Life sucks. (names are changed to protect animal rights)

[-] My roommate is Billa. Hes an idiot. Two days before Deepavali he came to see me at my house and told me that he lost my bike key. Along with my lab and office keys. Yes, you may as, what kind of idiot would leave all those keys. I did, in my room, so that it'll be safe. He took it and borrowed my bike without asking me. That's stupidity. And my Deepavali started to go down the drain. Sometimes I think my country has the highest concentration of stupid people in the world. Of course, Bush, beind the king of stupid people, overshadows them all. Life sucks more.

[-] I have another friend. His name is Notorious BIG. He's my childhood buddy. And he has a problem. Or maybe its me who has a problem. This guy, he does every single thing that's against the law. Everything. Stopping short of killing, flying a plane onto a building and/ or invading another country. Me being his buddy, and the 'buddy-system' in affect, could not do anything. He doesn't takes advice. And yes, he wont leave me or let me go.

[-] This might turn out to be a long post. Please take a tea break.

[-] Deepavali was ok. It would have been better if everything above did not happen. Had a huge BBQ on the 2nd day. Invited all my friends in the 'buddy-system'. And yes, we had a liquor party after that. At my house. So now my parents know, why I haven't finished my Msc or/ and my buddies real self. And I mixed a drink for my uncle. Somehow, no one acted normal to me after that day.

[-] Two weeks before Deepavali, I was working in my buddies sweet and D'vali goodies store. Its called the 'Laddu Sweet Corner' and we opened it 10 days before D'vali. It was a smash hit. Ill post more pics of it soon. So my buddy trusted me with the shop while hes goes around doing something that looks important. I ate alot of sweets in the shop without him knowing. It was a sweet D'vali.

[-] I have an imaginary girlfriend. That's her picture. Shes amazing. Shes beautiful. She doesn't call, talk or write. She doesn't sms and she doesn't even come in my dreams. For a matter of fact, she doesn't even exist. (The image is not drawn by me, its from a Tamil weekly, reproduced without permission. Thank you.)

[-] One of the theories that explains the state of the universe is called 'Inflationary Lambda Cold Dark Matter Model'. And I thought my life was complex.

[-] MjV headed for Turkmenistan last Saturday. This could be a year long trip. I pray to God he has a safe trip.

[-] My good buddy Roslan got married last Friday. I wish him many more happy returns of the day. Another of my school buddies got married on the same day too. I wish Yogesh a happy married life. Another two bites the dust. I shall remember the fallen heroes for eternity.

[-] A House for Mr.Ghost will be a series that chronicle the painful, happy, sad, ugly, complex, life of me, Gp, the one and only. And yes, that's me in the picture. That's an Adidas turtle neck body fit long sleeve shirt that I tried on. But Mr.Notorious BIG did not like it. So, because of the freakin 'buddy-system' I did not buy it. But I liked it so much. You can see my sad face there with that ugly big nose. I hate myself. Ok I dont hate myself, maybe I hate my friends.

[+] This is a great innitiative taking shape in the states; [$100 LapTop]


Friday, November 4

Happy Deepavali :)

A very Happy Deepavali to everyone. Hope this festival of lights brings hapiness and joyfull experiences to one and all.


P/s: Yes, I'm late by a few days...but time was not kind to me.


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