Thursday, October 6

The Truth, Chapter 1

"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened." -- Winston Churchill
****** a poetic interlude ******
Requim for a Passing
Your words walk from land to land
Stories vibrate among friends who band
Images of lilies born and beautiful being faint
March streams washing pebbles sometimes quaint
Moist eyes leave behind sparks of life undone
Your shadow casts rain and painted sunshine
Ages crawl and disappear across worlds
Desert nomads journey spreading heralds
Lone bagpiper with a song in passing
On mountains shadowy angels amassing
Your touch reminds her of eras in gathering
Drummers with an anthem of pitiless feeling
Memories floats away with an unheard motivation
In majestic ships with sailormen since foundation
Miniature leaves descending from willows decaying
Your name written in destiny gradually parting
A silent mutiny yesterday being legendary
Among women and children building a scenery
Jaded soldiers remain holding fallen enemies
Tranquil seasons when you are born again in memories.
****** magic music ******
[+] Head here and download the free songs by this talented Nigerian musician; [KunleKuti]. Both the songs, Ori Mi and Narrow are good soulfull anthems.
[+] Mike has a very good post that I liked much, hope everyone will read this;[WHTY]



Jeevan said...

Nice Post. 2050 journey blog is yours.

DeRaviz said...

You have an interesting blog. Quite varied also. Thank you for linking to my blog and thanks for your kind comments.



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