Friday, October 14

A Second Shinning

Once in while everyone wants to be alone. Silently enjoying the solitude, the passing of the seasons. As the stars sail past we cant stop thinking and memories flood in. Once in a while too, you realize that you cant live alone. It’s true than were not solitary creatures. Not in this existence. You have to have commitments and relationships with someone. You need to trust and be trusted upon. A passing day where you need to talk to someone and also love. Lets name a person a friend and lets consider him or her a shining second beacon in your life. The first being you. Its an unending stream of water that meanders slowly across valleys finding reasons to be together. That’s what it is then, of having a friend and being a friend. Of constantly finding the reasons and stopping a while to savor the moment of satisfaction. Then knowing that you achieved something you move on.
Being alive and living everyday is a challenge. A challenge to stay human and reflect our lives, at least what happened yesterday and the day before. Its like looking for clues to live tomorrow. What’s painful in a relationship is having someone who you respect and love, go away never to come back. What’s worst is to constantly being wrong and making mistakes. Not everyone will have good friends. Not everyone has the ability to find a friend for life. You hope a lot and want everything good. When you have someone to share and live that one specific journey in your life, you do the best to love your friend. A walk is not enough but you have to hold hands. To touch the heart. In silence you conquer continents and souls. How much you hope to be loved and to love.
There are many elements to be learned in life of friendship. Imagine the possibilities. When we have someone to share we can learn to be patient and to solve problems, to live through personal tragedies and unwanted sorrow. Happiness even once a while can fill that jagged void that hurts us everyday. So what does the second shinning means? A second shinning is related to the color you see when you leave the confines of your home and your family. When you move on and meet new people you have to change sometimes adapt to a new surrounding. And you'll see a different color. Just imagine that everyone you see wants something from you. The expectations that you feel you don’t have to satisfy but ultimately is essential to live your life. Those are colors. Sometimes dark sometimes light sometimes painful. You see, this second shining is not out there to be found. The different colors you see are legends on the long path of your life. You don’t stop at those legends, you just walk past them admiring them and in quantum moments being touched by them. Those are markers in your life. The second shinning is something you create to follow you on that journey. The second shinning is the spirit of the friend(s) you want to live your life with. For them you're a second shinning.

****** A Musical Journey ******
For all the fans of club music, new age, trance, acid jazz and the general world fusion, here are some great music. The links takes you directly to the artist pages and their FREE legal downloads. Enjoy, the musics amazing!

[+] Johannes Linstead

[+] Spin Artes

[+] Mynta

[+] Alex Tiuniaev

[+] Kunle Kuti

[+] David Gallegos

[+] Mars Lasar

[+] Michael Dulin

[+] Priscilla Hernandez


visithra said...

Peekaboo - saw the new post havent read will come read later ;)

Jeevan said...

The links are very nice, music is fine.

S.Karthikeyan said...

Thanimayil enimai kana mudiyuma ?

visithra said...

mana missing?

LifeMoments said...

I agree with you esp. the 1st part, but I believe there comes a time you really have to get out and just face the world and those around you

Saravana Kumar said...

GP things keep me busy nowadays how are you doing man ... looking at your post ... nechance have you fallen in love with anyone :P

visithra said...

Inniya Deepavalli nalvazhtukal ;)

thennavan said...

Happy Deepavali, GP :-)

Ghost Particle said...

Thanx for the Deepavali wishes everyone. TQ Thennavan and dearest Visi.

[sara] ANd no Sara, I havent yet found my soul mate...

[jeevan] thank you...those are upcoming artist, and theyre indeed very good.

[karthikeyan] tanimayil inimai nirantharam illei. Sometimes I love being alone, but the it drives me insane...yet at the same time...i dont like meeting anyone all the time either...

[lifemoments] I think facing the world is the ultimate solution or ending...true, so true.


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