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Ok, its official, after a forced secret voting, my buddies here selected a line that I say almost everyday. My famous line;
'Macha...I think we're lost...'

Yes, I self proclaim I know every single road from my hometown, SP to the great capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur...but provided, we get lost the first time, almost everytime. I don't know how I do it, but it happens. But ofcourse, its all for good, sometimes we discover new places, meet new people...(and I can almost hear Jegan saying, poda dei...Don't try to cover up...).
*Do you guys have famous one liners? Please share with me, ill post it in an update. This will be the One Liner Tag. For starters I'm tagging Visi, Saravana, JVC, Mike, Prakash and Lorena.

* Macha is Tamil word to call a guy, something like 'dude' or 'bro'. 'Poda dei' means...hemm...go to hell dude...or something like that.

****** point of origin ******

[-] I read this post sometime back at Karthiks site; ETCETERA, and I downloaded the song, and its really addictive.
[+] Here's a link to the post; click Here. The songs title is 'Uravugal Thodarkathai' by Maestro Illayaraja. Its a really inspiring song in a very beautiful composition. The title in English translates to 'never-ending bonds ' ...That sounds not very convincing, but in Tamil it brings such sad, beautiful, happy memories.

****** a musical interlude ******

I love to listen to online Tamil radio's and since the broadband revolution here, its getting easier than ever. Here are some radio-stations that I frequent;
[+] Oli 96.8 FM (Singapore)
[+] BBC Tamil Service
[+] Merina Tamil Radio (USA)
[+] CTBC Tamil Online Radio (Canada)
[+] Oli FM (USA)
[+] (Malaysia)

****** point of origin ******

[+] 2050 is growing! Be There!
[-] This is my 99th post in this blog!
[-] Lets pray for the safety and well being of all the victims of the Katrina and Rita storm in USA and also everyone affected by natural disasters around the world. Please do all you can to lighten their burden. Visit American Red Cross.
[+] Found this cool photoblog; [Midnight Madness]

[+] A very Happy Birthday to the one and only Nagin, he was born on the 25th of Sept 1979 and is the first ever friend I had long long ago. (he was my neighbour then :p)

[+] Heading back to uni today after nearlly 3 weeks of self declared holiday. I make it all sound easy and happy...but the truth is the very opposite. I'm sad that I did not get the job, but there's too much politics and power play in the system. Someday, in the future, the truth shall be known...



visithra said…
one liner ah must think n ask friends - hehehe ur story so funny

god bless everyone
Jordan said…
Thanks for stopping by my site, just wanted to return the favour.
JVC said…
hey man, one liner-aa? let me think. It was good to see you on chat man.
Ghost Particle said…
Hye guys,

[visi] thannx da...ill be witing tak ur is funny...if ure in the car when we get lost it would be funnier...they threaten to leave me there and drive off...but so far im sae...heheheh

[jordan] always a plessure...I love blogjumping

[jvc] hey man, same to you...i like this google talk thing...think of your famous one liner..
missflower said…
Thanks for visiting my blog. I am very nice to meet you.

I´m sorry if you don´t understand my way of writing in spanish. I´m able to write in english if you prefer so, but my blog will be written only in spanish by myself. You may write english, although, because I understand perfectly. ¿OK?
many kisses
Maran said…
Vitu broadband a office broadband a? Ensoy pannu cos my my home no broadband & office block all music site.
Prakash said…
another tag..........ohhhh noooooo
anyway cheers for tha....i will do it
Grey Vampire said…
Should we tel our fav words now or wait for announcement????
Ghost Particle said…
Hi guys, thanx for stoppind by, just tell here la...or post it in your blog. I think you guys better post in your blog and Ill link it later...
Eriatarka said…
haha nice blog. =)
visithra said…
Ellow Happy Birthday ;))

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