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One Hundred Years Across The Century

I set walking along the sea
what warm and shining memory
seconds apart longer
my foot touched the water
as the horizon remained muted
sun rays danced on each moment
whispering stories for days to come
unknowingly as I walk
these stories blossomed true
from a large distance
I saw the glow of the future
eagerly I walked faster
only to tire and become slower
then I realize I’m dragging
the past long due its time
some histories are not kind
darkness maul everyone they find
strange again I realize
the nearer I feel the future
a mysterious shadow glooming over
like a bug overshadow by a flower
only in beauty but not in power
yes I hold the key for the future
But, should I change it or live it?


*something of being old, or rather growing old and the hopes for the future. Of the feeling that I've seen alot and experienced alot but the questions remains have I the power to change or inspire or still do I need to learn more, walk further.
* And thats a very long title for a poem :-)

[+] Another interesting photoblog I found while blog-jumping; [Imagengine]

[+] And another one; [Desert Photography & Fine Art]
[-] Was watching Megacities : Mumbai on NatGeo Tv when I found out that the world famous Dabbawalla's are rated Six-Sigma by Forbes magazine! Thats not more than 1 error in a million deliveries! (read Megacity definition by wikipedia, the worlds biggest city is Mexico-City).

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gone said…
I say change it!
Grey Vampire said…
Sorry dude long time no se in your place......

Human universe i got a question about the universe's infiniteness.....

take a look at my new post....

and i want the html tag for earth 2050 tag
LifeMoments said…
Talk of talent, I have found it in your even ashamed to say anything.

I loved the the blog, pictures, the poems and even the arrangement of your blog.

I will be sure to be visiting as much as I can and I was wondering if you won't mind if I added your blog to my links...

Ps: Thanks for the comment and I mean it when I said you truly have talent...

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