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Lord of War

Hye guys, its Friday again and in no time it'll be Monday and the cycle repeats. So wats up with this weekend? Movies! I'll start the mini-reviews with this brand new flick with Nicholas Cage in the lead. The movie titled Lord Of War is an interesting take on the shadowy world of arms dealers. And yes, it's another 'based of true events' story and this one movie does have the substance. It's a dark tragic comedy of events in the life of Cage's character; Yuri Orlov. The whole movie is a flashback of events on how Yuri, a migrant from Ukraine started selling small arms and finally when the Soviet Union collapsed proceeded to purchase a whole army base in Ukraine. There are strong political tones in the movie and in the course of the movie we get to learn of the real 'criminals' in the global arms trade. Expect a good technical production and some fine music. Also, there is a minute sequence of background music of ARRahman's Bombay theme one of the scenes set in Sierra Leone, don't know how it got there. Cage is at his usual elegance and delivers the character with ease. Fine performances also by his co-actors Ethan Hawke and all the cast. The movie is by the director Andrew Nicol who wrote and directed hit movies such as the Gattaca (Jude Law and Uma Thurman), Simone (Al Pacino) and (wrote and produced) The Truman Show (Jim Carrey). Interestingly Andrew is also writing the movie Paani (Water) to be directed by Shekar Kapur. Paani is a SF take of the future where water has ran out and the consequences after that.

[+] Official Website; [Lord Of War]
[+] An Interesting article on the Global Arms Trade; [Arms Trade] and read more global issues at this website; [Global Issues]
[+] A List of top global arms dealers
[+] A wiki entry for Nicholas Cage
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The Machinist

This is not a new release but its an excellent indie movie starring Christian Bale. The machinist is the story of a machine worker who hasn't slept for a year. The lead character of portrayedeznik is potrayed vividly by Christian Bale who lost more than 50 pounds for the movie. You have to watch the movie to believe it. The movie is a thriller drama and the whole movie has a noir feel to it. A simple storyline with many twists, this movie is enjoyable to all fans of indie movies and if you like Baldefinitelyudon'tld definitly dont want to miss this. Details have been given to close-up shots and very patient cameworks to give the full intensity of the scenes. Bale is also starring in the movie 'The New World' by Terrence Malik to be sequeled soon. A sequal to Batman Begins is also in the plans for a 2008 release. Bale is a trully talented actor and some would remember him as the child actor in Spielbergs 'Empire of the Sun'. Another excellent movie starring Bale is the SF film 'Equilibrium'.

[+] The Machinist



[+] Visit this cool and funny online comic; [Day by Day]

[+] A Malaysian Photo Board; [LensaMalaysia]

(artist: Amanda-Hone)

[+] The Image above is from this excellent art site; [CloudKing]

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gone said…
I can't wait to see Lord of War, but I was disappointed by the Machinist. No. Good.
Pecos Blue said…
Okay will do, I will check it out. Have you seen What the Bleep Do We Know? What is your take if you have?
Davidoss said…
A.R.Rahman's Bombay Theme :
Check out the IMDB site
he has indeed been credited there,
so it no wonder that it got there in Lord of war.

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