Friday, September 16

Last Night

Last Night (Before the Virgin Morning)

last night (near my place)
behind the fence
under the moonlight
a forest left in trance

last night (towards midnight)
he ran alongside
putting up a fight
for a paper kite

virgin morning (in Liverpool)
a broken zephyr
cold sea fling
a strange year

virgin morning (leaving Liverpool)
gigantic ships
sailors dreaming
of never ending trips

last night (connecting)
before the virgin morning
the man caught the kite, might
great ships sank, spinning

-gp2005- 16092005 -

P/s: A weird thought.

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sophie said...


Fred Lessing said...

Might good poem, gp! one thing only: in the second-last line, why does "might" refer to?

Saravana Kumar said...

hey good one GP did you write this stuff

Ghost Particle said...

Fred; might means his powers to regain liberty/ independance. might means hes strong. Of course, putting words like this means i was having a bad writers block just bout when i was finishing it. hahahahaha

Sara; Yes, i wrote it bro. Later when i compile this, ill ask fred to host it.

Sophi, thanx dear, were poets together!


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