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The Bug has been Tagged!

Seven things you plan to do before you die!!

1. Travel around the world.
2. Go whale watching somewhere near Portugal
3. Hopefully get a girlfriend (the kid inside me speaking like this all the time)
4. Write a book (which will be followed by many more, many more)
5. Dance on a moving train with Visithra
6. Become an astronaut
7. Become the richest person on earth and save the world! (lalalalalalala)

Seven things you can do!!

1. Be more nicer to people :))
2. Finish my thesis (this is the 'you can do' but lazy to do category ah?)
3. Loose weight
4. Smile at life and say I'm da master of the universe
5. Read more (like 2 books per week)
6. Go to temple more
7. Sleep

Seven things you can't do.

1. Beat up someone (I look big and scary, but me good boy)
2. Write my thesis (something is wrong somewhere, but I dont know where)
3. Be anywhere near a cockaroach (is this how u spell it?)
4. Be anywhere near a grasshopper (and almost all other bugs, except maybe squids---> squids are bugs you know)
5. Tolerate egoistic, irritating people. (true, so true...i copy Visi coz im lazy to think something new)
6. Eat more than 2 packets of Oreo (i vomit chocolate colored stuff after 2 packets....)
7. Drive a bus ( i can bet you I cant)

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex!!

1. Thin tall gals!
2. Eyes and Hair (one head so one thing la!)
3. The understanding of science and physics
4. Cultured Tamil speakable (speakable---> does this exist?)
5. Laugther and Humor and all that comes with it
6. Sometimes I think everything of a female attracts me
7. If she shares my dreams

Seven things you say most!!!

1. Poda
2. Kokoi
3. Oh! Man!
4. La in every word i use (I'm a true Malaysian too like Visi)
5. 'I hate this life' and 'Life sucks'
6. Fudge (heheheheh sorry...)
7. 'Screw you guys, im going home' (from South Park)

Seven celebrity crushes!!!

1. Einstein
2. Eric Cartman
3. Kamalhassan
4. Robin Williams
5. Isaac Asimov
6. God
7. Me, myself and I

I dunno who to tag back but here goes (like they dont have anything better to do :p) :


Visi dear (do it again! u've been tagged)

(disclaimer: okay, i copied the same thing Visi had done, and shes angry+happy+cool bout it :p)


P/s: [+] Hey guys, check this out: WIKISpecies

[-] Fred had done a great Job with the GPP music album covers and the general layout:

Ghost Tags:


visithra said…
Seriously not fair! U copied my tag!! U cheated! And no u cant tag the person who tagged u the same tag - u have to wait for another tag! ;p
Maran said…
I agree with Visithra, very similar to hers. Come on bug eater, you can do better that this! ;-)
Ghost Particle said…
wei wei, me no copy la...only a bit today got no spirit.

By the way, i want to tag you too maran, but then how the heck are you going to reply!

Next week, ill have a malay post, to commemorate Merdeka Day.
sophie said…
aah...gettin tagged...copying fun here
visithra said…
Hey wasnn't angry! ;p But will bully you more soon for copying ;p
Kaps said…
what is this dance about? is it thaka thaiyya thaiyya song??
visithra said…
Kaps : something like that ;p

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