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Lord of War

Hye guys, its Friday again and in no time it'll be Monday and the cycle repeats. So wats up with this weekend? Movies! I'll start the mini-reviews with this brand new flick with Nicholas Cage in the lead. The movie titled Lord Of War is an interesting take on the shadowy world of arms dealers. And yes, it's another 'based of true events' story and this one movie does have the substance. It's a dark tragic comedy of events in the life of Cage's character; Yuri Orlov. The whole movie is a flashback of events on how Yuri, a migrant from Ukraine started selling small arms and finally when the Soviet Union collapsed proceeded to purchase a whole army base in Ukraine. There are strong political tones in the movie and in the course of the movie we get to learn of the real 'criminals' in the global arms trade. Expect a good technical production and some fine music. Also, there is a minute sequence of background music of ARRahman's Bombay theme one of th…

One Hundred Mystery Particles

The old bus is a city reject. I swerved away narrowly avoiding it just to brake inches behind a parked car. That pretty much sums up my daily bike ride to my university. This ride did feel new but the bus wasn’t. It’s nearly two years now since they recalled all the old mini buses into service and they’re just a disaster waiting to happen. I turned into the long road towards my faculty, lined both sides with green arching trees and beautiful yellow and red flowers that greeted me warmly, momentarily wiping away the gloom of the cloudy grey morning sky. It took me a while to realize nothing much changed in my three weeks of sojourn back home. Of course, as always, there are dozens of young happy faces occasionally turning my way and smiling. Not that they know me, it’s just that wave of sorts that connects everyone, some point in time. It’s magical to think that that same wave connects us on the internet too. I was thinking of a good introduction for the 100th post in this Blog world o… ;-)

Ok, its official, after a forced secret voting, my buddies here selected a line that I say almost everyday. My famous line;
'Macha...I think we're lost...'
Yes, I self proclaim I know every single road from my hometown, SP to the great capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur...but provided, we get lost the first time, almost everytime. I don't know how I do it, but it happens. But ofcourse, its all for good, sometimes we discover new places, meet new people...(and I can almost hear Jegan saying, poda dei...Don't try to cover up...).
*Do you guys have famous one liners? Please share with me, ill post it in an update. This will be the One Liner Tag. For starters I'm tagging Visi, Saravana, JVC, Mike, Prakash and Lorena.

* Macha is Tamil word to call a guy, something like 'dude' or 'bro'. 'Poda dei' means...hemm...go to hell dude...or something like that.

****** point of origin ******
[-] I read this post sometime back at Karthiks site; ETCETERA

One Hundred Years Across The Century

I set walking along the sea
what warm and shining memory
seconds apart longer
my foot touched the water
as the horizon remained muted
sun rays danced on each moment
whispering stories for days to come
unknowingly as I walk
these stories blossomed true
from a large distance
I saw the glow of the future
eagerly I walked faster
only to tire and become slower
then I realize I’m dragging
the past long due its time
some histories are not kind
darkness maul everyone they find
strange again I realize
the nearer I feel the future
a mysterious shadow glooming over
like a bug overshadow by a flower
only in beauty but not in power
yes I hold the key for the future
But, should I change it or live it?


*something of being old, or rather growing old and the hopes for the future. Of the feeling that I've seen alot and experienced alot but the questions remains have I the power to change or inspire or still do I need to learn more, walk further.
* And thats a very long title for a poem :-)

[+] Another i…

What on earth! [-updated-]

[-] Hi all, thanx for guessing these images. Prabhu (adenggapa) got the first image correct (how did you guess it!!! and also the Ayers rock. Mike got the Krakatoa correct and Backut got the Ayers rock and Krakatoa correct as well. I hoped of more people to respond to this. Well another time another day...
(1) An oil refinery island off the coast of Singapore(2) The remnants of the Krakatoa Island Volcano(3) The Amazon river delta(4) Ayers Rock in Australia(5) An Oasis north of the Sahara Desert.****** something else ******[-] All the images were taken from Google Earth.[+] Found this cool photography site, I think it's in Portuguese language, the images are beautiful. (some discretion over nudity) Click here.[-] And, my 'little' music project, supervised, composed and published by Fred and made into an album with hard work and effort by all the guys at Daymoon, Hugo Flores of Sonic Pulsar, Michael Dorp of Flying Circus, Mark Quertin, Jeff Markham, Mark Mamanta, Logan Thoma…

Last Night

Last Night (Before the Virgin Morning)

last night (near my place)
behind the fence
under the moonlight
a forest left in trance

last night (towards midnight)
he ran alongside
putting up a fight
for a paper kite

virgin morning (in Liverpool)
a broken zephyr
cold sea fling
a strange year

virgin morning (leaving Liverpool)
gigantic ships
sailors dreaming
of never ending trips

last night (connecting)
before the virgin morning
the man caught the kite, might
great ships sank, spinning

-gp2005- 16092005 -

P/s: A weird thought.

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What Dreams May Come...

Hi all, sorry for not updating, thank you for all the wishes and enquiries. I'm away on a very very very tiring, depressing, 'unwanted' self declared holiday from everything. I will be back soon to write more. My prayers for the victims of the Katrina Hurricane and please donate generously to the American RedCross so that the funds can be channeled to them.

[-] Thanx to Fred, Visi, Saravana, Mike and everyone for the buzz.

[+] Please support the 2050 Project. We need more members. [+] The Sun is not feeling well too.

[+] Check out this excellent premier ad of the Honda Jet. [+] Read Jeevan's Blog. Hope never dies.

[+] And this is definitly a cool site; Start.Com, thanx to Chetan for the pointer. [+] Robert Wise who directed The Sound of Music and A West Side Story passed away today. He also directed the 1979 Star Trek movie. [-] Jarno has been missing for a very long time. Anyone has a clue to where he is? [-] Please buzz me if my blog prompts any pop-up ads and such. Im susp…

Das Wochende in der Übersicht

Here comes the weekend in review. Well, what to say bout the weekend, it comes, it goes, and it comes again. So here goes... Wanting to have a productive weekend, I borrowed some books from the library, yes, part of my great plan to write a novel in a few years. I'm trying to read all the creative works of past Nobel Prize winners. The other reason would be that, the literature sections of my uni's library are packed with these books, and no one borrows it. Don't they realize it's a gold mine out there. So I borrowed, Soul Mountain by Gao Xingjian, The Dream of Scipio by Iain Pears, The Cybercultures Reader, edited by David Bell and Barbara M. Kennedy, A Journey with Fred Hoyle: The Search for Cosmic Life by Chandra Wickramasinghe, The human Province by Elias Canetti, Auto da fe by Elias Canetti translated from the German under the personal supervision of the author by C.V. Wedgwood. I can borrow a max of 15 books, and there I was carrying all this books around last Fri…

The Bug has been Tagged!

Seven things you plan to do before you die!!

1. Travel around the world.
2. Go whale watching somewhere near Portugal
3. Hopefully get a girlfriend (the kid inside me speaking like this all the time)
4. Write a book (which will be followed by many more, many more)
5. Dance on a moving train with Visithra
6. Become an astronaut
7. Become the richest person on earth and save the world! (lalalalalalala)

Seven things you can do!!

1. Be more nicer to people :))
2. Finish my thesis (this is the 'you can do' but lazy to do category ah?)
3. Loose weight
4. Smile at life and say I'm da master of the universe
5. Read more (like 2 books per week)
6. Go to temple more
7. Sleep

Seven things you can't do.

1. Beat up someone (I look big and scary, but me good boy)
2. Write my thesis (something is wrong somewhere, but I dont know where)
3. Be anywhere near a cockaroach (is this how u spell it?)
4. Be anywhere near a grasshopper (and almost all other bugs, except maybe squids---> squids are bugs you kn…

I think I ate a bug last night...(to be continued)

Hey guys, I think I ate a bug last night. I don't know whether I'm dreaming or sumthin, but I felt something crawl down my throat then I woke up. I even felt the leg stuck between my teeth and I swallowed that too. I feel weird now. What if that thing is still alive inside me...I'm too busy to write more now, I'll be back in a few days.

Meanwhile I leave you with this timeless words;

"I respect a man who knows how to spell a word more than one way." - Mark Twain

"In the fight between you and the world, back the world." - Kafka

"It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else." - Erma Bombeck

"A closed mind is like a closed book; just a block of wood." - Chinese Proverb


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