Friday, September 30

Lord of War

Hye guys, its Friday again and in no time it'll be Monday and the cycle repeats. So wats up with this weekend? Movies! I'll start the mini-reviews with this brand new flick with Nicholas Cage in the lead. The movie titled Lord Of War is an interesting take on the shadowy world of arms dealers. And yes, it's another 'based of true events' story and this one movie does have the substance. It's a dark tragic comedy of events in the life of Cage's character; Yuri Orlov. The whole movie is a flashback of events on how Yuri, a migrant from Ukraine started selling small arms and finally when the Soviet Union collapsed proceeded to purchase a whole army base in Ukraine. There are strong political tones in the movie and in the course of the movie we get to learn of the real 'criminals' in the global arms trade. Expect a good technical production and some fine music. Also, there is a minute sequence of background music of ARRahman's Bombay theme one of the scenes set in Sierra Leone, don't know how it got there. Cage is at his usual elegance and delivers the character with ease. Fine performances also by his co-actors Ethan Hawke and all the cast. The movie is by the director Andrew Nicol who wrote and directed hit movies such as the Gattaca (Jude Law and Uma Thurman), Simone (Al Pacino) and (wrote and produced) The Truman Show (Jim Carrey). Interestingly Andrew is also writing the movie Paani (Water) to be directed by Shekar Kapur. Paani is a SF take of the future where water has ran out and the consequences after that.

[+] Official Website; [Lord Of War]
[+] An Interesting article on the Global Arms Trade; [Arms Trade] and read more global issues at this website; [Global Issues]
[+] A List of top global arms dealers
[+] A wiki entry for Nicholas Cage
****** dvd's ******

The Machinist

This is not a new release but its an excellent indie movie starring Christian Bale. The machinist is the story of a machine worker who hasn't slept for a year. The lead character of portrayedeznik is potrayed vividly by Christian Bale who lost more than 50 pounds for the movie. You have to watch the movie to believe it. The movie is a thriller drama and the whole movie has a noir feel to it. A simple storyline with many twists, this movie is enjoyable to all fans of indie movies and if you like Baldefinitelyudon'tld definitly dont want to miss this. Details have been given to close-up shots and very patient cameworks to give the full intensity of the scenes. Bale is also starring in the movie 'The New World' by Terrence Malik to be sequeled soon. A sequal to Batman Begins is also in the plans for a 2008 release. Bale is a trully talented actor and some would remember him as the child actor in Spielbergs 'Empire of the Sun'. Another excellent movie starring Bale is the SF film 'Equilibrium'.

[+] The Machinist



[+] Visit this cool and funny online comic; [Day by Day]

[+] A Malaysian Photo Board; [LensaMalaysia]

(artist: Amanda-Hone)

[+] The Image above is from this excellent art site; [CloudKing]

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Wednesday, September 28

One Hundred Mystery Particles

The old bus is a city reject. I swerved away narrowly avoiding it just to brake inches behind a parked car. That pretty much sums up my daily bike ride to my university. This ride did feel new but the bus wasn’t. It’s nearly two years now since they recalled all the old mini buses into service and they’re just a disaster waiting to happen. I turned into the long road towards my faculty, lined both sides with green arching trees and beautiful yellow and red flowers that greeted me warmly, momentarily wiping away the gloom of the cloudy grey morning sky. It took me a while to realize nothing much changed in my three weeks of sojourn back home. Of course, as always, there are dozens of young happy faces occasionally turning my way and smiling. Not that they know me, it’s just that wave of sorts that connects everyone, some point in time. It’s magical to think that that same wave connects us on the internet too. I was thinking of a good introduction for the 100th post in this Blog world of mine, and this came into mind. And paying tribute to that interesting novel that I’m reading now, I nicked the first line in the first chapter of the book for the opening of this paragraph.

Talking about souls, do you guys feel ancient sometimes? Ancient in the sense that you feel that you’ve done so many things, gone through many events and experienced many lives around you. Indeed our souls are mountains yet to be conquered. Someday we will all realize our purpose. Our life and lives of the ones around us works in mysterious ways that compliments each other that ultimately enables each and every one of us to endure this unpredictable world and surely things to come. Who would have thought blogging or push button publishing will become a 21st century cultural revolution. As with many revolutions in internet technology, blogs came silently to seize an important role in the dynamic cyber world. Today, we don’t have to write letters or read pen-pal columns to make friends 5000 miles away. Blogs enabled me to make great friends thousands of miles away who inspired me to do things I did not do for years of my life.

We don’t own rainbows, but reading blogs enable us to experience myriads of colors, of personalities, of characters, of love, of hate and most importantly establish our roots in this world. In blogs we learn new languages, we see new faces, we touch magical people and we aspire to be legends. It’s not often that we get to do stuff that we really like to do, but blogging carries so much intensity and momentum that on most days we feel satisfied by posting something new. How interesting it is to read about festivals in India, or birthdays from Spain, of survivor stories from Iraq, of poets and poems from England, of school days from Malaysia, of technology from Japan. How sad we felt reading of disasters in Indonesia, in Sri Lanka and in America. What interesting stories that we discovered of friends migrating to new countries, of some old coffee shops out of nowhere, of music, politics, of science, of sports, of space and most passionately of babies from their mothers.

What dreams may come. Don’t we all like to wake up one day too see all the misery in the world gone. I would be very happy if only half of my misery be taken away. Life is full of adventures and truth. I love being a pretender to forget painful memories. Reading blogs made me discover a lot of people with tragedies and sorrow. Ever so often we read of death and destruction. Maybe we don’t spend enough time realizing we are but humans. We often forget of our responsibilities. We make wrong choices, thinking the next time we will make right ones. Looking back, we realize we made wrong choices all the way. We don’t know where we make mistakes; we just know that it’s wrong when someone else suffers. Understanding someone else’s life enlightens us with truths that we have missions and goals. There are happy people out there who do feel sad sometimes. They are happy because they found the truth. The truths that we are all connected and are all of the same kind. Of the same color and religion. Of the same mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and most importantly friends. We are all one, living in this one world where we can’t undo past mistakes but have the power to prevent new ones. Lets continue to touch and be happy, lets love everyone and let this one revolution called blogging bring us together.

I love to travel. Traveling leads us to discovery. Discovering something makes us appreciate our surroundings. Being able to appreciate and comprehend something ultimately means that we’re in touch with everyone. We are not alone on this planet, and in a strange way also means that were not alone in this universe. Our life and this journey that we take is a never ending sojourn. On a road that’s long and winding with rivers and seas and mountains and deserts and finally we come back to where we started. We travel in circles, it’s a huge circle, we don’t see the other side, but the very first step we take, to the very last influences the fate of everyone else on the same journey. In what we discover along the way, we also have to make choices. Our life is a choice. What we do next is a choice, a choice that affects everyone. What we build in this small world that we call cyberspace is a map. And this map will let the next generation to follow our steps and to learn from our mistakes and build a better future. Not a perfect future, but a future where living is safe and there is less hatred. This is what traveling should be about, that is to discover and teach and live.

Sometimes I ride my bike deep into the eerily cold summer night. Sometimes in the early hours there would be fog and from not to far distances, solitary street lights telling a million stories. While we can be happy and proud to have lots of friends, to have a loving family there is a part of our soul that yearns for silence, solitary dreams and freedom. All this are artifacts of a turbulent past. We grow up learning people and the surrounding. If you remember the tree in your backyard or the dog you once had, that means you miss your past. You need to stop and think. You need a space of your own. You can’t let anyone dictate your free time, that moments of freedom you face the muted world and remember. What is a Blog and why must anyone read your memories, your journeys or feel your life? This mysterious publishing tool reveals your life to the world. Another million readers knows your secret. But why is it deep inside that we want to tell it to everyone. Telling means we are communicating, reaching to the others. In some ways, I write to tell people of what I want in life. You tell stories hoping that someone might have gone through the same in a different manner. You want feedbacks. You want to go to bed content, or happy that others know who you are and that you exist. Being able to communicate means you are alive and you are real. In solitude you find voices and with the luxury of your own spaces and walls you touch others.

****** Point of origin ******

Slowly drifting in this sea of voices, ideas and protest, you arrive to that future you dreamt. You look around; you sit, watch and read. You pick up books, your pluck large red fruits and you eat. Then you sleep. You do the same every day, finding new things and information all the time. This is the world you build with wood and stone and metal. It’s the future all shiny and bright. No pollution and no war. You succeeded. It’s the year 2050. After days and night, you get restless. Where are all the people? You realize that you haven’t traveled anywhere. You circle the huge space with no end. The dream you build is a house with high walls stretching on miles into imaginary distances. You stopped to choose a path and you walk for another day. And then you came to a wall. You climb the wall and you see a familiar space. Familiar maybe because you know the person or spoken to her. You’ve known her for 45 years. She took the same journey with the same goals and dreams. But she wanted her colors so she builds her own space. You hear from a distance the voices of children laughing and singing. You feel happy that another dreamer managed to fulfill this dream. But as you speak and share with her the truth dawns. The world is full of cells. Of small solitary communities, all with their own colors and lives. You forgot faces and voices. But soon you discover that they are your friends too. Is this a failure then? You dreamed of a future that’s free of war and famine. It is a future free of war and famine but no one lives together. In many ways by staying in closed communities, humanity survived wars and famine because they ceased to interact. They build their houses and decorated their spaces and gave birth to children and generations. Unsatisfied and deeply hurt you return to your space. As you sat there under a huge banyan tree you pick up pebbles and throw into the meandering stream. As you gather more and more pebbles, you start to dig a small hole. Then your fingers hit something hard. It’s a flat piece of stone. No it’s a metal and you dig more and clear a large area of the thin soil. It’s an old piece of metal with written words. As you read you grasp the fact that you discovered the foundations of your world. Its just one foundation of many, there must be one for every decade maybe one for every year. So this world is made of past adventures and memories. Memories that doesn’t fade away but stays and haunts everyone. People don’t forget or learn from the past mistakes, they just build on it. The hatred and anger amplified over the years it drove them away from each other. Did you dream of this? Why did this happen, this is not what you wanted.

Maybe its time to rethink because there is a long way and long years towards the future. You can still build that dream world of yours and still be together. Don’t support a broken community struggling to reinvent itself and at the same time build valleys between people. We belong together and own this world together. Don’t make mistakes and make hasty choices that would ruin the future. Think of your children, and the world.

****** The return ******

As I parked my bike and walked up the stairs to my office, I was thinking of this post. What am I going to write for my 100th post? What should be the theme or the topic? What story to tell, who to engage and which group to focus. I unlocked the doors to my office and switched on the lights. The slow hum of electricity excited the fluorescents in milliseconds revealing a small solitary space with books, tables and chairs. I felt segregated and lonely. I'm not sure if this is the life I wanted. When you don’t know what youre doing or whether you heading in the right direction your life is mundane and full of questions. I have some advice for friends who want to continue their studies. Please plan, make sure you have the money to support yourself and pay the fees for at least three years. Choose the right supervisor, not the one who inspires you or motivates you with their hour long speeches, but the ones who are willing to learn with you. And make sure you know what you want to do after completing and graduating. I like to think this as a challenge. When I start my postgraduate studies I would be much more ready, experienced and most importantly happy with what I do.

Of all the journeys I like the ones with pictures the most. Those slides of old black and white photo’s of grey people in front of their grey houses beside the grey tree under a grey sky. Then you dig up more pictures. Of every year of your life and the feeling you get is amazing. You feel happy and sometimes you shed a few tears. Warm droplets floating in frozen time of memories long forgotten. After a few years you find new ones, and it’s in color. And then you remember of that shirt you once had or the silver car you once had. How everything changed. How life today is more colorful and exciting. Now we have cameras snapping split second images of magical moments and instantly embedding it into cyberspace. All these images you gather and collect for years to come. And we share them so that people from far away land can see where we live and what we build. Its images that reveal our explosion of emotions and action. Of the red and black images of war and tragedies. Of blue and green images of nature and the earth and of galaxies floating in heavens. That’s how we connect and share. This is the future, tomorrow is a new world.

I hope to have satisfied everyone who read the whole post. I know Bloggers don’t like to read long posts and there are millions of blogs to choose from to fill your past time. And if you do understand and like what I’ve written please leave a few words or ask questions and say thank you. I would make me a much happier person. Thank you for your kind time. I have a few goals for the next few months before 2006. I need to complete my thesis and plan my next journey along this exciting life. I figured if I write it here I would have the extra motivation to actually doing it. Knowing that my friends know my goals I want to prove that I can. In these short months I would also publish the first chapter of the novel that I’ve been planning all this while. I’ll make it available online by the end of the year and from the feedback would decide what to do next. Everything is a dream waiting to come true. I believe in destiny that was not fated to follow a solitary path. Dreams will come true. After all there are more that four decades for that one dream to come true. And all the others? It’s for anyone to achieve and everyone to admire. Where you want to be in 2050? You start now. You start here with your pen and paper and a few dreams. This is how it is.

[-] The first line of the post is the first line from the first chapter and the last line is the last line of the last chapter of the book Soul Mountain by Gao Xingjian who dreamed a free future and managed to live it.
[-] This post is dedicated to everyone who blogs and who wrote of their lives and invited me into their dreams and showed me the path.
[-] I have an idea of posting 100 differently themed posts for my next 100 posts. Let’s see if I manage to pull this off.
[-] Thank you once again for reading this post and don’t forget to leave a comment here or in my shout box.

[+] I finally uploaded my Vinayagar Chaturthi photo's snapped in Sp. You can visit the webshots gallery here. [Vinayagar-Sp]
[+] I did blog about this site few months back, and since there's about 3 months more left of World Physics celebrations please do visit this blog effort; [Quantum Diaries]
[+] Do you have a few hundred thousand bucks to spare, wanna go to space? Head here; [Virgin Galactic] and also do watch this cool animation of the spaceflight; [VirginSpace], Windows media player needed, it will autoload once you click the link.
[+] Thanx to my buddies Jegan and MJV for dropping by yesterday. Hope MJV will have a safe trip to Turkmenistan in a few weeks. I have his old photos to Europe here; [MJV-Euro].
[-] Thank you very much to Visithra for her post of my Bday. I'm 26 today!

Saturday, September 24 ;-)


Ok, its official, after a forced secret voting, my buddies here selected a line that I say almost everyday. My famous line;
'Macha...I think we're lost...'

Yes, I self proclaim I know every single road from my hometown, SP to the great capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur...but provided, we get lost the first time, almost everytime. I don't know how I do it, but it happens. But ofcourse, its all for good, sometimes we discover new places, meet new people...(and I can almost hear Jegan saying, poda dei...Don't try to cover up...).
*Do you guys have famous one liners? Please share with me, ill post it in an update. This will be the One Liner Tag. For starters I'm tagging Visi, Saravana, JVC, Mike, Prakash and Lorena.

* Macha is Tamil word to call a guy, something like 'dude' or 'bro'. 'Poda dei' means...hemm...go to hell dude...or something like that.

****** point of origin ******

[-] I read this post sometime back at Karthiks site; ETCETERA, and I downloaded the song, and its really addictive.
[+] Here's a link to the post; click Here. The songs title is 'Uravugal Thodarkathai' by Maestro Illayaraja. Its a really inspiring song in a very beautiful composition. The title in English translates to 'never-ending bonds ' ...That sounds not very convincing, but in Tamil it brings such sad, beautiful, happy memories.

****** a musical interlude ******

I love to listen to online Tamil radio's and since the broadband revolution here, its getting easier than ever. Here are some radio-stations that I frequent;
[+] Oli 96.8 FM (Singapore)
[+] BBC Tamil Service
[+] Merina Tamil Radio (USA)
[+] CTBC Tamil Online Radio (Canada)
[+] Oli FM (USA)
[+] (Malaysia)

****** point of origin ******

[+] 2050 is growing! Be There!
[-] This is my 99th post in this blog!
[-] Lets pray for the safety and well being of all the victims of the Katrina and Rita storm in USA and also everyone affected by natural disasters around the world. Please do all you can to lighten their burden. Visit American Red Cross.
[+] Found this cool photoblog; [Midnight Madness]

[+] A very Happy Birthday to the one and only Nagin, he was born on the 25th of Sept 1979 and is the first ever friend I had long long ago. (he was my neighbour then :p)

[+] Heading back to uni today after nearlly 3 weeks of self declared holiday. I make it all sound easy and happy...but the truth is the very opposite. I'm sad that I did not get the job, but there's too much politics and power play in the system. Someday, in the future, the truth shall be known...


Wednesday, September 21

One Hundred Years Across The Century

I set walking along the sea
what warm and shining memory
seconds apart longer
my foot touched the water
as the horizon remained muted
sun rays danced on each moment
whispering stories for days to come
unknowingly as I walk
these stories blossomed true
from a large distance
I saw the glow of the future
eagerly I walked faster
only to tire and become slower
then I realize I’m dragging
the past long due its time
some histories are not kind
darkness maul everyone they find
strange again I realize
the nearer I feel the future
a mysterious shadow glooming over
like a bug overshadow by a flower
only in beauty but not in power
yes I hold the key for the future
But, should I change it or live it?


*something of being old, or rather growing old and the hopes for the future. Of the feeling that I've seen alot and experienced alot but the questions remains have I the power to change or inspire or still do I need to learn more, walk further.
* And thats a very long title for a poem :-)

[+] Another interesting photoblog I found while blog-jumping; [Imagengine]

[+] And another one; [Desert Photography & Fine Art]
[-] Was watching Megacities : Mumbai on NatGeo Tv when I found out that the world famous Dabbawalla's are rated Six-Sigma by Forbes magazine! Thats not more than 1 error in a million deliveries! (read Megacity definition by wikipedia, the worlds biggest city is Mexico-City).

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Sunday, September 18

What on earth! [-updated-]

[-] Hi all, thanx for guessing these images. Prabhu (adenggapa) got the first image correct (how did you guess it!!! and also the Ayers rock. Mike got the Krakatoa correct and Backut got the Ayers rock and Krakatoa correct as well. I hoped of more people to respond to this. Well another time another day...

(1) An oil refinery island off the coast of Singapore

(2) The remnants of the Krakatoa Island Volcano

(3) The Amazon river delta

(4) Ayers Rock in Australia

(5) An Oasis north of the Sahara Desert.

****** something else ******

[-] All the images were taken from Google Earth.

[+] Found this cool photography site, I think it's in Portuguese language, the images are beautiful. (some discretion over nudity) Click here.

[-] And, my 'little' music project, supervised, composed and published by Fred and made into an album with hard work and effort by all the guys at Daymoon, Hugo Flores of Sonic Pulsar, Michael Dorp of Flying Circus, Mark Quertin, Jeff Markham, Mark Mamanta, Logan Thomas, Davis Raborn, Alvaro Silveira of Miosotis and countless others (available for download for free from the Daymoon site) is receiving air play on RUA FM in Portugal!!! I'm thrilled!


Friday, September 16

Last Night

Last Night (Before the Virgin Morning)

last night (near my place)
behind the fence
under the moonlight
a forest left in trance

last night (towards midnight)
he ran alongside
putting up a fight
for a paper kite

virgin morning (in Liverpool)
a broken zephyr
cold sea fling
a strange year

virgin morning (leaving Liverpool)
gigantic ships
sailors dreaming
of never ending trips

last night (connecting)
before the virgin morning
the man caught the kite, might
great ships sank, spinning

-gp2005- 16092005 -

P/s: A weird thought.

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Thursday, September 15

What Dreams May Come...

Hi all, sorry for not updating, thank you for all the wishes and enquiries. I'm away on a very very very tiring, depressing, 'unwanted' self declared holiday from everything. I will be back soon to write more. My prayers for the victims of the Katrina Hurricane and please donate generously to the American RedCross so that the funds can be channeled to them.

[-] Thanx to Fred, Visi, Saravana, Mike and everyone for the buzz.

[+] Please support the 2050 Project. We need more members.
[+] The Sun is not feeling well too.

[+] Check out this excellent premier ad of the Honda Jet.
[+] Read Jeevan's Blog. Hope never dies.

[+] And this is definitly a cool site; Start.Com, thanx to Chetan for the pointer.
[+] Robert Wise who directed The Sound of Music and A West Side Story passed away today. He also directed the 1979 Star Trek movie.
[-] Jarno has been missing for a very long time. Anyone has a clue to where he is?
[-] Please buzz me if my blog prompts any pop-up ads and such. Im suspecting my tag box.

[-] Is there any good medication for migrain that actually works and doesnt leave any side-effects?

[-] So for a few more days, I leave you with this cute little dude who dropped by last week;


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Monday, September 5

Das Wochende in der Übersicht

Here comes the weekend in review. Well, what to say bout the weekend, it comes, it goes, and it comes again. So here goes...
Wanting to have a productive weekend, I borrowed some books from the library, yes, part of my great plan to write a novel in a few years. I'm trying to read all the creative works of past Nobel Prize winners. The other reason would be that, the literature sections of my uni's library are packed with these books, and no one borrows it. Don't they realize it's a gold mine out there. So I borrowed, Soul Mountain by Gao Xingjian, The Dream of Scipio by Iain Pears, The Cybercultures Reader, edited by David Bell and Barbara M. Kennedy, A Journey with Fred Hoyle: The Search for Cosmic Life by Chandra Wickramasinghe, The human Province by Elias Canetti, Auto da fe by Elias Canetti translated from the German under the personal supervision of the author by C.V. Wedgwood. I can borrow a max of 15 books, and there I was carrying all this books around last Friday, much to the amusement of the juniors at the library. The place was packed with freshmen studying for their exams, and I did attract some attention from a few girls, but thinking back, probaly they thought I was a loser nerd. aaaaaarrrgggh, i have to stop thinking too much.
And yes, back to the books, Soul Mountain by Gao Xingjian is a wonderful journey into the hearts of China. He writes well, im up to chapter 10, Ill try to write a complete review once im done. Gao is a dissident Chinese who now lives in France and won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2000. Elias Canetti won the noble prize in 1981 writes depoignantant tales of human society and the surrounding. Sir Fred Hoyle is the famous British Astronomer and the book is sort of a bio-journey written by his student and collaborator Chandra Wickramasinghe. The Dream of Scipio is a beautiful novel by Iain Pears. And finally, The Cybercultures Reader is an amazing collection of articles and essays on the dynamics of the cyber world and the culture its synthesizing towards the future.
Enough of books now, while I spent most of my weekend sleeping, eating and reading, I did channel surf tsatelliteite stations and almost all the shows sucked. And then I raided DVDdvd box and found one movie thathaven'tent watched for a very long time; A Passage to India (based on the novel by EM Forster). Of course many would remember the excellent movie by Sir David Lean that explored the vivid characters set in a town in India. Great directors like David evoke emotions and provoke actuall feelings towards the characters. Some of the memorable roles in the movie are played by Sir Alec Guiness, (who also played Obi Wan Kenobi in the early trilogy of Star Wars movies back in the 80's). One powerful quote from the movie A Passage to India , said by Mrs Moore the character played by Dame Peggy Ashcroft; 'I suppose, like many old people, I sometimes think, were merely passing figures in a godless universe'.
David Lean also directed the movie ' The Bridge on the River Kwai', which brings me to an interesting story. My grandmother actually worked building 'death' railways for the Japanese during WW2 in Thailand. The Japanese who raided home stateate of Kedah, Malaysia back then took a bunch of estate workers, my grandma included, to the sites as cooks. She used to tell stories of how they cooked pythons, crocodiles and horses to feed the soldiers. She cant remember the name of the place, and I doubt it would have been the river Kwai stretch, she would at least remembered the bridge blown up. If she had some proof, I would be rich by now...thinking...thinking...books...movies rights... (why do I get the feeling that Im boring the readers...)
[+] Gunplot - some memories of the Death Railways.
[+] A Wiki entry
* The title of the post means ' Weekend in review' in German, thanx to Fred for the translations.
****** a poetic interlude ******
And finally, I wrote a poem yesterday, haven't written one for a while.
September Days

Deep in my memories
there exists a warm place
of people and instances

Many days of excitement
forgotten days of sorrow
your loving hands, against

Warm breeze touching me
one second at a time
feeling me, I'm alive

Days age silently
one evening beside a lily pond
two shadows, of me and the lady

Miles into the future
shards of fading memory
surfacing in visions of mine

White skies with traces of blue
that lady, with me, is you,
mother of life and love

How in coming times
might I lie awake
helpless and tracing lines

Lines and colors vivid
Of days and people
Who gave me life and died

* trying hard to remember my past, realizing my memories are fading. I try to rekindle the silent memories of the exciting days I had years ago, alone, trying to understand my world. The lady is as written, the spirit of life.
(snapped this pic from a magazine, just trying to upload from my cell)

Friday, September 2

The Bug has been Tagged!

Seven things you plan to do before you die!!

1. Travel around the world.
2. Go whale watching somewhere near Portugal
3. Hopefully get a girlfriend (the kid inside me speaking like this all the time)
4. Write a book (which will be followed by many more, many more)
5. Dance on a moving train with Visithra
6. Become an astronaut
7. Become the richest person on earth and save the world! (lalalalalalala)

Seven things you can do!!

1. Be more nicer to people :))
2. Finish my thesis (this is the 'you can do' but lazy to do category ah?)
3. Loose weight
4. Smile at life and say I'm da master of the universe
5. Read more (like 2 books per week)
6. Go to temple more
7. Sleep

Seven things you can't do.

1. Beat up someone (I look big and scary, but me good boy)
2. Write my thesis (something is wrong somewhere, but I dont know where)
3. Be anywhere near a cockaroach (is this how u spell it?)
4. Be anywhere near a grasshopper (and almost all other bugs, except maybe squids---> squids are bugs you know)
5. Tolerate egoistic, irritating people. (true, so true...i copy Visi coz im lazy to think something new)
6. Eat more than 2 packets of Oreo (i vomit chocolate colored stuff after 2 packets....)
7. Drive a bus ( i can bet you I cant)

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex!!

1. Thin tall gals!
2. Eyes and Hair (one head so one thing la!)
3. The understanding of science and physics
4. Cultured Tamil speakable (speakable---> does this exist?)
5. Laugther and Humor and all that comes with it
6. Sometimes I think everything of a female attracts me
7. If she shares my dreams

Seven things you say most!!!

1. Poda
2. Kokoi
3. Oh! Man!
4. La in every word i use (I'm a true Malaysian too like Visi)
5. 'I hate this life' and 'Life sucks'
6. Fudge (heheheheh sorry...)
7. 'Screw you guys, im going home' (from South Park)

Seven celebrity crushes!!!

1. Einstein
2. Eric Cartman
3. Kamalhassan
4. Robin Williams
5. Isaac Asimov
6. God
7. Me, myself and I

I dunno who to tag back but here goes (like they dont have anything better to do :p) :


Visi dear (do it again! u've been tagged)

(disclaimer: okay, i copied the same thing Visi had done, and shes angry+happy+cool bout it :p)


P/s: [+] Hey guys, check this out: WIKISpecies

[-] Fred had done a great Job with the GPP music album covers and the general layout:

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Thursday, September 1

I think I ate a bug last night...(to be continued)

Hey guys, I think I ate a bug last night. I don't know whether I'm dreaming or sumthin, but I felt something crawl down my throat then I woke up. I even felt the leg stuck between my teeth and I swallowed that too. I feel weird now. What if that thing is still alive inside me...I'm too busy to write more now, I'll be back in a few days.

Meanwhile I leave you with this timeless words;

"I respect a man who knows how to spell a word more than one way." - Mark Twain

"In the fight between you and the world, back the world." - Kafka

"It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else." - Erma Bombeck

"A closed mind is like a closed book; just a block of wood." - Chinese Proverb


2050 is Alive! Be There!


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny