Friday, August 5

The Roti Canai Monologue

The Busy Center of the Lagoon Nebula

(Credit & Copyright: Michael Sherick )

Explanation: Stars are battling gas and dust in the Lagoon Nebula but the photographers are winning. Also known as M8, this photogenic nebula is visible even without binoculars towards the constellation of Sagittarius. The energetic processes of star formation create not only the colors but the chaos. The red-glowing gas results from high-energy starlight striking interstellar hydrogen gas. The dark dust filaments that lace M8 were created in the atmospheres of cool giant stars and in the debris from supernovae explosions. This spectacular portion of the Lagoon Nebula was created in scientifically-assigned colors from light emitted in very specific colors by hydrogen, silicon, and oxygen. The light from M8 we see today left about 5000 years ago. Light takes about 50 years to cross this section of M8.

****** point of origin ******

1:09 am, Malligai Malai (Illaya Raja – IR, mp3), LOST (AXN).
I can’t believe this, it felt like Sunday yesterday and then suddenly its Friday. Time seems to be moving fast, especially when you’re doing nothing! (Or does it move fast when you’re doing something?!) Felt like trying something new in this post. So here goes, the time of the post, and the song playing on my Winamp, and the show on TV precedes my writings.

1:16 am, Sowkiyamma Kanne (AR Rahman-ARR, mp3), Willy Wonka Featurette (AXN).
I'm beginning to realize how hard it is to find new topics to write in the blog. Somehow, the all too unique medium just got too hyped-up and what was supposed to be a personal web-log transformed overnight into a rating game and money making cyber entity. HAH! I enjoyed saying that! All said, I still haven’t made any significant money on Google Ad Sense. And sadly, MASAT failed at an early stage. Good things never live. The latest alliance on the blog world is ATA for anti-teleserial alliance started by JVC and Visitra. Anyone whose quality lives are invaded by stupid tele-serials and also soap opera's can join in. Long Live ATA!

1:22 am, Mannil Indha (IR mp3), Tamil Movie (SunTV).
While researching information in the Britannica Encyclopedia 2004 DVD-Rom I discovered that Mango (Mangifera Indica) is in the same family (Cashew family-Anacardiaceae) as the Cashew fruit and nut, Pistachios and Poison Ivy. What’s more interesting is that mango plants are polygamous—i.e., some have both stamens and pistils, others stamens only.
Mango is also the name of a town in Togo, Africa.

1.27 am, Poove Sempoove (Tamil mp3), Some stupid Tamil Movie (SunTV).
I self diagnosed me with early stage Parkinson’s, ADD (attention deficit disorder), Autism, Diabetes, Serious Depression and Schizophrenia (i hear voices, sounds), Short Sightedness, High BP, Hypertension, Serious Cluster Migraines and many more. Is it possible for a 26 year old male to have all this at one time? Or am I a victim of the Sunday Newspaper Medical Reviews?

1.35 am, Anbe Anbe (ARR mp3), SportsCenter (ESPN).
I need to loose about 15 to 20 kg within 2 months. I'm wearing a size 36 pants now, and last week when I went to get a pair of pants, the sales-lady asked me to slim down. It’s depressing.

1.42 am, Ooru Kanam (IR mp3), SportsCenter (ESPN).
Its just magical listening to IR singing in this song. Its from a Karthik movie. Have anyone watched the Toyota F1 ad in ESPN, its cool!

1.50 am, Yetho Moham (IR mp3), Some Stupid Tamil Movie (SunTv)
Experiment failed. I dont know what to write. Grrr...I wonder how some bloggers have loads to write and I can’t! Every time I think of something great to write, it’s either when I’m on bed trying to sleep, or on my bike on the road! And every time I sit down to type it out, I keep hearing echoes of my mom's voice at the back of my head, all the way from SP, saying "Nalla Padi, Nalla Padi" (Tamil for study hard) and my grandma's saying "you spent a lot of money doing masters, please study hard and take care of the family".
I think I’m just busy being a pretender, and that’s making me lazy in doing real stuff! I can’t get myself to sit and finish my thesis. Nothing is helping me to achieve that, and time is definitely running out. I have 3 more months, tops.
And I'm starting to hate people around me, my housemate is driving me crazy, he's a sadist and he’s pissing me off everyday (for the past 3 years!). The worst part is, I can’t get rid of him, been trying all the while. He just loves to mentally torture me. He’ll sit there staring at me when I’m doing something, or raise the TV volume when I’m listening to songs on my pc...
And how much more miserable can I get...? I have to beg to get my friends to come visit me, and the idiots who stayed with me last month haven’t paid their rent! --and ill post this post without editing! Dont care if any of them reads this!--

****** a poetic interlude ******

Days of Fog and Tears

Deep within endless jungles,
Voices echoed to the four corners,
Surrounded by fog and trees,
Those are sad callings of mourners.

******* back! ******

I have a question:
'If a man writing sex stories only writes from the viewpoint of females, does that makes him gay/ transsexual?

-Gp 2005-

*My friend came over the weekend and told me that a Durian seller in SS2 Pj has a website! And behold, here it is: DURIANSS2.COM

* My blog of the post for this this post is the 'Morven Photoblog'. Surf up to some amazing pictures.

*The English Premier League is Starting this sunday with the Charith Shield between Arsenal and Chelsea (sucks!). And the regular games are starting the next weekend. Malaysian Arlines will be the new sponsors for EPL telecast in ESPN StarSports over in Malaysia for the next 2 seasons. By the way, I'm a die-hard Liverpool fan, and has always been one, since I discovered soccer about 18 years ago...

* My buddy and mentor Fred Lessing from Sintra, Portugal has stopped making music. Its sad, very sad. He did mention that his Daymoon projects will be completed before he sells his studio. So guys and gals please head to Daymoon-music and download the songs for FREE! and if you wish please donate some money using PAYPAL. The GhostParticle Music Project will be completed soon as well so please support by downloading the FREE songs today!!! Please help make this dream come true.
* Please also visit my photogallery to view my travel photo's:
* And yes, its the weekends again, so have fun people! go out, go to the park, watch a movie, read a book, surf some blogs, snap some photos, cook something new!
* By the way, if you're wondering what Roti Canai is; Roti Canai is an Asian sort of flat bread 'stuff' made of flour and is highly fattening but a good source of protein. Eaten with curry/ or anything from sugar to fruit jams this is indeed a superb food and comes closely at number 2 in the all time Malaysian semi-junk food survey. The first is Nasi Lemak, and the 3rd probably is Satay tied with Nasi Kandar. Thosai comes 4th. And I was eating roti canai while typing my post last night.
* Writing this listening to this song called First Love by the Japanese singer Utada Hikaru. Its a nice song, probably played it 100+ time since yesterday.
* If youre interested in Science, please head to this group and join in the discussion: COSMICCODE and surf the site (still in the making) COSMICCODE.NET
* As well all know, Lance Armstrong won his 7th Tour De France tittle last week. So take some time to surf his official site: and read about his foundation.
* You can access my blog using my domain name: WWW.GHOSTPARTICLE.COM as well as the normal url.
*August 6 marks the 60th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing by USA. Lets pray it never happens again to any country on earth. Amour!
*"Um bom fim-de-semana para ti!"-Portugese for 'Have a nice weekend'!


JVC said...

Gp, thoonguradhe illaiyaa! Pity you man! Unga address kodunga ! Anniyanaa maari varugiren unga house mate-a paarkka!

visithra said...

Enna ithu anniyan vaasam - all around me? Comment panna comment click panna anniyan comment - ehn stats patha yaaro garuda puranam tedhi ehn blog reaching. Hummmm too much coincidences!

Errr now this is confusing what did I want to write?

ATA vaalga! You can't have all those diseases but some of it ;p! Un qs nalla iruhku but hummm no answer!

If roomie gets u angry - return the favour. He'll get the idea! ;))

Ghost Particle said...

Hi JVC, yeh i sleep at 4 or 5am bio clock is so screwed up.

Visika, heheh...i guessed so, but i do have serious migrain stuff and also depression cycles... Im planning to complain to bout my roomate.

Military said...

I wonder how you get so much time for writing lotta stuff

sophie said...

gp...wats ATA...enaku onum puriyala...n how do u manange to get so much information...

Maran said...

"sales-lady asked me to slim down"

1) Haha!, Don't you hate it when the salesperson gives you unsolicited advise/insult.

2) Let me educate the Malaysian Indians that “roti canai” is a Malay word and "parata roti" is the correct Malaysian/Singapore Tamil name for the food from India. :-)

3) Are you online 24hrs?

Kaps said...

what is this ooru kanam song that u r referring to. I hv not heard of it. do u know the movie?

Ghost Particle said...

Hi Kaps,

Oru kanam, is the song from this Karthik movie, but my mp3 doesnt have the movie name, its like" oru kanam oru yugam aaage...lalalalala....patu...damn i forgot the lyrics...

Hey Maran,

Yeh, the saleslady was old, so heck man..and I'm NOT online 24 hour, i just curi-curi guna lab :D for a few days a week afte office hours and yes its called parata roti..

Hey Sophi, plz head to VISI's blog to read bout ATA or follow the link in my tag board...its the ANTI-TELESERIAL alliance..

Hallo Military anna, no, i dont write all of them at a time, i type most at home, and just add on from time to tme..

Kaps said...

i got it now....the movie is Nadodi Thenral.


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