Wednesday, August 10

Raining Perseids

(Raining Perseids Credit & Copyright: Fred Bruenjes )

Explanation: Comet dust rained down on planet Earth last August, streaking through dark skies in the annual Perseid meteor shower. So, while enjoying the anticipated space weather, astronomer Fred Bruenjes recorded a series of many 30 second long exposures spanning about six hours on the night of August 11/12 using a wide angle lens. Combining those frames which captured meteor flashes, he produced this dramatic view of the Perseids of summer. Although the comet dust particles are traveling parallel to each other, the resulting shower meteors clearly seem to radiate from a single point on the sky in the eponymous constellation Perseus. The radiant effect is due to perspective, as the parallel tracks appear to converge at a distance. Bruenjes notes that there are 51 Perseid meteors in the composite image, including one seen nearly head-on. This year, the Perseids Meteor Shower will peak in the early morning hours on Friday, August 12.
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Malaysia is facing its worst haze ever. We might as well declare a state of emergency since Indonesia is attacking us with...hemm...HAZE! Its been like this for the past week, and since yesterday it has gotten worst. I can feel my throat burning slightly even while I type this, and the sky is tinted orange grey. This is not a dream folks. Here is a satellite photo mailed to me by Maran (Umai Padam), (he has a few more pics at his blog):
You can see the amount of smoke coming from the hot spots (red dots) and the direction of the wind. All said, I hope this stuff clears soon, if not were going to have serious problems. Please drink a lot of water, and stay indoors!!! I wonder if Singapore's facing the same problem?

-Gp 2005-

* Mars will appear just as it is this month, and possibly for a long time to come. So do NOT believe any Internet rumors that you read that says Mars will be visible very close this month. This short article will help you: APOD

*My blog of the post for this post is this cool photoblog: "Casually Photograped"

* Overheard: "It's cruel that you can cry and I cannot. There's a terrible pain that I cannot express" by the robot character of Robin Williams in Bicentennial Man, a 1999 movie.
This is possibly the best movie adaptation of an Isaac Asimov SF story. Ever shed tears for a robot in a movie? Bet you will when you watch this. Isaac Asimov (1920-1992), the quintessential author, who in his lifetime wrote over 500 books that enlightened, entertained, and spanned the realm of human knowledge.

*Since the haze is getting worst, and I might not come online tomorrow 'till next week, have a happy and safe weekend guys and dont forget to watch the Perseid meteor shower this weekend (if the sky is clear!!!).


funkysmell said...

great pics, great blog

Saravana Kumar said...

GP is the gaze anything because of pollution. then it should be a serious problem.

Grey Vampire said...

Why all the fuss???

visithra said...

U know I saw blue skies, sun and clouds just over n hour ago n now the haze rears its ugly head again. Am so frustrated!

sophie said...

very diff do u manage to get this


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