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Rain, Book 3

I wanted to post something good today, but then my lab mate told me its going to rain and it wont stop for 2 days. I personally think its another rumor and the rain predictions are turning into urban legends these days, but I'm taking the liberty to go home early and sleep! Ill update the post when I come back. My Rain series are always fun to write and read. Read the previous two:
[-] Rain, Book 1
[-] Rain, Book 2
[-] I took the leaders test from: , (thanx to Ioiio for the links) and this is my result:
[-] Fred has updated the Daymoon site. Plz head there to download my maiden musical effort with my buddy Fred. The genre is 'Progressive Music/ rock' and the songs are free to download. If you wish, you can donate through Paypall. There is a collection of poems by Fred Lessing to download too. If you want to host your poems there, together in the Ghost Particle Music Project page, please email me or Fred.
[-] The 2050 Family is growing! Wanna be a part of the effort? Want to make history. Join in at the blog site: 2050 A Journey. You can also post the 2050 tag icon at your site to support the project. Thank you.
[-] Visi has started a new blog to host her 'Kolams'. Click here to view her beautiful creations. Please also read the Wiki entry on Kolams, to know more about the art.
[-] Thanx for all the replies for the previous post. I will definitely go for the interview.


Saravana Kumar said…
Nanba I turned out to be a Gandhi
Saravana Kumar said…
Einstein avare ... unga side-bar content main content oda perusa irukku
visithra said…
Awww thanks for the highlight. Dear was at a meeting half the day. just got back at 3 ma - u know i read ur previous post :)))
Saravana Kumar said…
GP have you read the paper by John Dobson "Einstien's physics of Illusion". Its a very good paper.
JVC said…
gp, you have been tagged
sophie said…
its the year of physics after him (Einstien)...we had an exhibition in college for school children..

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