Wednesday, August 17

Aurora Skies

Alaskan Aurora

(Source:, photo credit: Daryl Pederson)
* More images of aurora's at:
****** point of origin ******

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[-] My blog of the post for this post is "PostSecret" . An amazing blog project where readers send creative postcards to be posted on this site. Great stuff. (caution: some nudity and vulgarity).
[-] A cool link for vintage postcard lovers. Contains vintage postcards from around the world:


Lorena said...

yeah, i love that site (post secret)

amazing photograph. thanks for sharing.

Ghost Particle said...

cHi Lorena,

thanx for dropping by.

Prakash said...

That Post secret site was cool man...and the above picture is awesome....

Ghost Particle said...

hi prakash, thanx bro.

Ghost Particle said...

Damn! Im Spammed again!


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