Saturday, August 13

2050 A Journey

~May You Live in Interesting Times~

The 2050 Project have begun! If you want to be a part of it, please follow the link.

Blue Skies! Blue Skies!

Finally, the haze is gone, but sadly though it moved to the northern states. And then it rained yesterday, which made everything just perfect...for some 13 hours of sleep!.

Have some 'Tea'

Ok, this is not tea as in 'caya' but its geek food! Banana cake + Vanilla Coke. It doesn't get much better, and this is definitely not health food! By the way, I've noticed since a few weeks back, Coke prices have gone up, its RM 1.60 (18 rupees, USD 0.42 cents) for a can of Coke in various shops and a whopping RM 2.45 (28 rupees, USD 0.65 cents) for a 500ml pet bottle in 7-11 stores. I wonder how this little economy works, how do you link fuel prices and softdrinks prices? The food above costs Rm 2.60 (30 rupees, USD 0.69 cents) (i like this prize conversion stuff :p -- get the universal currency converter at

The Man Booker 2005

Am very proud to announce that a Malaysian writer is nominated for the 2005 Man Booker fiction prize: Tash Aw wrote The Harmony Silk Factory set in 1940's Malaya... (read the review)

The 2002 Man Booker winner, Yann Martel who wrote the excellent Life of Pi appeared in BBC's Hard Talk last week. In the interview he talked about his personal life and how hes handling all the fame (and fortune) , and his negative preferences of creative writing classes. His one advice for aspiring writers is to get a 50 cents Penguin classic and learn from there. On a question of why he used animals as main characters in the book, he said people are less prejudiced towards animals in books rather than humans. And the reason he choose India as his backdrop in the early chapters of the book is because of how religion permeates life in all ways India.

Websites Galore!

Found this cool website called Worldometers that provide java counters on various entries from world population to disease numbers.

New York 2050 forum on the future development of the city.

Some News

Finally Japan came to its senses: Read Here.

Some Words

Overheard: Tun Dr.Mahathir (Malaysia ex-PM) on the reality TV show Akademi Fantasia 3; '...only their fingers move, but their brains do nothing' while commenting on the habits of Malaysian youths who sent nearly 20 million plus SMS votes for the show.

Overheard: From the movie Gattaca; 'You wanted to know how I did it. That's how I did it, Anton. I never saved anything for the swim back'. Inspiring words from the hero character to his brother on why he never gave up in life and kept moving forward. (Script)

-Gp 2005-
*My blog of the post for this post is 'Eye on Japan' an excellent blog showcasing the latest technological breakthrough from Japan.
* Was just wondering if anyone can design a simple blog template for the 2050 Blog. Please comment/ reply to my mail. And anyone whose interesed in joining the team, please head to the 2050 blog (links on top). Thank you.

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Prakash said...

thanks for dropping by....
will visit ur new blog....looking forward for more interesting post on 2050..

Mike's Drumbeats said...

Very optimistic! :)

Tamizhan said...

ey Gp, since you are asking, i'll join, how do we do it?

Saravana Kumar said...

GP I've already sent a mail requesting invitation for 2050.

I'll design a template for 2050.

According to me coke is a junk food. It would cost only 1/10 to manufacture in comparition to what they are selling it in market, It doesn't have any nutrition. moreover researchers in India have found chemicals which are mostly found in pesticides in coke.

Mike's Drumbeats said...

Hi GP:

Thanks for the invite!

Have you ever gone for a while (like a month)without drinking coke, and then tried it again? It is hard to swallow (literally).

I've seen the attempt at justifying increasing prices based on gas prices--called a "fuel surcharge". I think the real trick is to see if prices are lowered again when gas prices fall...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the nice comments!


Grey Vampire said...

Hey where's the link to project 2050

BULLSEYE said...

We have not succeeded in answering all of our problems - indeed, we have not completely answered any of them. The answers we have found have only served to raise a whole new set of questions. In some ways we feel we are as confused as ever, but we think we are confused on a much higher level about more important things.

cinziii said...

great site! thanks for the traffic. click!

Ghost Particle said...

damn! Ive been spammed! Doesnt this blogger block spams?!

Hi Mike,
Thanx for the comments, i realized the thing about coke, but the vanilla coke is too good to resist. Im not a regular drinker though, just that whenever I over-eat or feel indigestion, the acid inside coke help digestion. Yes, the fuel surcharge trick is everywhere now. And soon Malaysians will have to pay service tax, and a toll increase. Life sux.

Thanks for dropping by saravana wil send the invite soon (now!), And youre definitly right bout softdrinks, its all crappy, and the only thing that pulls people is the sugar in it. But Vanilla coke...hemmm I luv it!

Grey Vamp, find it urself, my blog got links at the side, u lazy boy!

Tamizhan, invite sent,

Thanx for the comment Bullsye.

Hi Cinzii, the pleasure is all mine, your site is the best. Ill send an invite foe the 2050 project to you too.

visithra said...

Prices getting lower when theres a drop in fuel prices? Lol they'll never be a drop this is the 5th time theres been a rise in fuel prises in the 12 months!

Naresh said...

cool blog... lotz of usefull things.. all are new for me..



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