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Woke up this morning at 10.34 am, my cell was ringing, my mother on the line;
Mom: 'Sivanes...u got a letter. Just came this morning. What are you doing?...still sleeping!?'
Me: Nah...woke up at 8 , at the uni now...
Mom: 'It's a government letter. I think its important'
Me: 'Open it, maybe they're giving me some money,... Or asking me to payoffs my loans'
Mom: (after a minute) 'Its an interview letter. its from...'SPA'' (Public Service commission)
Me: 'Oh...must be for the diplomatic officer Corp, I don't want to go,...Ok bye bye...'
Mom: 'Wait! Its says Agensi Angkasa Negara'. (National Space Agency)
Me: 'UH!!!'
Mom: 'Pegawai Penyelidik Fizik (Physics Research Officer)...kod 1801...AAN...Interview Sept 2, in Putrajaya'
Me: 'Oh my God!
Mom: 'U better go for this, no excuses, it looks important, its good....'
Me: 'government job...the place far far, my bike cannot go...I need car...' (what the hell is wrong with me?!)
Mom: 'Take taxi...if you say no somemore, don't come home...'
Me: 'Can I come for Deepavali and friends will be there'
Mom: ' Ill mail the letter to you, you read, and prepare yourself...'

[-] So after an hour of excitement plus hype plus sms's plus mixed feelings, I came to the lab and surfed the Public Service Commision site for confirmations. And its true:
(image removed for some reason unknown but need to be done)
(listing: Time, Position, Place of Interview)
[-] And then, after going through some files, procedure listings, I came to this:
(image removed for some reason)
(listing: Position: Research Officer
Agency: Malaysian National Space Agency
No of applicant: 13,628
No called for interview: 61
No of Opening: 2)

[-] Come Sept 2, 2005, I have one golden opportunity of realizing a life long dream. I have one foot set in 'Space'. But the odds are high, damn high, a chance in 61. Hope and a dream is all I have. The rest...



Tamizhan said…
Gp my man, I am sure you will get that job! When you get into space, it might be 2050 though ;-)
Go!!!! What an exciting opportunity--make the best of it. Even the interview sounds like it will be an experience you value for the rest of your life.

Prepare yourself with the same positive energy and enthusiasm that you commit to your writing and research, and you are certain to succeed.

Best of Luck!

Kaps said…
all the best sivanesan.
Ram.C said…
all the best, GP @ SN
Ghost Particle said…
Hi guys, thanx for the wishes. I really appreciate it. I will definitly go and do my best.

Thank you again, Tamilan, Mike, Kaps and Ram.
Saravana Kumar said…
GP you will definitely get the job, waiting to hear the good news on sept 2.
WA said…
Wow Wow Wow. Fingers crossed for you. Good Luck

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