Tuesday, August 30

Children of the Midnight Flag

All over the world, we are all children of the midnight flag. Like many other countries under the colonial banner, Malaysia gained its independence decades ago. Today at the stroke of midnight the flag will be raised and the anthem will echo in history once again for the 48th time, and the shouts of 'Merdeka' will fill the Malaysian skies. I would like to take this opportunity to remember these two great leaders who truly signify who Malaysians are and should be:

[-] Tunku Abdul Rahman declaring independence at the Merdeka Stadium on the 31st August 1957

[-] Malaysia's ex-PM, Tun Dr. Mahathir , the father of modern Malaysia and one of the best ever leader in modern day Asia.

[-] I wish all Malaysians:

' Selamat Hari Merdeka '
' Happy Independence Day Malaysia '
[+] Visi has a good post on Merdeka Day here.
[+] Maran has a superb snap of the KL cityscape with all the fireworks here.
[+] Found this site that might interest Photo Bloggers; 'Canon.Pixel Critics'
***** blog day ******

[+] August 31st is also, Blog Day 2005. Read More.
-gp 2005-

Monday, August 22

Rain, Book 3

I wanted to post something good today, but then my lab mate told me its going to rain and it wont stop for 2 days. I personally think its another rumor and the rain predictions are turning into urban legends these days, but I'm taking the liberty to go home early and sleep! Ill update the post when I come back. My Rain series are always fun to write and read. Read the previous two:
[-] Rain, Book 1
[-] Rain, Book 2
[-] I took the leaders test from: http://similarminds.com/othertests.html , (thanx to Ioiio for the links) and this is my result:
[-] Fred has updated the Daymoon site. Plz head there to download my maiden musical effort with my buddy Fred. The genre is 'Progressive Music/ rock' and the songs are free to download. If you wish, you can donate through Paypall. There is a collection of poems by Fred Lessing to download too. If you want to host your poems there, together in the Ghost Particle Music Project page, please email me or Fred.
[-] The 2050 Family is growing! Wanna be a part of the effort? Want to make history. Join in at the blog site: 2050 A Journey. You can also post the 2050 tag icon at your site to support the project. Thank you.
[-] Visi has started a new blog to host her 'Kolams'. Click here to view her beautiful creations. Please also read the Wiki entry on Kolams, to know more about the art.
[-] Thanx for all the replies for the previous post. I will definitely go for the interview.

Saturday, August 20

:-0 zzz ---> ;| ---> :| ---> :) ---> :| ---> :(

Woke up this morning at 10.34 am, my cell was ringing, my mother on the line;
Mom: 'Sivanes...u got a letter. Just came this morning. What are you doing?...still sleeping!?'
Me: Nah...woke up at 8 , at the uni now...
Mom: 'It's a government letter. I think its important'
Me: 'Open it, maybe they're giving me some money,... Or asking me to payoffs my loans'
Mom: (after a minute) 'Its an interview letter. its from...'SPA'' (Public Service commission)
Me: 'Oh...must be for the diplomatic officer Corp, I don't want to go,...Ok bye bye...'
Mom: 'Wait! Its says Agensi Angkasa Negara'. (National Space Agency)
Me: 'UH!!!'
Mom: 'Pegawai Penyelidik Fizik (Physics Research Officer)...kod 1801...AAN...Interview Sept 2, in Putrajaya'
Me: 'Oh my God!
Mom: 'U better go for this, no excuses, it looks important, its good....'
Me: 'government job...the place far far, my bike cannot go...I need car...' (what the hell is wrong with me?!)
Mom: 'Take taxi...if you say no somemore, don't come home...'
Me: 'Can I come for Deepavali and Thaipusam...my friends will be there'
Mom: ' Ill mail the letter to you, you read, and prepare yourself...'

[-] So after an hour of excitement plus hype plus sms's plus mixed feelings, I came to the lab and surfed the Public Service Commision site for confirmations. And its true:
(image removed for some reason unknown but need to be done)
(listing: Time, Position, Place of Interview)
[-] And then, after going through some files, procedure listings, I came to this:
(image removed for some reason)
(listing: Position: Research Officer
Agency: Malaysian National Space Agency
No of applicant: 13,628
No called for interview: 61
No of Opening: 2)

[-] Come Sept 2, 2005, I have one golden opportunity of realizing a life long dream. I have one foot set in 'Space'. But the odds are high, damn high, a chance in 61. Hope and a dream is all I have. The rest...


Wednesday, August 17

Aurora Skies

Alaskan Aurora

(Source: Spaceweather.com, photo credit: Daryl Pederson)
* More images of aurora's at:
****** point of origin ******

2050 A Journey is Alive. Head there and be a part of history 45 years in the making.
[-] My blog of the post for this post is "PostSecret" . An amazing blog project where readers send creative postcards to be posted on this site. Great stuff. (caution: some nudity and vulgarity).
[-] A cool link for vintage postcard lovers. Contains vintage postcards from around the world: Postcardman.net

Saturday, August 13

2050 A Journey

~May You Live in Interesting Times~

The 2050 Project have begun! If you want to be a part of it, please follow the link.

Blue Skies! Blue Skies!

Finally, the haze is gone, but sadly though it moved to the northern states. And then it rained yesterday, which made everything just perfect...for some 13 hours of sleep!.

Have some 'Tea'

Ok, this is not tea as in 'caya' but its geek food! Banana cake + Vanilla Coke. It doesn't get much better, and this is definitely not health food! By the way, I've noticed since a few weeks back, Coke prices have gone up, its RM 1.60 (18 rupees, USD 0.42 cents) for a can of Coke in various shops and a whopping RM 2.45 (28 rupees, USD 0.65 cents) for a 500ml pet bottle in 7-11 stores. I wonder how this little economy works, how do you link fuel prices and softdrinks prices? The food above costs Rm 2.60 (30 rupees, USD 0.69 cents) (i like this prize conversion stuff :p -- get the universal currency converter at XE.com)

The Man Booker 2005

Am very proud to announce that a Malaysian writer is nominated for the 2005 Man Booker fiction prize: Tash Aw wrote The Harmony Silk Factory set in 1940's Malaya... (read the review)

The 2002 Man Booker winner, Yann Martel who wrote the excellent Life of Pi appeared in BBC's Hard Talk last week. In the interview he talked about his personal life and how hes handling all the fame (and fortune) , and his negative preferences of creative writing classes. His one advice for aspiring writers is to get a 50 cents Penguin classic and learn from there. On a question of why he used animals as main characters in the book, he said people are less prejudiced towards animals in books rather than humans. And the reason he choose India as his backdrop in the early chapters of the book is because of how religion permeates life in all ways India.

Websites Galore!

Found this cool website called Worldometers that provide java counters on various entries from world population to disease numbers.

New York 2050 forum on the future development of the city.

Some News

Finally Japan came to its senses: Read Here.

Some Words

Overheard: Tun Dr.Mahathir (Malaysia ex-PM) on the reality TV show Akademi Fantasia 3; '...only their fingers move, but their brains do nothing' while commenting on the habits of Malaysian youths who sent nearly 20 million plus SMS votes for the show.

Overheard: From the movie Gattaca; 'You wanted to know how I did it. That's how I did it, Anton. I never saved anything for the swim back'. Inspiring words from the hero character to his brother on why he never gave up in life and kept moving forward. (Script)

-Gp 2005-
*My blog of the post for this post is 'Eye on Japan' an excellent blog showcasing the latest technological breakthrough from Japan.
* Was just wondering if anyone can design a simple blog template for the 2050 Blog. Please comment/ reply to my mail. And anyone whose interesed in joining the team, please head to the 2050 blog (links on top). Thank you.

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Wednesday, August 10

Raining Perseids

(Raining Perseids Credit & Copyright: Fred Bruenjes )

Explanation: Comet dust rained down on planet Earth last August, streaking through dark skies in the annual Perseid meteor shower. So, while enjoying the anticipated space weather, astronomer Fred Bruenjes recorded a series of many 30 second long exposures spanning about six hours on the night of August 11/12 using a wide angle lens. Combining those frames which captured meteor flashes, he produced this dramatic view of the Perseids of summer. Although the comet dust particles are traveling parallel to each other, the resulting shower meteors clearly seem to radiate from a single point on the sky in the eponymous constellation Perseus. The radiant effect is due to perspective, as the parallel tracks appear to converge at a distance. Bruenjes notes that there are 51 Perseid meteors in the composite image, including one seen nearly head-on. This year, the Perseids Meteor Shower will peak in the early morning hours on Friday, August 12.
****** point of origin ******

Malaysia is facing its worst haze ever. We might as well declare a state of emergency since Indonesia is attacking us with...hemm...HAZE! Its been like this for the past week, and since yesterday it has gotten worst. I can feel my throat burning slightly even while I type this, and the sky is tinted orange grey. This is not a dream folks. Here is a satellite photo mailed to me by Maran (Umai Padam), (he has a few more pics at his blog):
You can see the amount of smoke coming from the hot spots (red dots) and the direction of the wind. All said, I hope this stuff clears soon, if not were going to have serious problems. Please drink a lot of water, and stay indoors!!! I wonder if Singapore's facing the same problem?

-Gp 2005-

* Mars will appear just as it is this month, and possibly for a long time to come. So do NOT believe any Internet rumors that you read that says Mars will be visible very close this month. This short article will help you: APOD

*My blog of the post for this post is this cool photoblog: "Casually Photograped"

* Overheard: "It's cruel that you can cry and I cannot. There's a terrible pain that I cannot express" by the robot character of Robin Williams in Bicentennial Man, a 1999 movie.
This is possibly the best movie adaptation of an Isaac Asimov SF story. Ever shed tears for a robot in a movie? Bet you will when you watch this. Isaac Asimov (1920-1992), the quintessential author, who in his lifetime wrote over 500 books that enlightened, entertained, and spanned the realm of human knowledge.

*Since the haze is getting worst, and I might not come online tomorrow 'till next week, have a happy and safe weekend guys and dont forget to watch the Perseid meteor shower this weekend (if the sky is clear!!!).

Monday, August 8

Time Minus Zero

The time of 8:15 a.m., August 6th, 1945 is an eternally memorable moment for the world as well as for Hiroshima.)
****** point of origin ******
What men may come

What day may dawn
what sun may rise
what life may come
what face may shine
what life may find
what love may bond
what child may born
what dream may come

what year may come
what life may want
what soul may find
what people may sin
what bomb may drop
what life may die
what men may come
what men may kill

-Gp 2005-
****** end note ******
* This is my tribute poem for the 60th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.
* Read a Wiki entry on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Atomic Bombing of the cities.
* Some Google News of the anniversary events around the world.
* The Spirit of Hiroshima webpage.

Friday, August 5

The Roti Canai Monologue

The Busy Center of the Lagoon Nebula

(Credit & Copyright: Michael Sherick )

Explanation: Stars are battling gas and dust in the Lagoon Nebula but the photographers are winning. Also known as M8, this photogenic nebula is visible even without binoculars towards the constellation of Sagittarius. The energetic processes of star formation create not only the colors but the chaos. The red-glowing gas results from high-energy starlight striking interstellar hydrogen gas. The dark dust filaments that lace M8 were created in the atmospheres of cool giant stars and in the debris from supernovae explosions. This spectacular portion of the Lagoon Nebula was created in scientifically-assigned colors from light emitted in very specific colors by hydrogen, silicon, and oxygen. The light from M8 we see today left about 5000 years ago. Light takes about 50 years to cross this section of M8.

****** point of origin ******

1:09 am, Malligai Malai (Illaya Raja – IR, mp3), LOST (AXN).
I can’t believe this, it felt like Sunday yesterday and then suddenly its Friday. Time seems to be moving fast, especially when you’re doing nothing! (Or does it move fast when you’re doing something?!) Felt like trying something new in this post. So here goes, the time of the post, and the song playing on my Winamp, and the show on TV precedes my writings.

1:16 am, Sowkiyamma Kanne (AR Rahman-ARR, mp3), Willy Wonka Featurette (AXN).
I'm beginning to realize how hard it is to find new topics to write in the blog. Somehow, the all too unique medium just got too hyped-up and what was supposed to be a personal web-log transformed overnight into a rating game and money making cyber entity. HAH! I enjoyed saying that! All said, I still haven’t made any significant money on Google Ad Sense. And sadly, MASAT failed at an early stage. Good things never live. The latest alliance on the blog world is ATA for anti-teleserial alliance started by JVC and Visitra. Anyone whose quality lives are invaded by stupid tele-serials and also soap opera's can join in. Long Live ATA!

1:22 am, Mannil Indha (IR mp3), Tamil Movie (SunTV).
While researching information in the Britannica Encyclopedia 2004 DVD-Rom I discovered that Mango (Mangifera Indica) is in the same family (Cashew family-Anacardiaceae) as the Cashew fruit and nut, Pistachios and Poison Ivy. What’s more interesting is that mango plants are polygamous—i.e., some have both stamens and pistils, others stamens only.
Mango is also the name of a town in Togo, Africa.

1.27 am, Poove Sempoove (Tamil mp3), Some stupid Tamil Movie (SunTV).
I self diagnosed me with early stage Parkinson’s, ADD (attention deficit disorder), Autism, Diabetes, Serious Depression and Schizophrenia (i hear voices, sounds), Short Sightedness, High BP, Hypertension, Serious Cluster Migraines and many more. Is it possible for a 26 year old male to have all this at one time? Or am I a victim of the Sunday Newspaper Medical Reviews?

1.35 am, Anbe Anbe (ARR mp3), SportsCenter (ESPN).
I need to loose about 15 to 20 kg within 2 months. I'm wearing a size 36 pants now, and last week when I went to get a pair of pants, the sales-lady asked me to slim down. It’s depressing.

1.42 am, Ooru Kanam (IR mp3), SportsCenter (ESPN).
Its just magical listening to IR singing in this song. Its from a Karthik movie. Have anyone watched the Toyota F1 ad in ESPN, its cool!

1.50 am, Yetho Moham (IR mp3), Some Stupid Tamil Movie (SunTv)
Experiment failed. I dont know what to write. Grrr...I wonder how some bloggers have loads to write and I can’t! Every time I think of something great to write, it’s either when I’m on bed trying to sleep, or on my bike on the road! And every time I sit down to type it out, I keep hearing echoes of my mom's voice at the back of my head, all the way from SP, saying "Nalla Padi, Nalla Padi" (Tamil for study hard) and my grandma's saying "you spent a lot of money doing masters, please study hard and take care of the family".
I think I’m just busy being a pretender, and that’s making me lazy in doing real stuff! I can’t get myself to sit and finish my thesis. Nothing is helping me to achieve that, and time is definitely running out. I have 3 more months, tops.
And I'm starting to hate people around me, my housemate is driving me crazy, he's a sadist and he’s pissing me off everyday (for the past 3 years!). The worst part is, I can’t get rid of him, been trying all the while. He just loves to mentally torture me. He’ll sit there staring at me when I’m doing something, or raise the TV volume when I’m listening to songs on my pc...
And how much more miserable can I get...? I have to beg to get my friends to come visit me, and the idiots who stayed with me last month haven’t paid their rent! --and ill post this post without editing! Dont care if any of them reads this!--

****** a poetic interlude ******

Days of Fog and Tears

Deep within endless jungles,
Voices echoed to the four corners,
Surrounded by fog and trees,
Those are sad callings of mourners.

******* back! ******

I have a question:
'If a man writing sex stories only writes from the viewpoint of females, does that makes him gay/ transsexual?

-Gp 2005-

*My friend came over the weekend and told me that a Durian seller in SS2 Pj has a website! And behold, here it is: DURIANSS2.COM

* My blog of the post for this this post is the 'Morven Photoblog'. Surf up to some amazing pictures.

*The English Premier League is Starting this sunday with the Charith Shield between Arsenal and Chelsea (sucks!). And the regular games are starting the next weekend. Malaysian Arlines will be the new sponsors for EPL telecast in ESPN StarSports over in Malaysia for the next 2 seasons. By the way, I'm a die-hard Liverpool fan, and has always been one, since I discovered soccer about 18 years ago...

* My buddy and mentor Fred Lessing from Sintra, Portugal has stopped making music. Its sad, very sad. He did mention that his Daymoon projects will be completed before he sells his studio. So guys and gals please head to Daymoon-music and download the songs for FREE! and if you wish please donate some money using PAYPAL. The GhostParticle Music Project will be completed soon as well so please support by downloading the FREE songs today!!! Please help make this dream come true.
* Please also visit my photogallery to view my travel photo's:
* And yes, its the weekends again, so have fun people! go out, go to the park, watch a movie, read a book, surf some blogs, snap some photos, cook something new!
* By the way, if you're wondering what Roti Canai is; Roti Canai is an Asian sort of flat bread 'stuff' made of flour and is highly fattening but a good source of protein. Eaten with curry/ or anything from sugar to fruit jams this is indeed a superb food and comes closely at number 2 in the all time Malaysian semi-junk food survey. The first is Nasi Lemak, and the 3rd probably is Satay tied with Nasi Kandar. Thosai comes 4th. And I was eating roti canai while typing my post last night.
* Writing this listening to this song called First Love by the Japanese singer Utada Hikaru. Its a nice song, probably played it 100+ time since yesterday.
* If youre interested in Science, please head to this group and join in the discussion: COSMICCODE and surf the site (still in the making) COSMICCODE.NET
* As well all know, Lance Armstrong won his 7th Tour De France tittle last week. So take some time to surf his official site: LanceArmstrong.com and read about his foundation.
* You can access my blog using my domain name: WWW.GHOSTPARTICLE.COM as well as the normal http://humanuniverse.blogspot.com url.
*August 6 marks the 60th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing by USA. Lets pray it never happens again to any country on earth. Amour!
*"Um bom fim-de-semana para ti!"-Portugese for 'Have a nice weekend'!

Tuesday, August 2


A Shuttle Back Flip at the Space Station

Explanation: Last week, crew members of the International Space Station (ISS) watched carefully as the Space Shuttle Discovery did a planned but unusual back flip upon approach. Discovery Commander Eileen Collins guided the shuttle through the flip, which was about 200 meters from the ISS when the above picture was taken. The ISS crew took detailed images of the dark heat shield tiles underneath during a 90-second photo shoot. The images are being analyzed to assess the condition of the dark heat shield. Later the shuttle docked with the space station. On the more usually photographed top side of the Space Shuttle, the above image shows Discovery's cargo bay doors open toward a distant Earth below.

********* Point of Origin **********

Hi all. Thank you for trying out the brain teaser in the previous post. I was hoping for more bloggers to comment, but all said, there are millions of blogs out there, and H+U is not the very popular ones. At least to all those who tried, you did learn something new.
* While reading an issue of the NewScientist Magazine, I found a feature on how to maximize the usage of our brains. So this teaser is devised to explore the workings of our memory system namely the short term memory (Working Memory) and ever famous long term memory. IF the readers managed to get the answers without googling or referring, then the explanation to the words are stored in your brain mainly in the regions of the working memory. Working memory stores the steps and methods of gathering answers rather than the answers themselves. So when you read the word Charm+Quark the brain will remember quark and access the answers for quark, but since the Charm species of the quark is unknown to the brain, it stops there. Read the full article here.
So here are the answers, and the explanations follows.

Charm Quark - Quarks are the building blocks of matter. Charm Quark is one species of the quark/ one flavor of the quark family. More details of the quark elementary particle can be found here and a wikipedia entry here. (--->Most readers would have gotten this)

Gallus Gallus - Is the scientific name of the domestic chicken!. Descended from the wild red jungle fowl of India and belong to the species Gallus Gallus. They have been domesticated for at least 4,000 years. (---> This is a though one, but we eat chicken everyday!!!)

Kali Yuga- In Hinduism, the last of the four yugas (ages) that make up one cycle of creation. The Kali-Yuga, in which Hindus believe we are now living, is characterized by wickedness and disaster, and leads up to the destruction of this world in preparation for a new creation and a new cycle of yugas. Its the final of the four ages. The three other Yuga's known is the Golden Age (Satya Yuga) meaning purity, the second is Treta Yuga (Silver Age) and the third is Dvapara Yuga (Bronze age). Read more on Kali Yuga and its interesting explanation here and in this Wikipedia entry. (---> Due the popularity of the topic and the importance of the concept, a lot of readers would have known this)

Roraima - Is a region of jungle that borders three states in SA (Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela and has a rich mountain jungle system that encompasses the Orinoco river system. The table top mountains or mesa's are called tepuis that are very old. I first saw a documentary on Roraima on the National Geographics Channel of its amazing ancient ecosystem. The famous table top mountains in the Roraima region has many new species of plants that resembles ancient plants. Read the amazing journey into the South American Mesa's here and a wikipedia entry here. (---> Not so easy, but atleast the ones who watched the documentary would have known this)

Sangam - also spelled Changam, the earliest writings in the Tamil language. The writings are thought to have been produced in three sangamÂ’s, or literary academies, in Madurai, India, from the 1st to the 4th century AD. Read the detailed Wikipedia entry here. (---> most of the Tamil bloggers would (should) knows this. Tamil is one of the oldest organized language in the world)

Sun Tzu - also spelled Sun-Tzu is the reputed author of the Chinese classic Ping-fa (The Art of War), the earliest known treatise on war and military science. The art of war teachings are mostly used for warfare in the old ages and are slowly transformed into succeful business and social applications in today world. (---> A common name, but not many would have known him as the writer of the Art of War)

Von Neumann - Johann Von Neumann is a Hungarian-American mathematician who made important contributions in quantum physics, logic, meteorology, and computer science. Read a detailed bio here and the wikipedia entry here. (---> Another famous scientist, etc. Many would know him)

Polaris - also called Alpha Ursae Minoris Earth's present northern polestar, or North Star, at the end of the “handle” of the so-called Little Dipper in the constellation Ursa Minor. (next star in AD14000 Vega (Lyra), before in BC2700 was Thuban (Draconis). Read the wikipedia entry here. (--A lotlot of the readers would attribute this name to nuclear weapons and rockets. Another hard one.)

Axon - also called Nerve Fiber, portion of a nerve cell (neuron, q.v.) that carries nerve impulses away from the cell body. Read the Wiki entry here. (---> medical and bio students should not have problems identifying this, but its a though one)

Fugue - a disturbed state of consciousness in which the one affected seems to perform acts in full awareness but upon recovery cannot recollect the deeds. In psychogenic fugue, the individual wanders away from his home or place of work and assumes a new identity; he cannot remember his previous identity and upon recovering cannot recall the events that occurred while he was in the fugue state. In many cases the disturbance lasts only a few hours or days and involves only limited travel. Severe stress frequently triggers this disorder. Read an article on psychogenesis fugue here and the Wiki entry here. (---> this definitelytly hard. While the word may be similar to a musical composition arrangementent, Fugue is the correct reference to Multiple Personality Disorder)

********** a poetic interlude************
***** of life *****
And Friends

My days drifting past,
Markings on the wall cast,
Guiding my senses vast,
In this dream too fast.

And of friends I trust,
Hopping over trenches on crust,
Occasionally stopping looking just,
Love and hate, hold they must.

And on one day in old times,
Lying and sitting past crimes,
Birth and death almost rhymes,
They stood there casting dimes.

How I can't understand mimes,
And wisdom, past their primes,
Something I realize many times,
Friends are worth less than dimes.
***** of dreams *****

Sequoia Forest at Dusk

Me standing there, amongst the giants,
Me feeling the barks, of age old trees,
Me breathing the air, deep and sweet,
Me combing the leaves, golden and decaying,
Me picking up seeds, with vertical dreams,
Me looking ahead, yards of emerald grey fog,
Me gazing upwards, flickers of sporadic sunbeams,
Me yearning of all this, from my bed.
* Surf more of the Sequoia Forest here and the largest tree on earth and the wiki entry here.
***** of reality *****
Elysium Dawning

Gathering at the far end of the world,
Various monsters from hoary legends,
And heading there to confront them,
Guided by ignorant men, is me, in time.
-Gp 2005-
*My Blog of the Post for this week is this photoblog called 'Param's Pics'. He has some beautiful pictures in his blog. Nice surf.
* Kimi won the Hungarian GP while Montoya retired with a broken drive shaft. Anyways, the team is doing great and Kimi is posing a real threat to Renault. Both Renault drives finished put of the points. West (a tobacco company) parted ways with the McLaren Mercedes team after a succesful 8 years partnership. West will be replaced by a new deal with Johnnie Walker (an alcohol label) starting from the Turkish GP in September. Johnnie Walker new campaign for the F1 team begins with the tagline "Take the lead, drink responsibly". The official logo on the mantle of the McLaren Mercedes F1 racers will be unveilled soon.
[All tobacco companies must withdraw from F1 sponsorship this year and tobacco sponsorships in all sports generaly will end by 2008. The deadline was set by the World Health Organization(WHO)]
* Happy Birthday to my buddy MJV. He just completed his 26th orbit of the sun and started the new one on Friday. Visit his webshots gallery here.


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny