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****** point of origin******
[updated 29/07/05]
Charm Quark

Gallus Gallus

Kali Yuga


Sangam (changam)

Sun Tzu

Von Neumann



Fugue (psychogenesis)

* The 10 words listed above are directly linked to our lives. Some are more common than the others. Certain names have revolutionized civilizations. Others have spearheaded modern technology. A couple are linked to important physiological and psychological systems of our body. The others are important in science, culture, geography and also religion.
* The point of this experiment is to accertain how much the readers know and understand of this words. Its a brain teaser but not an easy one. No tricks here, but some words have various meanings. Dont google it or try to find answers on the net. Just write what you comes to the mind when you read each word. I will reveal the explanations next week. Good Luck! Invite your friends and take the test of your life time!!!

********** a poetic interlude***********
The Teahouse of the July Moon

some days in the month of July,
swallows roams the eastern fields,
secluded towns uncover romantic dreams,
silent hills as far as the eyes can see,
stratus clouds carving the western sky,
shades of yellow bathing the land,
sound of happy children echoing far,
silver tea pots on round wooden tables,
slowly the giant moon floats up,
strange mixture of evening smell arise,
sweet cakes drowning beautiful ladies,
silky ribbons dancing in the wind,
streetlights comes alive one by one,
southern train arriving on the rusty track,
Simple humans filling the corridors,
sculptures on fountains gazing warily,
steaming tea and mouthfuls of cakes,
Saigon ladies serving hot soups,
sailors stroll from nearby port,
Sagittarius stars sailing in analog skies,
spirit of the night God in the air,
Siberian birds on the roof in transit,
summer warmth hugs the teahouse,
singing of the July moon.
-Gp 2005- 28/07/05

* its very hard to express or describe a certain place in poetry. Poets have to either dissect every detail of the place, of potray its existence in its surrounding. I don't know how I fared. But I liked writing it. Comments are welcome.
* title inspired from a Marlon Brando movie "The Teahouse of the August Moon" (1956). The original version is an award winning play written by John Patrick II.
********** snap! **********
Over-Read: Discover Magazine (June,05) -'Work, Friends, Sleep. Pick two' - the mantra of MIT students, you pick any two, and loose the third!
Over-Heard: StarMovies (Rocky)- Stallone says " Gaps. You got gaps, I got gaps, everyone got gaps" , when asked by the brother of his girlfriend on why he wants her, and he answers its to fill gaps in his life.
******** roll credits! *******
*The blog of the post for today is "The Tsunami Blog" created during the Dec 26 2004 Tsunami Tragedy. Contributors helped post messages and missing person information, making this one of the best internet resources during the tragedy. The blog continues to provide up to date information on earth quakes and tsunami in the region.
* Happy weekend to everyone, this will be my last post for the week. Am sending my bike for extensive surgery. Depending on the outcome, Ill only be able to return next Monday or Tuesday.


ian said…
OK - I am prepared to have a go without cheating, tho I do not know them all:

Charm Quark - sub atomic physics

Gallus Gallus - Celtic (?)

Kali Yuga - Religion

Roraima - no idea

Sangam - no idea

Sun Tzu - art of war

Von Neumann - atomic energy/bomb

Polaris - cold war

Axon - no idea

Fugue - music
Saravana Kumar said…
Hmm Let me try without googling :)

Charm Quark - Quark is a subatomic particle. no idea what charm quark is

Gallus Gallus - no idea

Kali Yuga - One of the four division of time, when injustice is on the rise.

Roraima - no idea

Sangam - Confluence, meeting point.

Sun Tzu - read it somewhere, forgot abt it.

Von Neumann - A familiar name

Polaris - no idea abt its meaning

Axon - Part of a neuron.

Fugue - How ignorant am I !!
sophie said…
i know none of those terms....i am hearing them for the first time...
likes all the "S" of july ...lovely..
sophie said…
i know jsut kali yuga...tats now...
sophie said…
and sangam...tat union
Maran said…
Aiyo! Why so tough one? I simply say also cannot get the correct answer! If you ask what AV mode means in a Canon camera I know lah!
Ghost Particle said…
Hi guys,

Timurilenk thanx for taking the test. ure good! Will reveal the results next week. I want more ppl to answer!

Sarava sar, thanx for taking the test!

Sophi, try try try, some of the stuff are soo familiar in our lives! Thanx for the comment on the poem!

Maran!!! Yennapa! U camera expert, next time i ask camera question! Try man.

Sangam has so many meanings, but there is a deeper meaning to some people of a particular culture! It can be also called 'Changam'
Sangeeta said…
Polaris? something related to Polaroid glasses:p


Kali yug.. an age where everything goes wrong

as for the rest of it...zilch! Yeah im an ignoramus:(
Prabhu S said…

Here goes my attempt without any help from google or anything else..just guesses

charm quark : quantum particle which along with other particles like mesons make up the protons ,neutron..

Kali yuga..present age according to hindu mythology

sun Tzu..something to do with chinese religion

Von Neumann : Person to first indroduce the concept of computers..

Polaris : a company..

Axon : the lenghty structure os a neuron

rest I have no clues..
JVC said…
google use panninaalum enakku puriyaatha vaarthaigal ivai! Gp, umakke idhu nalla irukka?
Prabha said…
Axon is a part of ur nerve cell??Kali yuga..ok i just know what that means :)
Brain teaser all rite!
btw amazing pics u got on ur blog..Rain,book 2 pic is beautiful..
Ghost Particle said…
Hey guys, thanx for answering the teaser. The answers are out in the latest post.

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