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Scriptures of Life, Chapter I and II

Scriptures of Life, Chapter 1

Of Life

Along the trails of time,
Among flesh and blood,
Appear divine sparks of life,
And new souls unfold.

Of Living

You and I in the cold,
Impatient through the years,
All along the world muted,
There we were spotting stars.

Of Love

Sometimes in the evening,
During those warm years,
We crossed path dreaming,
Unknowingly finding tears.

Of Death

Walking along paths and valleys,
Clinging anxiously to destiny,
One part of soul willingly flies,
To the courtroom of Gods for eternity.

-Gp 2005-

* Painting a general picture of the scenes of life. Chapter 1 of this series features Life, Living, Love and Death.
* The first scripture; Of Life, describes souls/ humans being born into the world, all the time through the magical touches of God. The 2nd scripture; Of Living, pictures the challenges of growing up, exploring and living while the earth stands still for the human lifetime is insignificant in cosmic terms.
* The 3rd scripture; Of Love, tells the story of falling in love and finding the soul mate in between sadness and happiness. The final chapter; Of Death, tells of the time we have to depart the world to answer the Gods.

****** book ii ******

Scriptures of Life, Chapter 1

Of Love

Sometimes in the evening,
studying rusty leaves drifting,
countless pairs of eyes admiring,
several special ones embracing

Unspoken days and nights,
during those warm years,
walking across backyard fields,
to the edge of exciting memories

Shy glances momentarily touching,
symphony of bamboos echoing,
we crossed path dreaming,
of eastern skies and silent song(s)

Ages journey on light speeds,
tracing marks on souls and names,
you and I whisper hopes,
unknowingly finding tears

- Gp 2005- 20/07/05

* This is the continuation of the original Scriptures of Life, Chapter 1 (link) series. IÂ’ve taken one verse of the series (-of Love-) and transformed it into a full poem of free verses.
---> the original poem

Of Love (Book 1)
Sometimes in the evening,
During those warm years,
We crossed path dreaming,
Unknowingly finding tears.

* In detail, this poem portrays what we want from our lives, how we want to experience love, idealizing the concept of love. In poetry we can experiment on styles that describe perfect emotions, surroundings and lives. I try to describe a relation that doesn't need to touch or mingle, and if seen from different abstract views, live separately of each other for eternity. This is romanticism of love, creating a perfect mood that stays away from physically hurting a character. And in another instance, creating a situation that can exist in real life. (they do meet, but the mordoesn'tesnt clash, something like loving and living in a divine dream, in this highly abstract 2D world :-))

* At a glance, the four verses of the poem describe stages in time of two people meeting and falling in love. Of finding the special person, of the days of admiration of both lovers, hopes of living together and fear of the future. Viewed separately, each verse will relate to different readers.

* I particularly like the last verse, of how after years of warm memories, they finally meet brought together by time. And speaking for the first time, they realize how they missed each other much. This is true love, love that brings tears, not because of pain but of souls touching and of respect.
My Blog of the Post today is "Scientific Thoughts". If youre a science junkie, or just want to read the latest science stories, please head to this blog.
* The weekends are here again, and without a trace another week is gone, izzit me or is the world moving too fast too furious to the future!? Last weekend I was in Sp, last month was on my semester holidays and it feels like the year just dawned a few months back. Maybe its the anticipation of tommorow, the yearning for some break, a better life, better person. Sometimes when we do stuff we like, at the end of the day, we wont know time passing by, but that relates directly to the gratification we get in completing the work. What if were just idle and life passes by?
* Read this in NewScientist ; 'Hear nor Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil; and you'll never write that best selling novel'. How true.
* Read this on a car windshield on my way to uni; "One ounce of work is worth a ton of theory". Not true! A ton of theory paves the way to the perfect kind of job to do. Planning is the safest method to complete a job.
* On the same short sojourn, the road was blocked for a Chinese funeral procession. I used to be afraid of funerals. When I was a kid, I wont walk/ ride past a house/ funeral home. Ill just try and find the road that avoids the house the farthest possible. Especially Chinese funerals because they have huge coffins and if the person is old they keep the body/ coffin at home for a week or so. But later on we get to understand the respect and cultural significance of having an elaborate funeral as such. And there was this music band playing along the track to the cemetery. Its a fitting farewell I guess, hopefully the person was listening, god bless her soul. They were playing Auld Land Syne. Now, who has'nt heard of it. Its one of the greatest poems ever written (a Scottish poem by the great Robert Burns ). Reminds me of the band that kept playing when Titanic sank. (bold words are linked)
* Wrote this of request from JVC in his latest post;
Paradise Sunset
In front of me I see light,
From far darkness inflight,
In front of me liberty insight,
Whats dreams may come tonight.
* Have a great weekend guys. Enjoy life, make people happy, share, give, eat and ...err sleep?


JV Cruz said...

Thanks Gp. That was good!

Prabhu S said...

"Planning is the safest method to complete a job. " - right GP. Many of my tasks have gone haywire due to lack of proper planning.

Benoit Lapierre said...

Hi from canada
your blog is very interesting!

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