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Rain, Book 2

(source/ copyright: NATGEO Photography,
Second Beach, Washington,1997 by James C. Richardson )

Rain at night

Tonight, as the rain cascades,
Beautiful memories resonates,
Tonight, a raindrop mistakes,
Lamps for fireflies and human days
**** chapter 1****
Gazing at the far horizon,
Where the rain meets the stars and night,
Mesmerizing twinkles of light,
Reflecting on symmetrical raindrops,
Cascading in divine harmony,
Visible only to the eyes of lovers
Rain in the forest

These tiny sparkling raindrops,
Slowly caressing green leaves,
Seconds after seconds whole trees,
In cold, wet, sensual bonds
****chapter 2****
Lying on my warm bed,
Cold thick air blanketing me,
Tiny cells on eternal war,
Against this cool cold invasion,
Minute upon minute I journey,
Into a thousand philosophical rage
Rain and life

Slow cascades in dancing motion,
Drowning paths and life in commotion,
In relative time and natural dedication,
The earth and its souls in watery sensation
****chapter 3****
Walking on the thin cold line,
Wishing this sensation not to stop,
Humans, some creatures and plants,
In mysterious hegemony over space and time,
Dreaming, chanting and making love,
Boundaries non existence until tomorrows light

Rain meets sunlight

Men and women in the eternal night,
Cascading rain all time in flight,
From mountain ends creeps sun light,
Magically the diamond rain still in sight
-Gp 2005- 26/07/05

* the top photo was take from the National Geographic Photography page, hosting some of the most stunning photo's ever take.

* Blog of the post for this post is: Its a photoblog featuring excellent photo's. If youre a photography geek, dont miss this site.


ian said…
Some beautiful poetry. You have a talent for this.
rain said…
u brought out the essence if rain. very beautiful.
Lorena said…
beautiful poetry. very graceful. you have a wonderful blog.
great selection of photograph.
Twin-Gemini said…
Engeduppa poto ellam edukkare...soopera irrukku! Good eye for nice pictures!
Prakash said…
nice one man....keep writing more poetry man...
Ghost Particle said…
Thanx guys, follow the link to the National Geography photo pages,they have hunderds of photos there.
visithra said…
I love chapter 1 poem from the first group and that photo is gorgeous!

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