Thursday, July 14

Rain, Book 1

(photo source: Steve Johnston; bio)

Yep, its raining again. And here I am, stuck in my lab, again. Next time maybe I'll bring my sleeping bag. I wonder what happened to the real monsoon season, the one that was taught at school. The earths climate is so screwed up these decades that we cant predict anything. In years to come, expect more heavy rain, colder days and storms.

************ a poetic interlude **************
Rain of Love and Sunshine

Dark sunshine far in front,
Reflection of maxims,
And occasional angels,
In the fields of golden dreams,
Tiny firefly dancing the night away,
Dawn not insight for hours to come,
Caterpillars savor their final feast,
Jade leaves morphing to yellow in decades,
Wild flowers on the forest floor peeking,
Rainbow stars on their way to death,
Clouds of mist, ice and baby rain,
In the night sky standing tranquil,
Wind not blowing here but in far away lands,
Junks on high seas fighting waves,
On which metallic giants walk and dig,
Frescoes and frenzy music in cities awake,
Streetlight bathing the sleeping dog,
Mothers waiting for their child,
Reflecting on the moon seducing falsely,
Many men and women sin tonight,
Brothers and sisters with tears for reasons,
Tomorrow there might be death or birth,
The earth drifting not knowing of me,
Elements working on their future fate,
Everyone and everything ignoring me,
Why should I cry for something of Love?
That I never had, that's gone.

-Gp 2005- 14/07/05
****************** back ***********************
Talking about love and rain. When both 'falls' together something magical happens, that you cant explain. That feeling deep inside you, of something swelling up from the bottom of the heart to the head. Everything you see and hear sounds beautiful. Love. Being 25 and not being in love feels so strange. Life is dark and lonely. Watching others in love bringspainfull feelings more that happiness. Do I need love? Should I be looking for love? How long more do I need to wait for it to come? Comments are welcome.
- Gp 2005-
* Have a nice weekend to everyone (wishing early in case Idon'tt get net timetomorroww)
* Fred is still looking for Indian musicians to participate in various music projects. The free download is still available at the DAYMOON site.
* MASAT join panenge.
Umai Padam is a cool photo-blog from a fellow Malaysian Indian; Maran. Surf and be inspired. (starting from this post, I'll review/link one Indian blog each time)


ioiio said...

Did u write that?

Prabhu S said...


Did you pen that interlude? good one.

I read your comment in JVC's blog -'Udal mannuku, Uyir Tamiluku'. Why don't you translate this to Tamil? It would be great.

- Prabhu S

Ghost Particle said...

hi Prabhu,

Yes its mine. I read and talk Tamil, sadly I cant write. Im trying to get someone to translate all my poems into Tamil for me.

Thanx for coming.

Prakash said...

That poem is awesome man... is that ur thought...u got some talent man...u should write more of those poems man....
I think its about time u fine a GF....just kidding...may be i am right...only u knows

Ghost Particle said...

Hi prakash, thanx buddy,

Yes all of them are my poems, u can scroll to my archieves and find more of it, i have 30+ here and anything thats signed of as -Gp 2005- is my poem. Read more bro, some of my poems have been made into songs. you can dload them at

Grey Vampire said...

The poem was great...

See the contrats...I post cursing the sun and u the rain....

I think waves are passing in between us...

Prabha said...

Hi Gp!
more than the poem i liked what uve written below it..lovely pic!
Gp is Ghost particle?Whatever is that?:)

sophie said...

wow...tat was awesome
u have the gift of writing
me driven crazy...

Slice Of Life said...

i had postd abt rain recently with pic like this
good post

Maran said...

I blame "vaira mukuti" Visithra for the current wet climate. :-)

visithra said...

Adapavi I was going to comment something else and then I'm blamed for the rain? Maran naughty!!

Hey love the poem and probably sleeping bag would be good, its adhi maasam it always rain during this time and thats when the flash floods happen.

Ghost Particle said...

Hye guys,

Thanx Maran...are you away on a holiday?

Hi Visi akka, thanx for the reply, and yes, we all decided to blame u for da weather. But i like rain sometimes/ when i dun get wet.

Hi Uma, thanx for the reply, and yes, i remember u had a rain post.

Hugs all, ill come up wit a new post soon.

JVC said...

GP, padam super! konjam simple chinnadhaa eludhinaa enakkum puriyumla!

Ghost Particle said...

Hey JVC, thanx pa, which one you want me to explaing, ask always ready. hahahahah.

Alok said...

Whop!!! brilliant Shiva, got a chance to read it today ... sorry for the delay ... indeed rain has something magical abt it



it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny