Monday, July 4

Live 8 / Thiruvasagam Magic

And on this day of summer,
during the years of dark winter,
we stood there in sunlight,
and cold dark nights,
we sang and we danced,
we shouted and cried,
we called for the king men,
to stop their evil grip,
we cried to the king men,
stop a second and look here,
we begged to the king men,
please save our brothers and sister,
please be human,
then we joined hands,
and we marched,
to the garden of heaven,
and when that one day comes,
when we get there,
we will be one,
with one goal,

My musical weekend. Started of with the Live 8 concert. Managed to watch about 9 hours of it. Its an amazing production. And the best of all, nearly 3 billion people watched it live, online, at home, on air and everywhere. 10 cities staged concerts around the world while in Philly alone, nearlly 1 million fans were reported.. If this message is not enough for the G8 to amend the zero poverty plan by eliminating the debts of African countries, then nothing else will do.
Kudos to Astro for the special Channel 88 (Live 8) just for this effort. The concert is to be repeated twice for the full length of 11 hours each. Its amazing how this group of the best musicians from around the world got together for free to realize a dream 20 years in the making. The original Live Aid concert was staged back in 1985 and managed to collect millions to help Africans fight famine and poverty. Today the problem is worst than ever in Africa and its time again for us to get together to save them, and show them the way to human development to the par of the rest of the world. Thank you;

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Thiruvasagam in Symphony
Thiruvasagam in Symphony is a giant effort by Tamil Maiyam with Maestro Illayaraja and scores of Western composers to create a oratorio of the Thiruvasagam verses. Since I could not source the album here in Malaysia, yet. So I listened to the composition on the net. Hope the 'hardcore fans' would not go to the length of pirating this one. Its for a good cause and please help safeguard our language and culture folks. Don't Pirate TIS!!!
All said, TIS is a excellent effort, among the best ever. The 6 songs/ compositions vary greatly and you would not stop listening to it. Its just great. The western/ eastern fusion are seamless. Ill post more once I purchase the album.
-Gp 2005-


Grey Vampire said...

Illayaraja is a genius in his own right....But i hate it when in forums the ARR fans humiliate him...I dont think even ARR will enjoy this.....

Maran said...

Can't wait for a review from you.

Ghost Particle said...

Hi guys,

Will post the review once i get the cd. I dont know wheter theyre selling it in Malaysia yet, so im getting my buddy in US to buy me a copy. Hopefully soon. And by the way, the website that I listened to the streaming just took the whole album off-air. There is only 2 minute samples there.

IRR certainly rocks!


Prakash said...

Thanks for dropping few lines in mine. As i have written what i feel about LIVE 8 next TIS...i am trying to get a copy here in UK, but some of the shops are even dont know anything about that...anyway as i can hear from the blogging friends...its good.

sophie said...

hey every one writes abt live 8... nice read here...

ioiio said...

Looks like Im the only guy unaware of this Live 8 thingie..

JV Cruz said...

ioiio , you are not alone. Whats this Live 8 stuff?
GP thanks for visiting my blog and ur comments

Ghost Particle said...

Hi all,

Thanx for visiting me ioiio and mr JVC. Well, you guys must have been busy over those weekends, or ure not human, just some bears hivernating in the summer! :p...hahahahahahah..follow the links to learn more of the LIVE-8.

Hey Sophi, thanx for ur words, and Hi Prakash too...

Mr Grey Vamp, I read somewhere that ARR is going to do his own symphony..

HUgs Humans!,


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