Monday, July 11

I don't believe in mathematics. - Albert Einstein!

Arrrggggghhhhhhhhhh Bloggers Block! I don't know how to start this post. Just spent 2 hours searching for a good title! And ofcourse, this title has nothing to do whit this post.

* The new semester just started and yes, this is my 6th semester! I should have finished a year ago! what the hell am I still doing here!

* I could be the only Research student in the world to have a research grant approved AFTER I finished my project! God Knows! Anyway, I really owe my life to my long time supervisor and collaborator, Dr. Geri Gopir of the physics department. He was there to motivate and help me the many time I nearly gave up and packed my bags. All those years of instant noodles and bread for meals, I'm thankful to God for this. Hopefully under him, the theoretical physics collaboration will stay alive forever here. And a big thank you to ANGKASA for awarding me the grant. Now, WHERE IS MY MONEY!!! I've been waiting for ages!

* Since I'm back into research mode, my blog would have a more scientific flavour with some postings on photography, poetry and music. Humanity + The Universe.

* Will science standalone/ standaway from mathematics. I really believe mathematics are overrated. Comments are welcome humans!

* My science group need more members and some good topics, so guys, anyone interested, please join the CosmicCode group.

* The free music download is still available @ DAYMOON.
----> Some Updates from Fred, below:
[[Studio Log
If you're interested in Fred's studio diary, well, here you are!

12 July 2005
Ghost Particle Project
Three more songs will be added next week:

Separation and/or Difference - written by Paulo Chagas (Mispel Bellyful, Miosótis), performed by Paulo Chagas and myself. A rather peculiar track with a sixties Istambul feeling to it - Paulo with gel in his hair, riding a Vespa along the Bosporus maybe.

Evening Sun - written by Álvaro Silveira (Miosótis), performed by Álvaro, Paulo and myself. I'm still working on the final mix. Gorgeous groove, I had a great time tracking the bass and electric guitars for this.

Anthem of Dust - written by me, vocals by Michael Dorp (of German prog band Flying Circus), acoustic drums and electric bass by Mark Guertin (Daymoon), keyboards, flute and guitars by myself.]]

* Fred and the Daymoon guys are seeking collaboration opportunities with Indian musicians who plays classical Indian instruments. Please email me, or refer to the DAYMOON website for details. All the project, are initially, for a non-profit cause. If, by some cosmic intervention, in the future we become super-rich, then everyone will get paid. Thank you.
---> Requirements: capability to record music on a computer and exchange sound files via the Internet.

* Slurpee, the famous 7-11 blended ice drink celebrates 40 years today!

* Do you guys love tv-ads? A52 is one of the best tv-ad makers in the world.

* Finally, JPM won a race! Its a great weekend for McLaren at Silverstone. Kimi secured the 3rd place. Alonso finished 2nd while his team mate finished 4th. Talking about McLaren, I believe many would not know about this place: MTC , (pic top)

* I stuck in my lab now 'coz its raining!!! (im in Bangi now, Kajang is just 5 minutes away, I live in Kajang). I wish I had a car. Normally I would just ride home in the rain, but I have some expensive library books in my bag. I'm getting hungry. Its one of those days...

-Gp 2005-

A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?
- Albert Einstein


ioiio said...

Einstein was defly crazy.. u r no less

Grey Vampire said...

mathematics are overrated ...
Actually in india mathematics is underrated...FOr that matter any basic science....Doing a non-engineeering course here in india is a CRIME....SO taking up mathematics and physics is a crime which u do only when u dont have marks to enter engineeering...Funny isnt it?

And one more thing do u know einstein said something
" The relativity is something physicists cant work any more... Mathematicians should take over it if at all it has to survive...."

If what both of us said is true then Einstein was contradicting himself

Ghost Particle said...

Hahahahhaha, Einstein said so many things, no one knows wether what he said is true or not, or did he really say it. They just wanted to make him a cult hero.

Once, our quantum physics lecturer told us that in US, people who fail in Physics will then go to Engineering. Physics has the capability to answer questions such as WHY and HOW, engineering is just for toolmakers to polish their skills, and mathematics is another tool just like programming languages. If you have good abstract/ subjective skills, you can be successful in physics, but many are lacking that very skill.

Ghost Particle said...

Hey not crazy man...hahahahahahah :D:D:D:D

visithra said...

Hey congrats on the grant - trust me you're in the right country if you received it that late!

Hey its just started raining, hopefully it ends before work ends so u, me and everyone else gets back safe :)

Ravi said...

Yo GP..Congrats on the grant, buddy! You're rich now and you can treat me, you know when? ;)

Ghost Particle said...

Yes yes, treats for everyone. hahahaha....just that, I dont know when theyre going to pay me. How do you feel when you have a chocolate cake in front of you and you cant eat it?! Why does it take forever for them to prepare the check!

Thanx ravi

Thanx Visi. Its rainign! Where! OMG! No no nooooooooooooooo!

Maran said...

I'm guessing the picture also have nothing to do with the post rite? :-)

Grey Vampire said...

Maran sir.....Yaar photo profile la pottuttu ivalo Engleees pesaringa......Tamil la pesunga ba

Ghost Particle said...

hahahhaa, the pic has nothing to do wit the post. Its the picture of the McLaren technology center in UK. Amazing building. Just follow the link in the message.

Vamp, its not that we dont talk tamil, the guys over from India claim they dont understand the tamil we type.

Twin-Gemini said...

Congratulations on the grant! The picture is also really good. Very captivating!

Twin-Gemini said...

And superb performance by Kimi. From 10th pole posn to 3rd is really awesome.

Ghost Particle said...

Hi Gemini,

Thanx for the buzz. Yeh, me really happy for the grant. And Kimi is awesome. The building is beautiful, its part of the McLaren rebuilding effort a few years back. It was knows as the Tag_Paragon McLaren tech center.


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