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Funky Town!

Was back in SP for the weekend. I miss my hometown more now, than when I was in my freshmen years. What can I say about my hometown, its the greatest place on earth! I bet everyone feels the same for their hometowns. Atleast until its destroyed by the overzealous local governments who want to build more and more condos and factories! And since Maran (Umai Padam) is on a break, I went on a road trip photo shoot. Check out my webshots gallery for all the pics. The above pic is of the Sungai Petani Clock tower, the structure built in 1936, and is one of only 5 surviving prewar clock towers in Malaysia. The other that I know of is the Teluk Intan leaning tower. Please buzz me if anyone knows the others.

Some links:
Jeffs SP Photoblog entry
Business SP - the official funkytown website from the creators of the hit song.

********* take 2**********
Today is the Apollo 11 moon landing anniversary. And Google has something special for everyone; Google Moon.
********** take 3***********
Listened to TIS (Thiruvasagam in Symphony) yesterday, bought the special edition CD pack from Veenai Malaysia for RM35 (~350 rupees). I feel like listening to it over and over again. Will review soon.

-Free music download at Daymoon is still up.
-Indian musicians wanted for international collaboration. Plz read previous posts for more info.
-If there is anyone interested to translate my poems in Tamil please email, Ill be grateful. Planning to come out with my Tamil/English poetry book.
- A Survey by NOP world found that Indians are the worlds biggest readers! Me feel proud. Here's a BBC article.
-Was surfing the net anf found this! THE INDIAN RAILWAY FAN CLUB! Love the photos!


Prakash said…
How far is ur town from Ipoh, perak.
I will be visiting that place soon.
Anyway i also saw that google moon and when u zoom in maximum it will turn into a picture like cheese surface.
about few weeks back there was a paper article about the survey of biggest readers.
I checked those pic man...its cool...made me think that i should visit malaysia
Maran said…
I have only been to SP once! For a wedding. It was raining and I was the best man so not enough time for sight seeing.

$35 for the TIS is online price?
visithra said…
Awww thanks :)))

Antha SP clock tower yarruku than teriyathu? Isn't that the pride of SP? ;p Did bring back a lot of memories, especially the train stop! ;p
sophie said…
yeah...visitra..i call her an express blogger....she writes on anything n everything...
Ghost Particle said…
Hi Prakash, its about 2 hours from either my hometown in SP or KL where im studying. In my webshots gallery there is a link to my other gallery (siva2005)--> more pics there.

Hey Maran, if you come again you wont recognize the place, theyve destroying it. Its not an online price, its the retail price (RM35).

Hi Visi, yes yes, da pride of sp. trains stations are always romantic, dats y Maniratnam recycle it alot. :p

Hye Sophi, yes shes a rojak blogger (rojak means mixed)...dun get angry visika.

Prabha said…
i have visithra's blog..nice one shes got :)
Malaysia is a cool place..have seen it
on Sun TV :D
Ghost Particle said…

Are you coming to malaysia on a working visit or do you have relatives here??
Anonymous said…
Hello there fellow bloggers,

I have only been back to SP twice in the last 25 years being away overseas. Would someone be kind enough to please email me an SP map, a detailed one would be nice and much appreciated. I would love to catch up with it in view of all the developments in recent years. Thanks.

Have a blessed day!

ramesh said…
Hi, Im Ramesh from singapore. My uncle staying at sungai petani- jalan Sekerat.His son getting married in June 08. im coming to attend his wedding and im driving from Singapore to Sungai Petani.
Guys n girls i need help from you about going to sungai petani. i know the vinaygar temple , its very near to my uncle place. so can you all help me to send some info about getting there? at least i need a guide from exit at highway sungai petani to the vinayagar temple.

Please drop me a email at


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