Thursday, June 30

This is Supercool!

With Google Earth you can view anyplace on earth on your PC!
* The First image is of the KL International Airport in Sepang. And to the right of the image is the Sepang F1 Circuit. The circuit is in the shape of a Hibiscuis flower.
*The Second picture is of my hometown Sungai Petani.
* Just about every tech/ info blog i've visited in the past week have been talking about Google Earth!


Grey Vampire said...

Yay first to comment here...i am a great fan of cosmology bing a mathematics student And thankx for dropping by my blog too....why no comment????

Maran said...

"why no comment????" Haha matikitinggala!

I try downloading the program but the site was down.Its a program right? or web-based?

Ghost Particle said...

Hye Bro,

Well its a software, about 10mb, you have to download it, the you must have a good net conenction, then only can you find the places. I tink the download is down, maybe alot of people were trying.

Baejaar said...

Just waiting for the release of 1m resolution satellite images of India. Currently its only 2-3m (to be fair that is what we get when we purchase outside too)


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