Friday, June 24

Sub Silentio Musica Nata Est

About a year ago, my mentor Fred Lessing from Sintra, Portugal suggested that some of my poems be made into songs based on the progressive rock genre. The project is named The Ghost Particle Project and gathered great musicians from Europe and North America.

So far, The Ghost Particle Project comprises a total seven songs. Future songs might follow at a later stage, and initial plans are being made to release the project on CD, with international distribution by

All songs are for FREE, and two are already available on the Daymoon server. I encourage you to download and listen to the songs. Please spread the word and do inform me or the Daymoon site if there are any radio stations out there that would like to play free songs on air either as a webcast or on regular radio.

The two songs are DECEMBER FIREFLIES composed and performed by the group Daymoon, and LOVE LETTER EXPIRED composed and performed by Hugo Flores of Sonic Pulsar.

The original poems can be found here; December Fireflies and Love Letter Expired.

*Sub Silentio Musica Nata Est is Latin for 'In silence music is born'.


Uma said...

Hey, Cool. Will download it over the weekend. Congratulations!

Ghost Particle said...

Thanx Uma,

Hope you like it, drop me comments of the song.


Prakash said...

congrats.. will download...
and love letter expired...excellent man

Maran said...

Cool stuff.

thennavan said...

OT: I blogrolled you (remembering that you had visited once and had commented on my site) :-)

WA said...

Gp, sorry innum download pannala :( Connection not working at home and can't download at work. Will do so soonish


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