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In hell, it's cold

A stone sculpture, I stood there,
studying the columns of light,
trough the small grilled window,
some far feet’s high above me,
After a while, the moon slowly emerged,
and the rays of light intensified,
I still don’t move, rooted there,
still in time less than hours,
cold wind spiced with warm air,
and in a while, rain,
soft drizzle at first,
then in time still, stronger
heavier rain, now the moon no more,
and all this from far away,
I cant feel, still I’m rooted,
lazy, depressed not moving.

-Gp 2005- 06/06/05

-::- -------------------------------::-

And finally, I had some internet time, so I went surfing (after deleting about 500+ mails in my 4 email adds...)

I came to these sites: This is the website of Padmashree Thota Tharani, arguably the best ever art director in Tamil/ Indian Cinema. Great Website. Santosh Sivan is a cinematographer another heavyweight in the field. A cool website. Sabu Cyril is another force in artdirection on par with the above legends and has given some memorable sets/ arts for hit movies including the latest Anniyan.


Baejaar said…
Spent more than an hour reading the first two links. I loved them......
Prakash said…
Cool links man
thanks for that
thennavan said…
Did your site undergo a makeover (like mine) today? I thought I saw a different background and other stuff before.
sophie said…
those poetic words...very nice...

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