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SilverScreen Summer

And I thought I can rest from blogging for a week or so. But then the summer is exploding into your life, Star Wars is opening, so ive decided to come up with a must watch movie list for this summer (and an intro into next summer).

[Done] Star Wars: E3 Revenge of the Sith . The must watch movie of the year, decade or forever simply because this will be the last ever made (atleast by Lucas).

Batman Begins . Now this one movie is not to be missed either. Expect Gotham city to be darker than ever back to the glory years Burton and Co. And with a cast to die for.

War of the Worlds. Not only the worlds at war, but the masters of movie making are at war too, at the box office that is. But they do have some sense, StarWars and WOTW are releasing a month apart (unline some tamil movies....sigh..). Tom Cruise wont be the classic SF fugitive as in Minority Report here, he'll be just another 'im going to save the world American hero'.

And the others I wont want to miss, but may not be liked by many;

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (remake of the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory). Tim Burton and Jhonny Depp...need to say more?

The Island a SF Action Thriller by Michael Bay, starring Ewan McGregor, Scarlet Jhonson, Michael Clarke Duncan.

Serenity. By the makers of Firefly (the cancelled SF Tv Series)

A scanner Darkly. SF, Animated. StarringKeanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson, Rory Cochran (Do watch the amazing trailler!)

Unleashed. Jet Li and Morgan Freeman (movie shot in Glasgow, nice camerawork, screenplay, fight coreo...)

And something for next year...

The Da-Vinci Code Tom Hanks, Jean Reno (what a cast!) Movie by Ron Howard and the whole crew of A Beautiful Mind.

*Alot more movies are due this summer and Xmas....get all the trailers at; APPLE MOVIE TRAILERS.


Kaps said…
I'm awaiting the release of Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Baejaar said…
Dont know when they will release "Coach Carter". Thats based on a true story and its really nice (had to settle down with just a cd :-( )

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