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Rise Lord Vader!

The circle is complete! And more importantly, I've watched the movie! Touch meeeeee...arrgggggggghh...touch me!!! Saw it yesterday midnight. (at the last moment, we managed to get tickets, pity those guys who booked the ticked and came to find out its gone! thanx to the ticket girl...hehehehe)

I wont do a review, not now, everyone should watch the movie and decide for themselves, this is a cultural event. What I can say is expect some kickass SFX, some decent script (sci-fi movies dont rely on strong dialogues, its the concept and story that matters), great Jedi saber fights, some very sad, tearful moments and last but not least, the rise of Darth Vader! Hats of to the guys at Industril Light and Magic (ILM).

Somehow, I think the sensors had some snip fun cutting away important scenes! I was freaking damn angry at this, shouted in the cinema (but ppl very engrossed in the final scenes, no one realized expect maybe my friends who were visibly schocked...:p). I was waiting for that one scene all along, I think many have seen it in the trailers. Its the moment when Darth Vader will complete the transmorph into the evil side and Darth Sidious would say " Lord Vader...Rise!" and that magical scene where Vader will rise...its not in the movie! Please do tell me if anyone anywhere else have seen it, or did it not make the final cut.(?)

Have fun guy, true fans would love this movie.

-Gp 2005-

P/s: By the way, hehehe, this summer was not started by Star Wars after all, but by one film by this one guy.


Maran said…
I think they show Episode 2 on tv. I watch halfway only, cannot stand the similarities I find with stuff on earth. For example the eatery Obi Wan goes to find clue for the poison dart. That place look like an American Wild West restaurant. The guy he talks to also I think modeled after a black guy. So unoriginal.
F e r r a r i said…
Congrats to Liverpool :-)
Have fun mate :-)
Nish said…
all i can say is thank you lord lucas :)
ya they have cut the scene.. the cool moments in the movie where is when Darth Sidius says "from now on you will be Darth Vader" amazing that was and then other when the transformation is complete and you get to see Darth Vader again after so many years. Just Amazing and dark movie this was!

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