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Miyazaki San

Watching all these movies on TV reminds me of some great moviemakers. Not-suprisingly, not all great movie makers are from America. Even directors like George Lucas refer to Asian movie makers for their inspirations. Probably the greatest ever would be Akira Kurosawa. But more about him next time. Now Ill update on another great movie maker from Japan. His name his Hayao Miyazaki and hes an animator.

Probably everyone heard of Japanese Animes. Animes are Japanese style animation which have their own distinct features in characters such as big eyes, and liquid movement that you can rarely see in other animations from other countries. While striving to stay original, anime do command a great fan base. Anime movie often beat real-life movies in box office collections in Japan. And not to miss, animes have million of loyal followers in USA and Europe.

Animes focuses into many real world thematic elements found in Japanese culture and some of the greatest animes such as 'The Grave of Fireflies' by Miyazaki pictured the suffering of the World War in graphic details. Probably the most famous work of Miyazaki would be 'Spirited Away' which won the Oscar for best animation 2 years back. My personal favorite would be 'The Grave of Fireflies' and 'Spirited Away'.

Miyazaki was also recently featured in the TIME 100 most influential person of the year list.

Some other entries on Miyazaki here and and a cool Spirited Away site.

-Gp 2005-

*IM trying to add short entries as a teaser towards the topics that I would cover indepth once my site is ready. And anime is one of the greatest passion of my life.


Baejaar said…
Thats a nice initiative to introduce non-hollywood artists/directors. Its pretty informative.
Twin-Gemini said…
Heard so much about animes, but never got hooked onto them like Cartoons.

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