Sunday, May 1


Indian rubber tapper

Wishing all the workers, labourers on this earth a great WORKERS DAY. May we not forget the people who shaped and build this world.

* A Special rememberance towards all the Malaysian Indian rubber tappers, coolies, general workers who since the colonial rule have sacrificed their lives to watch this country prosper and today left neglected in memory.
Mayday in History Forgotten

down the annals of history,
written with blood and sweat,
exist a chapter in memory,
that was forgotten,
and made to forget,
the man and woman indians,
taken from the birth land forcefully,
today lay dead and trashed,
in the trenches of eternity,
fighting to stand up,
one day we will come back,
we will take our place in history,
to glorify a sacred future,
my indian blood will never die.
- Gp 2005 - 1st May 2005
* so much we have lost along the year, nothing brings tears and sadness than the state of the Malaysian Indians in this country. May one day we prosper and forget the caged past that we fought with blood and our lives.


Ravi said... you have some facts to support the sadness that you feel about Malaysian Indians? I thought that as a community, we were pretty well off? I'll appreciate a reply from you to d.ravikumar(at) Thanks.

Maran said...

Ravi, the Malaysian Indian share of the economy is 1.5% With such a small amount of ownership we cannot demand anything from the govt or the private sector. If you look at US the govt will have plans to up lift the minority but here it's the opposite. The majority gets the aid. How sad is that!


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