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ATLAS Underground.

The LHC is one of the biggest physics experiment ever. Located at CERN, the picture below is of the ATLAS detector being build about 100m below ground. Its really Huge!

The ATLAS Detector

Commemorating the Year of the Physics, the Quantum Diaries were launched to chronicle the lives of physicists throughout the year. This picture is from the blog of Gordon Watts who wrote on the construction of the detector and LHC.


Maran said…
What does it do?
Ghost Particle said…
Hey Maran,

Its actually an atom smasher. In supercolliders or particle accelators, two beams of particle are accelarated in opposite directions to Ultra High Energies (somewhere around GeV and TeV and higher in the future). When these particle beams collide, they will scatter on the detector. And for this particular experiment, the LHC (Large Hadron Collider which collides proton-antiproton beams), the detector is the ATLAS.

The ATLAS detects all the particles, artifacts from a particular collision. This is how they found quarks, and other particles in the particle zoo...which keeps on growing in number. Apart from the few popular ones such as neutron, proton and electron, quarks are the building blocks of those larger particles. Normally a particle detector such as the ATLAS are made up of silicon or other material slabs with embedded sensors to detect the spesies of the particle through their energy patterns.

Ghost Particle said…
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joshua.ehrler said…
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