Thursday, May 12

Amazing Race 7!

If there ever is a God, he was watching over these couple all the time. If anyone watched the Amazing Race 7 finale yesterday, they would have felt the same. Its just unbelievable. They came from the last spot, had no money, they begged for money to pay the cab and they won it. Pure hard work, dont give up attitude. I just love this race.

There was so much at stakes. I think everyone rooted for them. Maybe the issue of color doesnt bring prominence anymore in tv in America atleast, but the rest of the world, for the people who are discriminated around the world, even a race like this brings inspiration, tears.

Uchenna and Joyce Agu, both of you made alot of people happy yesterday and to the future. Congratulations.

Winners of the Amazing RaceIn this photo released by CBS, Uchenna and Joyce Agu, married teammates from Houston, celebrate with series host Phil Keoghan, left, after winning CBS' The Amazing Race after arriving first at the finish line at the Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale on Dec. 18, 2004. The two-hour series finale was shown on Tuesday, May 10.(AP/ CBS, Tony Esparza)

Some of the reports:
The MSNBC report.
The Houston Chronicle report: 'Karma leads Houstonians to Race win'

- Gp 2005-


Maran said...

$1Mil+ a trip around the world, not bad. I stopped watching after the first season.

Ghost Particle said...

I love the race, as long as it doesnt have the crapy conspiracy elements such in Survivor. Its great to travel the world from your couch. Wish we can join in...sumtime...



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