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Rise Lord Vader!

The circle is complete! And more importantly, I've watched the movie! Touch meeeeee...arrgggggggghh...touch me!!! Saw it yesterday midnight. (at the last moment, we managed to get tickets, pity those guys who booked the ticked and came to find out its gone! thanx to the ticket girl...hehehehe)

I wont do a review, not now, everyone should watch the movie and decide for themselves, this is a cultural event. What I can say is expect some kickass SFX, some decent script (sci-fi movies dont rely on strong dialogues, its the concept and story that matters), great Jedi saber fights, some very sad, tearful moments and last but not least, the rise of Darth Vader! Hats of to the guys at Industril Light and Magic (ILM).

Somehow, I think the sensors had some snip fun cutting away important scenes! I was freaking damn angry at this, shouted in the cinema (but ppl very engrossed in the final scenes, no one realized expect maybe my friends who were visibly schocked...:p). I was waiting for that on…

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

The Milky Way Over the French AlpsCredit & Copyright: Marc Sylvestre (Universia)
…so passes away the glory of the world. Defining reality to me to us and to everyone. Something is not right as always, something changes for the better or worst, most of the time beyond our control. What glory had the world? What glory did we loose then?

Why do we refer to the past as the glory years? The century of invention. Before that the century of renaissance. No coincidence that the best scientists died long ago. Stephen Hawking could be the only living legend, a superstar scientist only of his challenged existence and not because of the science he preaches. Einstein, until today, dead or alive, do command the same title and glory. About 0.0001% of the world understands astrophysics. 0.00001% percent has the qualification and experience to teach quantum mechanics. 0.000001% of humans identify with the theory of relativity. And this entire field gathers into one faculty that signifies the forces …

SilverScreen Summer

And I thought I can rest from blogging for a week or so. But then the summer is exploding into your life, Star Wars is opening, so ive decided to come up with a must watch movie list for this summer (and an intro into next summer).

[Done] Star Wars: E3 Revenge of the Sith . The must watch movie of the year, decade or forever simply because this will be the last ever made (atleast by Lucas).

Batman Begins. Now this one movie is not to be missed either. Expect Gotham city to be darker than ever back to the glory years Burton and Co. And with a cast to die for.

War of the Worlds. Not only the worlds at war, but the masters of movie making are at war too, at the box office that is. But they do have some sense, StarWars and WOTW are releasing a month apart (unline some tamil movies....sigh..). Tom Cruise wont be the classic SF fugitive as in Minority Report here, he'll be just another 'im going to save the world American hero'.

And the others I wont want to miss, but may not be lik…

Weekend Review+Monday+Tuesday


Felt another tremor last saturday. An earthquake in Sumatra measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale. This is the 2nd time in 2 months I felt the tremors at my apartment. I think I live directly in line with the quake wave. But luckily we did not evacuate, I dont think anybody realized it since it happened in the afternoon and everyone was busy with their work and all. But the previous one (8.7) 2 months ago was around midnight and everyone ran down of the building. Somehow after the DEC 26 Quake, I feel like I'm living in Japan, where they feel tremors everyday. Another point is that I never felt the DEC 26 quake tremor. Could be because it happened deep underground and the later two happened near to the shore/ land.

Get your Earthquake Info here and here .

*By the way Tremors is a tv series based on the cult classic Tremors Movie about a giant worm.

Ultra Laziness Virus Reported

Ok, I was supposed to finish about 40 pages of report (cha…

Miyazaki San

Watching all these movies on TV reminds me of some great moviemakers. Not-suprisingly, not all great movie makers are from America. Even directors like George Lucas refer to Asian movie makers for their inspirations. Probably the greatest ever would be Akira Kurosawa. But more about him next time. Now Ill update on another great movie maker from Japan. His name his Hayao Miyazaki and hes an animator.

Probably everyone heard of Japanese Animes. Animes are Japanese style animation which have their own distinct features in characters such as big eyes, and liquid movement that you can rarely see in other animations from other countries. While striving to stay original, anime do command a great fan base. Anime movie often beat real-life movies in box office collections in Japan. And not to miss, animes have million of loyal followers in USA and Europe.

Animes focuses into many real world thematic elements found in Japanese culture and some of the greatest animes such as 'The Grave of Fir…

Amazing Race 7!

If there ever is a God, he was watching over these couple all the time. If anyone watched the Amazing Race 7 finale yesterday, they would have felt the same. Its just unbelievable. They came from the last spot, had no money, they begged for money to pay the cab and they won it. Pure hard work, dont give up attitude. I just love this race.

There was so much at stakes. I think everyone rooted for them. Maybe the issue of color doesnt bring prominence anymore in tv in America atleast, but the rest of the world, for the people who are discriminated around the world, even a race like this brings inspiration, tears.

Uchenna and Joyce Agu, both of you made alot of people happy yesterday and to the future. Congratulations.

Winners of the Amazing RaceIn this photo released by CBS, Uchenna and Joyce Agu, married teammates from Houston, celebrate with series host Phil Keoghan, left, after winning CBS' The Amazing Race after arriving first at the finish line at the Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdal…

Food Infinitum

Sometimes I feel like there's so many issues to talk, to tell, to show, but then I end up doing nothing. So, I was watching the telly yesterday, which incidently is the 1 week anniversary of us hooking up the satellite TV in the apartment. Until now, I'm more worried of how to pay the bills rather than enjoy the 35 or more channels. And like Maran posted, 'so many channels, nothing to watch'.

And so, 7 days of totally mindless shows, nothing exciting, not even on Discovery, or National Geographics. The only good news is probably when Liverpool advanced to the finals of the CL on ESPN but then again, it was on TV3 (a terrestrial tv station) as well.

And then yesterday, at approximately 10pm (local time) I tuned into the Travel & Living channel and I discovered this show!. It was hosted by super chef, and my favorite Anthony Bourdain. The 1 hour program's detailed the eccentric chef named Ferran Adria, who according to popular words, is 'the most controversial …

Solar System Rising

Solar System Rising Over Fire Island
Credit & Copyright: Larry Landolfi (Landolfi Photography) Explanation: If you wait long enough, the entire Solar System will rise before you. To see such a sight, however, you will need to look in the direction of the ecliptic. All of the planets and their moons orbit the Sun in nearly the same plane, the ecliptic plane. From the Earth, this means that each day they will all rise in nearly the same direction - and later set in the opposite direction. Ten years ago, a series of time exposures caught, left to right, the Sun, Venus, the Moon, and Jupiter, all rising in the ecliptic plane behind Fire Island, New York, USA. Exposures were taken every six minutes and digitally superposed on an image taken from the same location at sunrise. Smaller members of our Solar System, including most comets and many asteroids, do not always move along the ecliptic plane. The picturesque Fire Island Lighthouse, visible in the foreground, was built in 1826 and is…

The Noodle History

Noodle History Part I

I bumped into a friend of mine yesterday. Well not bumped, he stopped his car next to my bike at the traffic light. Fast forward 10 minutes, were sipping some tea, talking about life. All went good, when the question came. He took 30 minutes to actually asking me what I’m doing now. Ok so he’s different from the other guys whose first question would be "hey, so where are you working now?'. Ill leave out the next depressing hour.

So...what am I doing in life now? I’m a research student, a research scientist. I have a degree in physics so I’m a 'qualified' physicist. And now I’m finishing my MSc. Somehow, doing physics or being a scientist isn’t cool anymore. People just don’t care, because it simply doesn’t pay. So 'the' buddy, he drives a 2.0 v6 sedan, I ride a 14 year old 100cc Honda. 'The' buddy's getting married in a year, I talk to females once or twice a week. In 3 years nearly all my ex-school mates will be married. He liv…

The Train Journey

This journey
forever winding through hills
sometimes crossing mountains
the mighty engine gracefully pulling
coaches of man, children and woman

This train
loves this journey
unknown to the dreaming passengers
and particularly wide eyed children
looking out to the deep valleys

This morning,
as the sun rises faraway
above a mountain covered in mist
like a streetlight on a day of rain and fog
I awoke to the soft sunbeam
and the song of morning birds

This moment,
i try hard to describe
to picture this instance in time
of a beautiful image in a distance
momentarily forgetting the fogged window
i see lights among the trees
of fireflies and rubber tappers
in silent unison with nature

This train,
brought memories of days
both happy and cold from a decade
of old people and young happy people
they’re on the same journey
on a rusty old path just like me
maybe happy maybe sad

This life,
of joyful people
of tears and raindrops on the window
a morning shower in the gray jungle
i wish everyone is awake
sharing this stunning moment
of r…


Yes, the Reds have won the Champions League Semi's and are now in the finals in Istanbul. Alot have been reviewed, said and debated about Chelsea and Liverpool and who should be in the finals. But when the final whistle went at Anfield, there is only one clear winner. The Truth.

Two teams went onto the field yesterday. One to win the cup, the other for the glory. One played for the money, the other played for the supporters. Liverpool might be the Other's but we have something that Chelsea never had, we had glory, we had history and we had determination. Chelsea will have to go a long way to achieve the stature of the likes of Liverpool, MU and Arsenal. And during that game they learned their most obvious lesson, money doesnt buy soccer. A 300 million dollar team against a band of RED soldiers who had nothing to loose. Maybe the night is summed up for Chelsea when a fan lifted a banner saying "You cant buy this Chelski". Maybe the Russian will know what glory means to…

ATLAS Underground.

The LHC is one of the biggest physics experiment ever. Located at CERN, the picture below is of the ATLAS detector being build about 100m below ground. Its really Huge!

The ATLAS Detector

Commemorating the Year of the Physics, the Quantum Diaries were launched to chronicle the lives of physicists throughout the year. This picture is from the blog of Gordon Watts who wrote on the construction of the detector and LHC.

The Ghost has a home now!

Finally, I managed to get the domain. Thanx to Mark.

GHOSTPARTICLE is now an official internet tradename for both personal and bussiness use. watch this space for more updates and plans.

Thanx again Mark.



Wishing all the workers, labourers on this earth a great WORKERS DAY. May we not forget the people who shaped and build this world.

* A Special rememberance towards all the Malaysian Indian rubber tappers, coolies, general workers who since the colonial rule have sacrificed their lives to watch this country prosper and today left neglected in memory.
Mayday in History Forgotten
down the annals of history,
written with blood and sweat,
exist a chapter in memory,
that was forgotten,
and made to forget,
the man and woman indians,
taken from the birth land forcefully,
today lay dead and trashed,
in the trenches of eternity,
fighting to stand up,
one day we will come back,
we will take our place in history,
to glorify a sacred future,
my indian blood will never die.
- Gp 2005 - 1st May 2005 * so much we have lost along the year, nothing brings tears and sadness than the state of the Malaysian Indians in this country. May one day we prosper and forget the caged past that we fought with blood and our lives.