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A Streetlight Named Desire

In a distance near
around a dark road bend
on a midget stone sidewalk
there stood a famous streetlight
with a noble desire to shine the path

* A parody of the title of the Pulitzer Prize winning play by Tennessee Williams 'A Streetcar Named Desire' (1947).
*It is consequently made into an award winning movie of the same title directed by Elia Kazan which saw a great cast of Marlon Brando. Addressing complex social issues, sensuality and passion, the story/ play/ movie expressed deep roles for women coupled with intense moral scrutiny and mental composition; bearing all the trademarks of Tennessee Williams creative works.
* Tennessee himself won many awards for his masterpieces, adding another Pulitzer for 'Cat On A Hot Thin Roof' (1955) which was also made into a movie.
* The reality today is that not many plays or stage stories matches the ones written in the past century. While we can wish for some in the future, a detailed examination of today's productions shows pennants of commercialization and mass marketing, seldom evoking strong individual feelings. Among others, nowadays stage performances and their stories aim to create and elaborate general feelings and coincidental relationships rather than celebrating humanities uniqueness.


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