Friday, April 29

Red Wind

A red hot week. It’s odd since there was a thunderstorm yesterday, and then it’s back to fire today. It’s sad to watch all these animals lying dead on the roadsides. Maybe they can’t find water; maybe the heat just fries the brain. Something that happens to me everyday. Soccer was painful to watch this week. Liverpool just can’t score. But that won’t stop us from winning the Champions League this year. The Kop will rock red hot come Tuesday and we will show Chelsea whose the real winner. Liverpool has the history and who writes history but the winners.

*another entry into the 100 Realities experiment. Just need to refine this further, hope to tell the story in 100 words.

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Twin-Gemini said...

Your XML feed works fine, my reader is able to read it fine. Surprised that it could have screwed up the blog, because you just have to enable a single option in the settings.


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