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Champagne Supernova

The sky's the limit,
nothing below but lies,
stand up now friends and watch,
as we paint the heavens right,
someday we will touch the stars,
lets start today.

Beyond the islands and the seas,
beyond the land far away,
above the mountains in agony,
among the jungles of pain,
among the children on the street,
lets start a revolution.

Paddling the boat upstream,
one hundred arms and legs,
to save a billion babies,
crush the shadow people,
crush the purple mans tyranny,
lets wake up the world.

Today we will fly to the moon,
in a week we will build a base,
in a year we will fly to mars,
in a decade we will fly to the stars,
in a century we will fly to the edge,
lets fly and meet the progenitor.

Drift away your fears brothers,
stand up against the red man,
lock hands and break the black horror,
touch the grey sky and let the rain fall,
come my people of the yellow century,
lets wash away the colours.

Look at the stars my children,
wake up from your century slumber,
stand up brothers and sisters,
we have won a great war,
here we are among the stars,
lets catch the champagne supernova...

- Gp 2005 - 26/04/2005

* something spontaneous. lets fly to the stars...

* unedited verses, nowadays I just write and post, because if I give a second thought, then I return to edit alot and the whole idea changes.

* the main idea of the poem is a revolution to start a race and to win the race. the race of humankind against time. the decaying earth can no longer hold our dreams, so we have to set free and sail the stars.

* champagne supernova is also a song from the group Oasis (my absolute favourite)


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