Wednesday, March 23

Upturned Animus

she is the world,
inside her own.
crying at night,
she must think she's alone.

for what it's worth,
she'll think herself poor.
she'll call it a night,
but think some more.

she knows of that feeling,
alone in a crowd.
She makes herself fly,
but only in fear of the ground.

I think she wants,
but so scared to try.
I told her before,
"the world passes by."

"it's best not to expect,
in my world it's so true,"
she'd say with that sense,
it's nothing new.

she's a good friend,
but confuses the self.
it's not what others say,
rather something felt.

I want her in my life,
if only she'll stay.
I'll like to think,
we'll make each other's day.

if I could explain,
to her with a smile;
that she meant more,
she's worth the while.

the lonely find company,
it's what makes them complete.
and today I'll find her,
it'll be sweet.

-to a friend,
Brian Oglesby

(Divine Interception)

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