Wednesday, March 23


Something today
something to think
something of timescapes
something of space and time

with all the vastness of the universe
the flotilla of stars and novas
dense gaseous nebula birthplace of suns
magnificent galaxies,
and mysterious dark forces
immortal protons and violent black holes
the armageddon of asteroids and moons
exclusive planets with amazing souls
unimaginable time-space continuum
future and past the same,
in any direction of time
a solitude existence among,
a billion bubble universes
infite sea of nothingness and vacuum
infinity being God of no explanation
this universe is too grand,
to be created by some God
and how to explain life of quantum then
and dice playing legends of physics
we see tonight in the sky of stars,
not God or religion but evolution.

something to think
something of timescapes
something of loneliness
something insignificant

This Universe is Alive.
Religion is Dead.
God is Dead.
Were Gods of our Destiny.
We are Alive.
Tempus Fugit.

something of timescapes
something of humans
something of life
something accomplished

- Gp 2005 – 22/3/2005

* timescapes explain the space+time, some sort of time entangled with space creating scapes of time (such like landscapes are made of land and nature). the word cant be found in dictionaries. and certainly I did not create it, there are multiple appearances of it in science fiction stories.

* protons are not exactly immortal, research are going on the 'beta-decay' phenomena that could prove that even protons would eventually decay. Lucky us for the half life of proton is long, very very long. So we cant yet watch our friend melt away into secondary particles once in a while :p

* 'Tempus Fugit' (Latin) means 'time flies', tempus meaning time, fugit meaning running, fugitive. Sometimes termed as the fugitives of time. First saw the phrase in the X-files series.

* this work describes the beautiful mysterious universe, and us, how we fit in, our purpose, are we observers? are we puppets of God? or are we just alive, unique and amazing. Something to think about.

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it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny