Friday, March 25

Times Up 2.0

crippled in pain,
left to die,
time immaterial,
anymore anywhere,
freedom lost,
dignity tarnished,
expressions halted,

the pain inside,
never stopping,
I will die soon,
cant I be free,
like the bird,
the songbird,
free to fly and sing.

death is an option,
all my sorrows be buried,
somewhere in myself,
to the grave,
I can sense a fight,
the cry of freedom,
from this soul snatchers,
let me go,

I cried silently,
nothing really mattered,
silent rain,
silent tears,
raining down my face,
no one cares,
im trashed,
left dying inside,
sadness consuming me,
one day I will die,
I want it to be today...

- Gp 2005 - 25/03/2005

* the times up (Times Up 1.0, 2.0) series is a friendly challange among the contributors to come up with versions of poems with the same title and loosely written under the same theme. New series will be aired from time to time.

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