Wednesday, March 23

Times Up 1.0

With distance comes hope
With time there will coma a road
The road isn't forked, it's parted 6 ways
You could walk forever, a month, a day
What more could you want?
A life on the run?
Your day in court?
Your last moment of fun?
These thins aren't important, not even for show
Find a loved one, please let them know:
"I leave tomorrow, it's best I go."
Live until there is no tomorrow
Learn to know...
Your life is a journey...
It's best you go
Don't fear the distance, nor even the time
Don't narrow your search, it'll limit your find
Looking back is forbidden
It will make you late
You don't have forever
He set a date
Look for the one
who writes in the sand
Trust what's written not by the length in than,
Rather for the one who wrote it:
The creator's hand
-folicles of hair,
Brian Oglesby

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