Monday, March 21

State Of Deafferentation

it is another time,
in another part of the world.
in the universe,
we look back into time.

the people on the other side,
they do things that we'll do,
they work, live, and love.
the same things we'll do,
in an hour or two

I've become dependant,
on this human plain.
this existence,
it should mean more.

I think I've found the answer,
it was found far away,
almost a different galaxy.
it prides me to say in some way,
that I'll lie my head there one day.

if God has answers,
I can only pray:
that me being human,
won't be my crime.

he told me that I meant more,
as all people do,
and that I'll be fine;
just follow him and I'll be lead through,
and I'll meet with her and you.

I may die,
on this trip I take.
it's the price we all pay,
for a gift this great.

-Time to shift,
Brian Oglesby

(Divine Interception)

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it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny