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as we reason straight
we don’t find any solutions great
even when the walls gay in paint
we run around looking quaint

my friend he said
day and night are long dead
all men reason in greed
my point indeed

so we gathered all great men
not forgetting all wise women
here we are hand in hand all ten
our view sideways there and then

the world looked faint sideways
as we tried looking both ways
found answers and reasons numerous
for problems painfully countless

in essence this is the world
today its hot tomorrow its cold
when we go with the flow so bold
we might die for reasons untold

but if we reason in patience
all the answers lie in tolerance
our mind focused in persistence
with sideways we find acceptance

- Gp 2005 - 11/03/2005

* Just wrote this for fun. another experiment with forms, but it does
not fully follow any format and is not serious enough I guess. And its definitely not a tribute to the movie 'Sideways', but hopefully I'll get to watch it soon.

* Made up of six verses, it starts with a conformist view of the world
and slowly realizing the problems not solved, even after life being
made transparent and modern. Quoting from an advice of a friend, 'days
and nights are dead' refers to the loss of obvious reasoning and
greed prevails. looking sideways is a metaphor for changing our views
of the world, how we treat people and problems. And definitely, it
helped find solutions. And true to reality, days are not predictable,
life is chaotic, so being a conformist, is a grave choice. The final
verse summarizes the need to be patient in our views, and relationships with others and only our sincere determination will lead us to peace.

* For some strange reasons my inspirations come exactly around 2am
everyday, and last till about 4am, so I’m guessing that if i write a
form of poetry per day, ill get a book published by the end of the
year. What say you Fred? Mark? Vini?


Anonymous said…
questions, we are full of them
finding answers, for which here we are
some we find
some we realise
some we miss to see
some we forget
will get us there
are we ready to do it
lets all find acceptance!

Ghost Particle,
inspiration, though coming in at weird hours, are definitely very good and thought provoking. With no doubt in my mind, i am expecting a book soon, a copy signed for me!


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