Saturday, March 5

Saturdays Lost and Found

The Battle is Lost...

...and yes, every bit of hope that we had, were lost too. Yesterday the lab was closed down. It was 28 months ago when we embarked in this journey of friendship and science. Glorify physics, follow the footprints of legends. We had this unofficial suffix - The UKM Theoretical Physics Group. And in October 2003 it was known as The CosmicCode Group. Its like the secret societies that we formed when we were small, those exciting adventures in our backyard. Today the game is different, the backyard is the universe. We were the pioneers of The CosmicCode Project. GhostP, Greg, Rafle, RLan, Mark, Blenster and Fred. Words cant imagine what we felt today morning, Greg and myself are 'home'less now. The lab meant so much to us, its our control center. We had access to the whole world. We made friends, we connected and we had the CosmicCode.

We can only wonder on how the administration decides which research project is important, which is money making and why on earth don’t they respect theoretical pursuits. For a 3rd world dream, its is useless if we kept on buying technologies from other countries and slapping our name on it. We are The second-hand country.

Then there is this race and religion issue. After decades of independence and after ushering in this grand 21st century, its everyone’s hope that at least this cancer of minds and feelings would not interfere in education, work and elsewhere. But it does and it did in an ugly way. Whatever rules and segregation practiced only hurts the capability of this country as a whole. No one single person benefits except the politicians.

...The War will be won.

...and again, when the ball stopped rolling and the players stood dejected, comes lifelines. Lifelines in the form of words, acts and friends. What inspires us today will forever change lives around the world. One single act of compassion, love thousands of miles apart will one day help more people. One day every person who had that dream to learn science, research, invent will not suffer without money or tools. One day everyone will be supported by the CosmicCode Group.

The CosmicCode Project

The project had a very humble beginning with only 10 members nearly 2 years ago. Today we have 300+ members and friends from around the world. Its a huge leap and our aspirations would be answered in history. We had so many memorable topics, discussions and we shared a lot of our life. And we don’t stop here; we're continuing to improve, provide more information and make this world a smaller place. By the end of 2005, we hope to have at least 1000 members and realize the cosmiccode dream. The dream to spread the language of science, to live the world of peace and art. One day, this group along with many others who shares the dreams of future humanity will connect continents and lives.

The Weatherman and the Land

Its been nearly 2 months since it rained. The land is dry, there's bush fires everywhere, the water level at the dam's are dangerously low and its wont rain for another 2 months if the meteorologists are right. 6 forest reserves are on fire, the Fire Department 'giant' Russian helicopters are working hard 24 hours a day to put out the fire but the haze is unbearable. Its cold at nights, but still no rain. And I don’t know what to call those 10 minutes shower from heaven we have from time to time. Maybe someone 'up' these spilled some water...
Sometimes you feel that everyone needs to be more positive. Why cant the weatherman just comes out today and says it will rain tomorrow. Knowing it won’t, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone played along. And tomorrow it wont rain, but at least we had that psychological understanding. And then tomorrow evening the weatherman comes on again and says sorry, the clouds were blown away, and the cycle continues. At least we won’t feel so depressed.

Of Jackfruits and Fate

Just when it couldn’t get any worst, a huge jackfruit rolled down the hill and 'hit' me when i was passing by. The monster was nearly 30 pounds and it caused significant damage to my bike. There I was thinking I’ve seen it all, cruising silently on my bike along the road when I sad something rolling down the hill, and when I should have stopped, I never paid attention and went on. And the rest is history. Maybe its fate, maybe this year, month or week were supposed to be bad, depressing. And the fruit was not even ripe! The green monster just stood the in the middle of the road, laughing at me, maybe its revenge. I love fried jackfruits. People even use it to cook curries and other dishes here. Fred, you should definitely try one of these babies. Get the ripe ones, the smell will clear the town.

Bank Deposit Machines

I deposited my apartment rent yesterday, MYR 400, its about USD 100 and its expensive considering I'm not even working. And this could be the earliest date ever of me depositing the rent since 2 years I’m staying here. And, no good news here, yes, I seem to have the affinity for troubles and bad luck. I keyed in the acc number, put the money in the slot and waited. And waited. And... after about 3 minutes, the message came out " Transaction Timed Out". But the statement receipt printed out saying that I've deposited 400 buck to that account with a huge message printed at the bottom saying "Transaction Timed Out, Please Contact The Bank".

Any sane guy, would have hanged around there to see what else the machine does (remember the money is in the machine, but the cash deposited compartment is closed tight). I waited for about 30 seconds and left. It was 10 pm at night, so no bank and no officers. When I reached home, I realized what if the next guy who comes in to deposit money finds that Santa Claus here left him 400 bucks. I made someone happy yesterday. Just pray with me and for me, that it was my house-owner. We shall know the answer in a few days. I hate life.

Of cyber cafés and Broadband Internet

I am in a cyber café now that I have lost the lab. No more free internet (it’s not free if you consider that I have paid USD 2000 in course fees). But now I have to pay for it and its USD 1 to 2 per hour!!! That’s definitely not good. I can only use it for about 2 to 3 hours per week if I wish to eat some decent food for the next month. It would cost USD 10 - 15 per month if I want to access the internet from the cyber cafe for about 8 - 10 hours per month.

And the connection is not any great either. I don’t understand why they call it broadband internet when the service fluctuates every 10 minutes and every hour or so, the connection dies. Doesn’t broadband connection, personal IP add, single accounts, dedicated server means we get 24 hour connectivity?! And why on earth do we DIAL into a broadband DSL or ADSL connection. That’s the weirdest part. DIAL is for dialups. And even the home users are not spared. The local broadband connection is alive for about 3 days per week. And don’t hope any speedy takes around 3 to 4 weeks for any help to arrive. Long live Telco monopolies (hope you all burn in Hell, thank you). Would it be nice if every have our own nano-satellites...

Onions, potatoes and garlic

My mom packed me these huge packets of onion, potato and garlic for me before I came back here. And then there was rice and all sorts of spices and stuff. Starting today (or tomorrow) I would cook all my food. No more restaurants and cold food. It’s all me and da kitchen. (Kitchen is a sink, a fridge and an electric rice cooker which I use to cook everything!).

Warning: DON’T eat oats with garlic!!!

So, what can I cook with onion and garlic’s? I can’t cook curry because it’s too much mess; I just need some simple recipes on fried rice, or some bread and salad and stuff. Fred and Mark...I need help! I can’t cook anything 'big' with my rice-cooker.

Cheap (fake?!) Wines

My friends dropped by last week and bought me this USD 2 wine. Its from a local brewery and its called the Pelican Mild Wine. 6% alcohol. Its from the local 7-11 store. And it sucks. But hey, beggars cant except for anything better. To get a decent bottle of red wine from California or the Bordeaux regions I need about USD 50 to 100. And Fred tells me good wines are USD 1 (yeh one buck!) in Portugal! Life is cruel.

Au Revoir le monami, la femme ...(pardon de'spelling)

I’m in wine country mode. I’m dreaming stuff, can anyone please ship me some wine without getting into trouble with the Customs. Ok comrades, good bye for now, will post in a few days. Please keep the comments coming in!!! I need them; I’m depressed so make me happy. It’s your moral right. Oui?!

Amour (love?),

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None said...

aaw god! what an awful lot of nasty things happening...
however, if it is any consolation, you tell them well. i generally avoid reading long posts cos i get get tired midway, but i read this one through.
and to do justice, i'm trying to post an uncharacteristically long comment! :) hope it will do the depression some damage!
talking about wine, when i was studying ( a long while ago, sigh!)and also a pauper, some friends came over with a bottle of cheap golconda red wine, the only thing they could afford! :)
it was the first time i was doing that stuff and yeugh! it couldnt have gotten worse. and here i was romaticising about wine and chocolates etc! ta-da! anticlimax!
i dint get that bit aboutt the lab, but chin up, things have a way of righting themselves when we least expect it! meanwhile, they have their run! :)




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