Tuesday, March 8


I’ve watched the movie Constantine again today, for the second time this week actually. For one thing, this is a good adaptation of a comic book series in the past few years. Many others just didn’t make it. Hellboy, The Punisher just to name a few were somewhat average flicks, boasted by good CGI. And to an extend since most movies look good on a giant screen it doesn’t matter much to moviegoers. It’s when you come home and think about it does it hit you, in many different angles, on how the movie or the story is just not worth watching in the first place. Back to the story of Constantine, I don’t know how many times Hollywood have cashed in a good versus evil, God versus the Devil movie but they always succeed. And not forgetting it’s not only the west, Asian movie makers have dabbled with God flicks since the beginning. For most of the time, generations of movie makers just accepted it as a lesson on how God would have done it, or on how when we believe in the One, evil can be destroyed. Constantine was told stylishly, and the best parts were when the archangels and Lucifer himself were depicted in a classic movie style...maybe taken straight from the comics. Enough said, Hollywood have no match.

How would the general public have accepted the movie and how would the religious community accept it? I guess just about the same with any religious movie, with anger and protest. We just have to accept that how ever clean a God movie is done, how ever accurate the story of the Bible or any other religion is told, it won’t sink in well with everyone. I’m not a Christian. I can give you a hundred reasons how my religion is better than any other. But I too can tell how my religion is wrong in many ways. At the root, religion teaches the good versus evil concept. The ‘versus’ part is artificial in my opinion. God have always been compassionate, He’s the same to everyone regardless of good or evil. No one is born evil; it’s the person’s surroundings that brought him up so. Its how we pay for what bad we did while we live is important rather than promising hell at the end of life.

Now to another extreme, why can’t religion be another of humans’ creation? The creative brain that works out relativity, forces of the universe and beautiful art, would in little time come up with a grand story of a greater power. That greater power today commands more money and offering than being directed towards poverty or the eradication of diseases. Where did we go wrong? We spend too much time refining our worship rather than give religion a back seat. It would have been a great service to the society if we have realized that being human and forging love would have created a better world rather than building our temples and throwing stones at the others with the same hand.

After a while we arrive to the question of if there is no God, how did this universe come about. That one question of how have no answers. For the same reason the question of why we exist have no answer. We don’t have to ask those questions. We can live well enough without them. Maybe the root of religion is love itself. Being connected with nature and other organisms motivated us to paint a colorful picture of the other person as great. The respect for the next person, the other human is what religion is all about. Its how we continue to pursue that love and dream that matters today and tomorrow. Much blood has been spilled in the name of God, and it’s not sacrifice. Much sorrow in the hearts of mothers, but its not divine love. We just need to live as what the other person wants us to be. To be a loving and caring person. Everything else will just fall into place. And no I’m no atheist. I believe in a creator, I’m just presenting a different idea on how the creator would be. When we see beyond differences, we experience unity. I just wont accept the concept of the other person be created by a different God when at the heart we are all the same.

‘Who sees the variety and not the unity, wanders from death to death’ – Katha Upanishad.

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