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Paradise Interrupted

eternal night embraces the land far
I refused to open my eyes, memories
once every few minutes the soft song
of cold winds and sensual breeze
touches me and hugging the soul, love
still my eyes closed, opening it never
I’m afraid this dream will be lost
but not fear, this dream is true, living

Light echoes from a hill near
to the eyes, timeframes of seconds
what romantic feel it brings,
while for the seafarers distant
the guiding light of life atop a hill
the tall white lighthouse, searching
maybe once in the future, our destiny
standing solitary on this world, forever
we will remain searching, lost histories

that day, then this eight year old ran,
danced, shouted to the sky, passion
the sun slowly sets drowning the sky
depriving every fragment of light, strings
once I heard of paradise, could this be?
everyday, heartbeats counting, exploring
this giant island, warm blue sea
forests alive with green and mouse deer’s
streams tiny winding through valleys
villages with bonfires, voices and songs floating
immaculate yellow evenings, fishermen lands
bringing bounty from the sea, endless

one day I woke up to an evil ballad
from near, a sound drifting, in the wind
I ran barefoot, yards away, destruction
metal beast eating every green to be seen
could this be over so soon, my paradise
selfish, this is paradise to all
hidden away east of the Indian ocean
not today, not anymore ever after this
day after day, for years to come, dead
this once land of history and little boys
dying, slowly, only painted beaches remain

this is a destiny, not for the mankind,
this history will be erased, forever
the masters of this land, this world,
will seek revenge, maybe soon
when all man drowned, by sea or land
they will know, nature knows no forgiveness
neither does it favors political man
nor racial man or cultural man,
this nation rotting, and the islands
destroyed, paradise interrupted, sudden
Langkawi lost...

- Gp 2005 - 21/03/2005

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from afar, of you and me