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October Sky

Millennia ago
I had this rocket dream
As the skies enchanted me
I wanted to reach stars, constelations

Decades ago
I made the dream come true
On a Red October night
Sputnik blazed space, the heavens

A thousand Blue men labored
As the world in silence gazing
Apollo leaped to the sky, and moon

I still have the rocket dream
Passion and science
Our future in space, ad infinitum

I will live on
Together with my dreamers
We touched other suns, lightspeed souls

-Gp 2005- 13/03/2005-

*October Sky is a message to the future. And also, a tribute to the rocket dream.

*October Sky is also the title of a movie made to chronicle the life of Homer Hickam Jr, who on the day of the launch of Sputnik-1, also on an October in 1957, ispired to build his own rocket. Its a truly inspiring movie about him, his friends and the whole town. He went on to become an engineer in NASA and trained Shuttle Astronauts, despite being raised in a coal mine township.


Anonymous said…
I shall dream onw
with all my followers
to capture the best and see the rest
the infinite space....


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