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Love Letter Expired

a graceful beauty from far away
touched my heart once unseen
today i want you more than ever
time and distance shadows on screen

lights on towers guiding from afar
glow of your eyes a tresure trove
watching and admiring hopeful in heart
will you fulfill my desire of love

enchanting music fills the night
your arms dancing embracing divine
mesmerizing the angels silently watching
memories forever in colorful shine

from the four walls of my prison
my mind wanders the four corners of earth
our bold dreams mirror the ancient rivers
forging bonds of such love from birth


*yet another experiment with some different peom formats. If poems are supposed to be creative art then why do they need a format or rules? cant figure most of the things in life. Originally this poem was titled 'A tamil Love' but cant fit the word tamil in there...will update it sometime later...


Ravages said…
I absolutely agree with you.
Art doesn't need a format to define it. Poetry doesn't need to be in verse.
Anonymous said…
a secret admirer you are
trying to touch my soul
holding my gaze
piercing through me
would you give me a chance
to fulfill your dreams
music filling the night
you seeking for me
wishing rainbows had more color
you entrapped in ur walls
break free from them, admirer
let our dreams set free
to reach far and beyond....


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