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Jungle Universes and Master Gods

The majestic eagle soaring through the clouds,
entwined in the fabric of the wind,
momentarily frozen seen through our eyes,
from deep among the emerald jungle floor,
such are natures blessings to this land

in essence there is no difference,
between the wind and river flow,
each suspended miraculously in space,
and in time among sculpted continents,
each foraging onward seeding the future,
seldom resting even to find lost brothers,
such is the history of the blessed land

under the bright sun and cold moon,
as we find our way through the jungle floor,
unknowingly crossing between reality,
and the liberal supernatural dream,
this land continues forward silently,
forgetting moments of pain and happiness,
such are the plans and promises of the land

the jungle universe and master gods of the stars,
sliding together sometimes touching sometimes kissing,
showing no emotion for the lost humans,
no fake tears or warm rain to heal the wound,
except maybe the river flow and the drifting wind,
such are the tools seamlessly replicated by the land

as the sun sets below the western horizon,
attracting the moon over the jungles,
gradually in seconds measuring the lights fading,
soon again we realize we lost our ways
but time and again the master gods of the stars,
replicates another tool for the path,
the tool being moonlight of the evening moon,
such is the reason why were still alive.

- Gp 2005 - 25/03/2005

* this poem describes the bond of humans and the land. How time and again the universe and existence itself creates paths for the humans to move forward in time, slowly building a grand future.

* Jungle Universe means unpredictability as a theme, such as being lost in a jungle while Master Gods are saviours, parts of the universe; such as the river, wind and moon.


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