Thursday, March 10

In Time, Sintra

In time, Sintra
northwest from me miles away
across the seas and mountains
where generations and civilizations
battled war forged peace in crimson tides
journeys grand on airships so giant
enchanted with love of endless space
I went there one winter night
swift on air sailing past light

northeast by sea leagues apart
islands and ocean trenches
galleons with sailors mighty
voyage so grand weeks and days
Sintra high on cliffs above
majestic Atlantic embracing forever
conversations drifting on wind
Fred and me brothers in arm

Winter nights envy of stars
Sagittarius and Andromeda sails past
airships and galleons, seas and space
mountains and islands, ocean trenches
airmen and sailors, you and me
wine and music, friends and family
hugs and kisses, bonds of love
beautiful memories the winter stole...

* a tribute of love to my friend, brother and teacher, Fred Lessing from Sintra, Portugal. may one day we meet and talk the night away, on a winter night near a warm fire, with friends and family and some excellent wine.

-Gp 2005- March 10th, 2am -

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it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny