Tuesday, March 15

Human Resources+Universal Waste

a woman sat her bag down in front of me

she asked me to keep watch on it until she came back
I did what she said
until she came back

I noticed a girl,
staring in the window
I thought about me,
only looking out

it came to me,
the universe,
in a thought

I thought that,
molecules pass on their weight,
to the others,
who pass it back

I thought that,
there are molecules looking in,
while the others view out

it came to me that,
no matter how vast the universe,
or small we are,
we resemble each other...

that's who we are

-It pays to work,

Brian Oglesby

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Ravi said...

Hi GP. I know this is unrelated...but whats the word in Malay for Thank you or thanks? Pls let me know..this is urgent! Does Selamat Datang mean welcome? Thank you so much! Rgds, Ravi


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